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Touchdown… Florida!

October 31, 2007

We have happily arrived in Florida and guess what? we are in the Central time zone! WOO HOO!

Luc’s first time ever on a plane…

He got to sit in the cockpit for 30 min before take off while we waved from the gate window.

He wore the pilots hats and got to play with the controls.

Then they upgraded us to first class.

The Pilot announced that Luc had helped set up the plane.

On the second plane there were Ironmen and women everywhere. My bike made it too.

What a kid in a walker gets to do. I was so proud of him. He and Curt are out right now playing in the ocean. This is exactly how I imagined it to be. I am up on the 5th floor overlooking the Gulf of Mexico and assembling my bike.

Pictures to come.

πŸ™‚ Mary


The Attitude of Gratitude

October 30, 2007
“If I had one wish…. I think I’d pass. I can’t think of anything I need.”

The bags are packed, the tickets are printed and very soon we will be at the beach. Panama City Beach to be exact, the home of hotels upon hotels and beaches upon beaches. Yes my friends it is time already. The Ironman has called and I am on the way. It’s a good thing because I feel ready.

As cheesy as it sounds, there are so many people to thank. I am absolutely the sum of all my parts. Read through any tri bloggers blog and before their big day many do the same. We do it because it is true. We realize this is a privilege and we realize that while our parts think we are nuts, the support you give to us makes so much of a difference. And know we support you in your quest the exact same way.

To every person who has read, written, sent a note of best wishes, a thought, I thank you.

The one person I really need to thank however is my husband Curt. A year ago he asked me if I signed up for Ironman Lake Placid and Ironman Florida. I attempted to pretend that there was another Mary Eggers who lived in Henrietta NY. His reaction was to laugh, and while this was one race I didn’t communicate with him about signing up for, as always I was immediately given his 100% support. Along with a good luck with that one you freakball laugh.

It has been an honor, however cheesy that sounds… to step back while I am training, to give him due support. Curt’s dream is an ITU medal. I got to go to Germany where he did damn well bit missed the medals. We got to travel to Richmond where we got to see a dream realized. I know how hard he worked for it. I know how much he has dreamt of it. It felt so damn good to see him run down that chute, I knew he was silver but he wasn’t sure… just yet. It was so great to see him on that podium as a silver medalist.

More important than sport… I have been in absolute awe of Curt in his role as a father. Over 10 years ago I remember sitting in East Side Mario’s, in Canada. The night before the Guelph Lake Triathlon in the Subaru Triathlon Series. It was before we started dating and we were with another friend. The topic was things we still wanted to do in our lives. Goals, aspirations.

I will never forget Curt telling Ryan and I that he … more than anything … wanted to be a father. I remember thinking he’d be a great dad. And we hadn’t even started dating yet.

Then the day came when we found out we were in fact pregnant. I will never forget that look on his face. “I am going to be a Dad.” he said with tears in his eyes. When they set Luc into his arms seven years ago next week, it was an expression I did capture on film, but a look of absolute gratitude.

Three years ago this month our little Luc underwent open heart surgery. The night before the three of us lay in bed, Luc sleeping and Curt and I awake. Nothing to say but fear was thick in the air.

Four hours of agony as Luc was in the hands of the best heart surgeon on the face of this earth. Like always he sailed right through it. So well that he broke his foot 8 days later wrestling with Curt. Fresh chest incision and all.

To watch Curt evolve through these moments, these experiences… to endure these events with him has been wonderful. I have learned so much from him as a person. As a parent, and as an athlete.

When I see him on the sidelines cheering me on it is gold. Absolute gold.

At Ironman Florida I asked Curt to please stay at the hotel with Luc. Drop me off, I will call when I am done. It is not that I don’t wish he’d be out there cheering. It’s that I know how long of a day this is for a little boy and his Dad. These hours are much better spent looking for seashells, swimming in the ocean, or in the pool. We got a beachfront hotel for a reason. In my heart I will race in a better place knowing they are getting a sunburn.

Besides… I know Curt will be checking online where I am at. I know he will be with me. I know they will be cheering me.

He’s given me the go ahead to reach for this goal. He’s supported me on the days when training was hard… celebrated with me on the really good days. During times of doubt, Curt always says to me “You are a three time Ironman finisher Mar… what’s there to worry about?”

I have strived to mirror the confidence that Curt has in me.

So Curty I thank YOU so very much. For supporting me. For loving me. For reaching for the stars with me.

