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the hurdler

September 12, 2008

I can’t believe it. I crashed my bike. Not because of anything glorious either. I was in the middle of a 120 minute tempo session. My head was down. My preceding tempo run was great. reverse acclimation was in full swing and my feet were frozen.

When I rode off the rode and into someones lawn. Crash, flip, boom.


The good news: I kept my wits about me as I was falling and I kept my head up.

The bad news: I landed on my right hip.

The good news: I have no road rash.

The bad news: I have nothing to show for this!

The good news: I landed on my right hip which triggered the old “right side of my back / hip tightness problem” that I frequently encounter, from when I was hit by a car running some 10 years ago.

The other good news: I am in one piece and my bike is fine. I am lucky.

I picked myself up and finushed the ride. I completed my second tempo run and headed to the pool. The tightness grew so much I could not flip turn.

Game over for today.

We all have our litte injuries and we have our own way of dealing with them. For example I partially tore my Achilles in 2006. What works for me when I have any sort of AT issue is heat. The AT’s have a poor blood flow. The only time I ice my AT’s are in an ice bath. For me heat on the AT works wonders.

My back…. I have scoliosis so there is a weak spot there which I combat with strength training and flexibility. So when it gets tight I can tell because my hamstrings will get tighter. I never use ice on my back…. I use heat. For 24 hours I don’t touch it. I let it be still. Then I go to work.

There is nothing a chiropractor can do to fix it. It’s my structure. I also won’t make an angry muscle angrier by touching it all of the time. So I do my fix for an hour and then I leave it be.

Already much much better. I am grateful because I know this injury.

I am lucky that I broke nothing. I am lucky it is just this. And I know I know….. intervals like this should be done on the trainer!


not again!

September 10, 2008

For the record….. thank you for the emails about Ironman Canada again opening spots for the 2009 race. My decision not to sign up is final. We are over for another three years. Ironman divorce is final. I am not signing up. I am not signing up.

Moving on……….

Kelly and I continued our Austin heat training program with a 120 minute ride in 65 degrees of sunshine today. To make it really worth it we dressed warm. I even wore my favorite Postal Service Jersey…. fleece on the inside!!!!!!

We swam today at Nazareth…. which just might be the coldest pool in the area. I figured if I was freezing my butt off I would wish I was in the warm balmy waters of Austin.

Yeah…. this is so the way to go! Reverse acclimation. I shall start a new thing!

Today is picture day, so I shall share a few pictures while I am out completing my uptempo brick:

Here is how my car looks after a traditional day of training with Kelly….. it is also called “The locker room”. And in case you were wondering…… it does smell like it too!

I received this hilarious gift from two of my craziest athletes: Karin and Matt Kellman. It is a giant poster of the Ironman swim. I am the one in the pink cap……. just in case I have forgotten my Ironman lake Placid experience…… (and that white spot is the flash….. not the sonic boom that happened when I got hit….)

And while we are on the topic of picture day….. Curt’s racing bike is packed and shipped off to Oregon….. here’s how I pack er up:

Here’s my little sunshine on his first day of second grade…….

Here Luc is jumping off the three meter dive……. something Curt Eggers will not do!



September 9, 2008

An email from the Longhorn 70.3…. or what are we calling these races now…… Ironman Texas 70.3 …. revealed that the lake in which we shall be swimming in next month…… is 90 degrees.


90. Ninety. Nine zero.

I don’t think I have ever swam in water that warm. Like….. ever. Which is why you might have seen Kim, Kelly and I doing our workout in the hot tub this morning. Next to cups. Who drinks from cups and jumps up and down at the end of the lane.

That is not a joke.

Anyhow…… 90 degrees of swimming may change things a bit. Like no wetsuit. And maybe not even a skin suit. Possibly just skin if you know what I mean. This could very well become the nude swim in Texas.

A look through last year’s results and the seemingly slower times were well explained by the hundred degree heat. Suddenly this race could easily become about who races the smartest rather than who races the fastest.

I have never been stellar in the heat but each time I race in Africa Hot weather I handle it better. While I might take a bottle of S! caps I get through it. And I will find a way to persevere through this one as well.

Now comes the question……. how on earth do I simulate Texas heat in Rochester NY when outside my window it is a chill 65 degrees?

Clothing of course. It is scientifically proven that if you simply dress warmer…… that it is just like the hotter climates. I swear! If you believe that then click here for SwimmingPeaks 1.0, you will fall in love with this software.

The truth of the matter is….. I can’t really simulate Austin up here in Rochester. Sure I could bring the bike into the bathroom with the shower on HOT and the steam …. but that truly wont’ simulate actual conditions. I can dress as warm as I want…. but again that won’t do.

I just have to rely on past experience and plan ahead. Strategery as they call it, my favorite George W Bush invented word.

Strategery is devising a strategy. Combating fluid loss, salt intake, caloric expenditure, pace, etc. Trying to figure it all out and then when the gun goes off hope that like the lotto…. I have more than just close enough.

