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Lose the training wheels

May 31, 2010

People everywhere are jumping on the fundraising bandwagon. Whether it’s Haiti or Katrina amazing people around the world are doing things to help. Some of these folks do it for the attention it brings  them. Look at me, I raise money for charity…… but if I have the opportunity…… am I willing to get my hands dirty? Am I willing to do something I won’t receive public recognition for? Am I willing to do something just because….. the kid whose life you will affect forever?????? 

 Who taught you how to ride a bike? I remember my father running down the street holding onto the back of mine. I remember asking him if he was holding on, and he said he was….. but his voice was too far away to be behind me. I remember being too afraid to look but I knew I was two wheeling. It was as if my Dad had sent me on my way.  

I have ridden thousands of miles since. In several states and countries. There are things I see on a bike that I will never see from a car, relationships I have formed. 

I met my husband while I was riding my bike. 🙂 

Our son is nine years old and is still on training wheels. It’s no big deal to us, but it’s a very big deal to him. We have special adaptive equipment that we work with, attachments for his bike and a giant dose of love. My philosophy had always been…. he will ride when he is ready. 

Do you understand what it is like to have very minor physical challenges as Luc does, or very big ones like many other children have? Do you ever think about what it takes to hold a pencil, turn the page of a book, feed yourself? 

It took Luc months to stand on a pair of rollerskates. MONTHS. how long did it take you? 

Those who don’t understand ask me if we have ever worked with Luc on a bike. If you only knew. If you only freaking knew. I won’t even give that question my time. 

This weekend he will be competing in the kid’s race at the Keuka Lake Triathlon. He’s too big for training wheels. So I will be walking behind him as we ride this bike, and how much do you want to bet….. some ultracompetitive parent will accuse me of trying to give Luc an unfair advantage? 

This is an attachment attaching to the rear fork and seatpost. I walk behind him and balance him with the upright bar.


I think “unfair advantage” would be me riding my Cervelo P2 Carbon Fiber bike with my Bontrager race wheels, and aero helmet with the tandem bike that we have attached. This is giving a kid a chance to belong. 

If you are coming to the Musselman, Luc is doing the kids race there as well. He is attending the Lose the Training Wheels Camp the week before. He may very well be on two wheels by then! I hope you can give him the biggest cheer in the world. You have no clue how hard he’s been working. 
Do you take your physical abilities for granted? 

Luc faces a lot of challenges every single day. Do you ever think twice about being able to hold a pencil? He has to  think, and he has to work at it. Do you have to think about tying your shoes? Luc does. He’s nine, can’t tie his shoes, but we are getting there. He understands that he’s just on a different path. But I will tell you this….. he appreciates these little things more than any other kid he knows.
Have you ever had the feeling that you don’t belong? Try being Luc for a day. (crazy thing is, he handles things better than 100% of adults I know…. including me). Society is not kind to kids with special needs. And let me tell you…… he’s far from being severe, imagine being a kid in a wheelchair. see how kids treat them. 

 We need your help. This July UNYFEAT (Upstate New York Families for effective autism treatment) is bringing an amazing camp to Rochester. It’s called Lose the Training Wheels Camp. Its for kids of all ages who face challenges….. much like our son Luc faces…… here these kids learn to ride bikes. TWO WHEELERS. 
When this camp announced it was coming to RIT the week of July 5th, I needed to learn more. It’s an incredible program that began with one camp and is expanding throughout the country,
Do you understand the freedom two wheels provides for every person in the world? If it means that much to me as an able bodied person, what does it mean when kids like Luc can ride two wheels?
I imagine it’s the closest thing to flying and being free from the disabilities that these kids face.
I personally will do anything in the world to help them find that feeling.
Check out this video for exactly how they train these kids to ride two wheels. Get your Kleenex out! This is Sarah’s journey, watch the whole thing…. she gets her wheels!
Please consider the gift of your time. Money is a wonderful thing, it helps these causes continue, but nothing replaces and is more amazing than the gift of your time. we need volunteers to help run this camp so that each child has the opportunity to gain their wheels.
Can you donate one hour on one day? can you donate one hour for five days? Camp is Monday through Friday, there are several 75 minute sessions throughout the day. The first one begins at 8:00am. Please consider giving an hour to come and help. Please consider donating your lunch hour for one small week of your life.
Camp is located at the Rochester Institute Of Technology here in Rochester.
I know, during the work week is difficult. It’s not easy for my family either, but it’s a cause that’s worth it. 
 If you are interested in donating an hour or donating 20, please send me an email, maryeggers “at” gmail “dot” com. Obviously you need to be local. You can donate one hour, one day, the whole week. 

This is a cause that I believe so much in. That my company Train-This is adopting, and I hope you will as well.
Here is the link to the program:
Please consider donating your time. Together, imagine what we can do. we can help these kids get their wheels. 

Imagine this: 30 years from now a child you helped get their wheels, teaches their child how to ride a two wheeler. Their child asks them when they learned to ride their bike. They reflect on a wonderful week of their life, when some stranger gave up a part of their day. They will remember your name.