Again I quote:

“If I had one wish… I think I’d pass. I can’t think of anything I need.”
Thank you for stopping by.
πŸ™‚ Mary Eggers

The Potentials

October 29, 2007

People keep asking me if I am nervous. Which is then making me nervous because I am not. Should I be nervous? Maybe I should. I can’t think of anything to be nervous about. I can however find a lot to be excited about. The first being getting my silver bracelet on Wednesday. Running into Graham Fraser in the Ironman Store like I always do (no matter where I am….). The starting line with 2400 people. Ironman’s awesome. It’s just an awesome extravaganza.

I don’t get caught up in the “what if” scenarios. There is a lot you can control on race day, and a lot you can’t control on race day.

Here are the potentials;

What happens if I flat? I have a spare, so I change it and / or wait for tech support. Stretch my legs, pee and cheer everyone on.

What if I crash? Then I duct tape myself back together and get back on my bike. Or I ride the ambulance to the other finish line πŸ™‚

What if I lose my nutrition? I will take from the course.

What if I feel sick? I will slow down.

What if my Power Meter or Garmin die? I go without.

The above are things I can’t control too well. Things happen out there. What I can control is my reaction to them. I will roll with the punches and make sure I laugh through it all. Why get upset? What good does that do? It just burns another Ironman match.

My race plan is set. My bike is still not packed πŸ˜‰ and I have a few workouts left to do. Most importantly I have a 6 year old boy who is dreaming about his first airplane ride. Stories of late have been about what it is like to fly through a cloud. What it looks like on top of those clouds. What the ocean is like and how big is it?

When you can see the world through the eyes of a child you start to lose the clutter. Like what could go wrong. Children are like that, they naturally look at possibility rather than look at the potentials for disaster.

How did we lose that in ourselves? When did that excitement for life become replaced with cynicism, dread, and anxiety?

It’s something I have been working for a while to lose myself.

When I step up to the line at an Ironman, or any race for that matter, I see possibility. The promise of a new day.

Don’t be afraid to dream, or reach because of what might happen. I think we sometimes become so self protective that you don’t allow yourself the chance to dream just because of the possibility of disappointment.

I tell you this friends…. if I bomb Ironman Florida… I bomb it. If I nail it… I nail it. I will live to see another day. I will live to see another starting line and my little boy and my husband will still love me.

More important than that though… is that I will absolutely be able to look at the woman in the mirror with love and respect. Care and grace. I will look her in the eye as I always do and know that what matters most is not what other people think of me based on a race, a number, a score……

But what is in my heart and in my soul. That’s the key to everything.

Time for some packing and getting Gu off my frame. And settling down a wide eyed 6 year old who wakes up every morning wondering….. if today is the day.

Not yet my little buddy….. but soon.

Thank you for stopping by.

πŸ™‚ mary


Across the Other Pond….

October 28, 2007

While all eyes were in the Hawaii Ironman last week, my friend, my associate coach and athlete Erika was over in India. She was representing the United States in the Military World Championships. Olympic distance ITU style racing here. She came out of the water in the lead pack and remained in that lead until the final mile of the bike, when her day was cut short by a few other cyclists.

I cried when I saw this picture. I show it to you because it is a reminder that anything can happen out there on race day. Erika was being careful. Erika is a very experienced athlete if anyone knows how to ride in an ITU race it is her.
Luckily her injuries “only” entailed stitches to her knee, and she was very badly banged up. Needless to say she was unable to finish the race. Her A race… she was prepared for one hell of a run. And she traveled all the way to India for heaven’s sakes.
What’s important is that she is all right. We are so grateful for that. And thanks to my new friend in India …. Chetan S…… so sending these across the pond.

Best wishes for a speedy recovery Erika!


Saturday Show -N- Tell

October 27, 2007

If you saw this little creature on the course at Long Course Duathlon World’s last weekend… that was Luc! You don’t often get to see the Grimm Reaper with a walker at a race! By the way if you heard him BOOO you he was trying to scare you… we changed BOO to ROAR as soon as I realized it! And below is a picture of Luc with Ronald McDonald himself. What’s a race without a Big Mac and French Fries? Did I mention they handed out the pre race bags in the McDonald’s drive thru bags?

It was an absolute shame I did not bring my camera with me on my long ride through Ashland on Saturday. Virginia was just stunning. Even downtown was beautiful and I swore if I wasn’t doing the Ironman next weekend the Richmond Marathon would have been a nice choice for races. But who runs straight marathons anyways? I need a warm up!

Even a silver medalist gets to meet Ronald himself! Below if a shot of Warren Elvers and Curt. Back in the day I used to swim with Warren’s daughter Jen. We even went to the same college.

To the right we have Dad and Luc. At this point Luc ditched his walker for a little bit. Hooray!