Actually close enough will do me just fine as well.

So I can spend the next few weeks worrying. Or I can spend the next few weeks working hard and preparing to have the best race I can in any conditions. What it will truly come down to, more powerful than heat or distance…… is that space between my ears.


open water swim clinic this sunday!

September 8, 2008

You are invited to an open water swim clinic! Here are the details:

When: Sunday Sept 14th 8am (until about 10am)

Where: Kershaw Park, Canandaigua Lake we will be meeting under one of the shelters initially!

What: Learn and tricks of open water swimming. Everything from sighting, to
wetsuits, to which

goggles to wear, warm ups before a triathlon, and even some stroke technique.

Who: Presented by Train-This and Score-This!

Now here are the nitty gritty details:

When you arrive please come on over to the shelter. We will be towards the Hess station, closer to the coffee shop rather than the actual swim entrance. You will need to sign a USAT waiver and check in with Rich from Score-This! And for the record…… Train-This and Score-This have been lifelong friends….. people often ask if we know each other! HA!

Open water swimming is much more than swimming in a lake. Even as a collegiate swimmer it took me a few seasons to develop my open water style. We will take you through the whole gamete on Sunday. I will bring some of my wetsuits so you can see the difference between sleeveless, long sleeved and you can check out a skin suit as well. I will bring lots of pairs of goggles so you can check out the different styles. I will help you determine which ones might or might not be for you (both wetsuits and goggles).

Next we will talk about getting the wetsuit on and off, how to achieve the fit and how to slide out in no time.

I will teach you how to navigate an open water swim, from start to finish. I will teach you “the dolphin” and give you some tips on how to swim straight, when to breathe, and how to not get kicked in the head. 🙂

The course will not be set up on Sunday because the lake is open for the boaters and we just don’t’ want anyone to die! However our traditional swim course will be available for all to swim. Plan on swimming as little or as much as you’d like. I will take a look at strokes and will give you one small tip to make your open water swim better (if you even need it!).

While this clinic takes place at the site of the Finger Lakes Triathlon, you needn’t be in the triathlon or even a triathlete to attend. You do need to know how to swim. No lifeguards will be on hand. The lake is 5 feet deep in all sections we will be swimming in. So you will never be in water over your head.

So please join us….. our clinic is free and we would love to see all of you!!!!!!

not much longer

September 7, 2008
Here I am stalking Brian Rhodes. When we started to take this picture he was sitting down and stretching. I instructed Foster 1 to take the picture with me in the foreground. As Foster 1 took the picture he was laughing uncontrollably. Later on when I uploaded this picture I realized that BR realized what was going on, stood up and himself started laughing. I will have to work on improving the subtly of my stalker ways.

Goodness gracious I am sick. NUTS as Luc would say. Was I not just sick? The good news is that it is respiratory. I train easier when it is above the neck, rest when it is below the neck. I have a four hour uptempo brick on tap today and I need to get er done.

It’s funny how if you were my athlete telling me this…. I’d likely tell you some really great advice. But when it is me….. do as I say not as I do.

Because there is not a lot of time left. And I need to rock these last few weeks out. I need this tempo work and I need to know I can do it.

What I must remember is that Austin isn’t being built in these weeks, it has actually already been built. I have been building it all season long and I hope….. I hope….. I hope that it all comes together on October 5th.

As I have looked back over my season I don’t see enough races on my calendar. I see some results but I wasn’t healthy. I see a lot of work and not a lot to show for that work. As next season begins to loom there will be more.

Now that my divorce from the Ironman has become official. And I got custody of the kid.

I mean today Ironman is running around with over 4,000 people all over the world. What kind of relationship is that?????

Two weeks from today I get to race at the Finger Lakes Triathlon. This is the big hometown race and it’s full to capacity. There’s a great ladies field and my heart is already pumping at the thought of going hard and going fast. I will be like a bear in a cage at that race.

Oh yes I will.

There’s this balance between competing a lot and not competing too much. Enough to keep you fresh, but not so much you trash yourself. I definitely feel under the wire this year but again it comes back to Ironman (bastard) who I gave up everything for.

Racing is fun. It’s the party of all of this work. Its the celebration, the good times with friends, the head to head races. That’s what we sit on our trainers all winter long for. That chance to see what you have on that very day.

I want more of those days. As I prepare for Austin I can’t help but thinking to 2009 and the year I turn 35. I actually can’t wait. 30-34 was good but not at all what I know I am capable of. I know I have a peak to hit and I haven’t hit it yet. Now that I am so over the Ironman (please notice that if I had not left the IMLP course in an ambulance…… had I pr’d I am very sure I would be singing a whole different tune…..) there is a whole field of 70.3 waiting to be investigated and figured out.

It begins in Austin!!!!

look out!

September 6, 2008
Today was a wonderful day. I got to do three workouts with Kelly B (and the amazing Miss Kim swam with us as well). It was good to be back on the road in the sun laughing and smiling. We underestimated the heat (near 90) and during our 30 minute run (after our 90 min bike) had to stop and about jump in the Pond for some more water. But we made it, Irongals we are! HA HA!

We talk triathlon the way most folks talk football. We talk about the men’s IM Hawaii field is pretty much wide open. Who we think the top women will be. Where’s MJ been lately?

And we talked about my husband. Curt. He’s got an Ironman coming up. Ironman Florida to be exact.
Curt isn’t the biggest Ironman fan and that’s probably why he’s had such longevity in our sport. At age 34 he did a triathlon over in Binghamton NY. He was the very last man out of the water. Five years later he came back and won that race five years in a row.

How did he do it? Through consistent smart training.

Throughout his triathlon career he’s been All American three hundred years in a row. Annually he’s on the Indie Tri list and most other lists out there. He’s a quiet guy who has a lot of passion for triathlon.

The third time he qualified for the Hawaii Ironman, he accepted the slot. That was 1999. He walked most of a marathon to finish in just above 11 hours. He did Ironman Canada in 2001 and didn’t have a great day.

The guy doesn’t like the freaking Ironman. But he rips off 2:00 Olympic distance races and is in the top three at Nationals each year.

He’s prepping for Ironman Florida. He tells me “You Iron People are pigs.” when it comes to caloric consumption during the race. Yesterday he did a five hour ride and reported to me that four hours got boring so he came home and did an hour on the trainer.

I shook my head. That might be the last thing I would have done if I was…. bored.

I have to say this is the most Iron focused he’s ever been. One night I heard him confess to his friend that I had made Ironman Florida look easy.

Which made me smile.

If Curt sticks to a steady plan he will easily break 10:00. Honestly it will all come down to nutrition. If he keeps the calories coming in and the sodium, he will have no problems and in fact he will cruise to it.

He will take down my family Ironman record quite easily then. And you know what?? I hope he smashes it. We will be out there cheering.

So here’s to the fittest 52 year old guy I know. For his tenacity, longevity and dedication. Here’s to a personal best at Ironman Florida. And here’s to many many more years to come!


September 5, 2008

Here’s me, Kelly B and Pelee at 70.3 Worlds 2006.

I am a pretty happy camper today, for two good reasons. I had a great tempo day today on the bike and the run despite a sore throat and all that goes along with it. Kelly B. is home, and she is home for 3 weeks. Which means I have a training partner.
Kelly B has done 7 Ironmans and now lives in Colorado. Boulder to be exact. She swims with Craig Alexander and sometimes Gordo (because if she knows them and I know her that makes me instant BFF with them….. right?) Kelly pretty damn consistently turns out a 4:40-4:45 70.3 races and has been to Kona a bunch of times.
She’s also my long time friend.
We’ve gotten into our fair share of trouble.
One time at band camp….. well it was 2003. We were prepping for Ironman Lake Placid. We were running 20 miles in 2 10 mile loops. We met at Mendon Ponds Park.
She biked there and we tossed her bike in my car.
At mile 10 we looped back to the car, and refueled. Then I locked the keys in the car.
I hate that feeling. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Some quick thinking and we headed towards Curt’s office, which was 10 miles away.
It was a rough run. I remember arriving there and laying in the grass outside his office. Soon there were a bunch of men looking at us as we waited for Curt to save us.
What a day.
Another time that summer…. that was the summer it was 800 degrees every single day. We did our long ride from convenience store to convenience store. Each time we arrived our fluid was hot. We bought ice and ice and ice. With 14 miles to go we rode to her house and ate Popsicles while sitting in her air conditioned house. Then we finished the ride.
Although she went to Connecticut for a while and to Boulder…. we have remained great friends. As we swam today we planned on doing the Newtons 24 hours of triathlon next year. And now that she’s healthy again we both promised no Ironmans for a while.
A while. That never has to be defined.
She’s home on break from school (she’s returning to University to become a PT) it means I get to borrow her. Just like the old days. She’s come at just the right time as we are prepping for Austin. I am still trying to talk her into joining us. We have to see how SOS goes. She has promised to take it very easy as she has spent this season not running because of injuries. She promised to walk if she has to and to spend the day just being happy to be moving again.
And what can I say except for that I am psyched. I have her for 3 weeks to swim and ride with, and maybe a little bit of running on her part. There’s trouble to be had and we are the ones to create it.
Now if I had not left IMLP course in an ambulance, I might not be treasuring this so much. I might have sworn off training during Sept at all. Things happen for a reason. And while it might be a stretch to say now I have the opportunity to hang with one of my favorite people in the world….. it’s a stretch I will make.
I can’t imagine I would ever turn down a training day with Kelly B.
If you happen to see 2 half dressed sweaty girls laying in the grass outside your office….. you will know what I did….. again.