To the left is the silver medalist himself. He might be still wearing this medal. In fact he might be out on a mountain bike ride right now with Coach T wearing this medal.

But wouldn’t you? Look at it. It’s a cool medal.

Thank you for stopping by! πŸ™‚ Mary


An Update

October 26, 2007

I can’t believe I am even posting this. But Elizabeth asked. I wouldn’t feel right knowing she and Sami Brady parted ways 15 years ago. Plus you might also be wondering but not brave enough to ask. So with my head in the sand here is what I learned this week…..

Sami overcame Bulimia. Turned really evil. Lucas is Will’s Dad. Will is now 13 or something. Sami is left at the alter 3 times. Marries Austin twice I think. finally turns good falls in love with Lucas. EJ Wells (aka Elvis from Kristen way back then…. he’s a DIMERA!) rapes her, she gets pregnant, a whose the daddy scandal ensues. EJ and Stefano are forcing Sami to annul her marriage to Lucas and marry EJ to end the Brady vs Dimera Vendetta.

What started that Vendetta? A hundred years ago Granpa Shawn’s sister Colleen (resembling Sami) and Stefano’s father Santos (resembling EJ) fell in love. Colleen was in the convent… had an affair, found out Santos had a wife or something and threw herself off a cliff.

Vendetta begins.

Carrie left Salem, came back, married Lucas, divorced Lucas… married Austin and moved away. Thank God.

Hope and Bo still together.

Marlena and John, still together but John just got killed again. Likely the work of a Dimera.

Did I mention Stefano is ill and stole John’s kidney?

The pirate looking man Steve is back…. apparently was in captivity by the Dimera’s. EJ will show Steve a tarot card and Steve falls under his control.

Victor and Kate divorce… Kate sleeps with Stefano….. at one time she was married to Roman… she slept with EJ too.

Now I am getting confused. And now I am getting horribly embarrassed. But it beats hanging out on slowtwitch.

Just for kicks I turned on General Hospital to learn that Sonny, Carly, Jax and Luke are still around. And Robin is all grown up.

I turned off the TV today and vowed I would not be thinking of John Black next Saturday morning. One week of taper has been completed (almost). Now it’s time to focus. It’s time to make the lists of what to pack, create my plan for race day.

As I have said before the Ironman and I have a date. Luckily it is a Saturday race as I can’t compete with the Buffalo Bills for the attention of my father. Whew!

Thank you for stopping by.

πŸ™‚ mary


Blog – O – Rama

October 25, 2007

When my friend Jen read that I was filling the void of training time here in taperland with Days of Our Lives. She was horrified. “Read some good blogs” she wrote me. I begged her for some. So she obliged and I spent the better part of the day reading through some terrific reads.

Now I don’t know what happened with Sami and her twins today. But I do know that I am feeling very good. The Ironman has still not come, but I am being patient.

I am so honored to be able to share this terrific list of fellow bloggers that I was so happy to spend time finding yesterday. It’s so neat to see what an amazing triathlon community we have out there. Please keep posting because taper means time. And unless you want me to wallow in the feud between the Bradi’s and the Dimera’s, then keep writing.

Here is the list in alphabetical order, and scroll down on the right later today because they will be on the blog roll. Have a good blog? Send it to me because I would love to add it. I poked through other’s bloglists and found more good ones. I love the tri blog community…….

Amanda Lovato pro triathlete

Alicia Parr a great read from the girl who has raced more than anyone this season.

Andrea Fisher I love the Fish

Bri Gaal If we were neighbors I am sure we’d be friends…..

Chuckie V he is the man

Beth from PA excellent read

Cindy Jo I finally found your site sister, thanks for all your kind words!

Courtney Crutcher also doing Ironman Florida.

Courtney Green Ironman Louisville Finisher and Go Go Dancer in Training

Desiree Ficker pro triathlete.

Ed’s Type I Blog Ed is a Type I diabetic that I coach training for IMLP 2008

Elizabeth Fedofsky whom I vote “Most Likely To Do Another Ironman Soon” no matter what she claims.

Gordo need I say more?

Jennifer Harrison the suggester of most of these blogs!

Jenni Kiel I think I watched her race last weekend in Richmond…. I remember the pigtails!

Jasper Blake fellow Canadian

Lisa Bentley my hero

Simply Stu awesome… just awesome

The Outdoor Journey How this guy has time to breathe is beyond me

The Daily Grind who doesn’t love this one?

Travis Earley needs to post more!!!!!

For now that’s the big old list. I appreciate your words, I appreciate your insight, humor, wit and willingness to share your lives.

Blog on, I am still tapering.

Thank you for stopping by.

πŸ™‚ mary