May 31, 2010

“If you can give your son or daughter one gift, let it be enthusiasm” anonymous. I think I have done pretty well on that part so far:

Can I tell you how excited I am? My Achilles is feeling great. No pain to touch, I think our little protocol worked. Only 6 more days until I get to dive back in. I tell you it kind of stinks to feel that at day 7 of 14, only because I have to wait. Ho Hum. But this week is again light and I will take advantage!

Not before a nice easy swim in the lake this morning! We are gathering at 7am. If you are an early bird and a coffee drinker like we are, then please come on and join us! We meet at the boat launch next to the Muar House cafe.  Most days we swim….. some days we don’t. If it’s too cold we make the workout a recovery day and we take the time to do what is most important: spend time with good people.

I am feeling really good! That’s how you know that recovery works…… you start to feel like you are chomping at the bit. You know what I am chomping at the bit to do??? R.A.C.E. With the wizard’s approval I will be hopping into 2 more races before the Musselman. I have worked hard for 20 weeks and I want to have some fun.

To me there is nothing more fun than a race. It’s like a party to me and a test of myself all at the same time. Sprint races…. balls to the wall.

The Musselman this year? OMG it will be a ridiculous amount of fun. Not only is Kim racing but the ‘Cuse ladies: K. Roe and the Miss Julie Rosa are a coming to do the double Mussel! How in the hell am I going to race when I will be having so much fun? Racing with such a classy group of girls is an incredible treat! This is the classiest women’s field the Musselman has ever had. HANDS DOWN. I can not freaking wait, if I have not mentioned that before!

Winning is nice, I have done that plenty of times in my life. Won, qualified, heck I have even won a race flat out against the men as well. Nothing, and I mean nothing compares to the relationships and the people you meet along the way. That’s what I believe to be so special and beautiful about multisport. Even the insane triathletes I love. (because of course we aren’t talking about me….) When I finally do leave this earth I have a feeling no one will study my tombstone for my athletic achievements, I’d like to be remembered within the relationships I have made along the way.

There are just things that are unsaid between us, like the appreciation of a beautiful long ride. The lake at 7am. The feeling of being in it all together. We share victories and we share defeats. In 2008 when I suffered the concussion of my life and subsequent miscarriage and bike crash…… it was in the pool that I found comfort. It was on the road that I found healing. It was in racking up miles that I found my way back.

I didn’t need to sit around and talk about it. I didn’t try to escape it, but I was able to move through it. No one had to do anything but just be there. With me, spending miles and laughing. There’s a lot to be had in these miles we travel together. Strength, healing, pursuit, and faith. It’s so absolutely awesome.

I so absolutely adore the athletes that I have the opportunity to work with, who have become my family, to the folks I have met along the way…. one became my husband…. one became my son’s godfather….. and many became part of the extended family that the Eggers are so very blessed to have.

Whether the water is actually warm enough to swim in is not a worry that I have. I am on almost complete rest this week. If I swim, I swim. If I sit on the beach and laugh with my friends, excellent. Maybe we will even do a little of both.

One thing is for sure…… we will bring a pretty big dose of enthusiasm. Love for movement, love for life and an appreciation for the serenity of what we get to see this morning!


Two week break

May 30, 2010

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Lastly, welcome to race week! The focus on the blog this week will be race specifics. Have a question you’d like addressed? Shoot me an email at maryeggers “at” gmail “dot” com.

Have we lost our minds with all this free stuff?? No, we just want to spread our multisport love!

Due to some minor Achilles tendonitis, we pulled the plug on yesterday’s. It was a sprint race, and it just wasn’t worth the risk.  On the Richter scale of 1-10, 10 being season over, it’s a 1. But it’s the one I tore on 06, and I am just not one to mess with that. My partial tear took 4+ months to heal, a full tear is a year. I have Ironman Florida in 6 months, a sprint race is just not worth that risk. When it coms to injuries I have learned the hard way, being on this side is better than the other side. You don’t push through things. Never works. So we are nipping this in the bud early. We launched into the mid season break a week early, and it’s a good chance to pull myself together and get ready for the 20 week push through to Ironman Florida. At first I was concerned about the break, it’s just so weird to take this in JUNE. Truthfully since December I knew it was going to happen, so I have had it on the radar for some time.

Essentially week one is over and done with, week two will entail a lot of work. Train-This work, work on studying the next block, rehabbing my Achilles, getting my annual haircut (no… seriously)…. a massage, some ART, clean my house, and get stuff done. I have a billion appointments to make.

I have enough to do.

The two things I will really focus on are my Achilles rehab and continuing nutrition.

Achilles Rehab: I am a self proclaimed AT expert. As I said I partially tore my left Achilles in 2006, and it healed well. Two Tuesdays ago some tendonitis came on rather suddenly. The tendonitis is at the insertion point to the bone, so care is needed.

How do we rehab this? Well, I believe that immobilization of it was necessary. Think about it, what do we do when we have some tendonitis? We stretch it, anger it, irritate it. Touch it, massage it, test it out. So it reacts with inflammation and pain. Yes all that stuff is good but you have to be a little bit hands off with things. You work them and let them heal. Just like training, just like the rest of the body.

My Range of Motion is perfect. I can pinpoint the pain, and I won’t go to ART until Tuesday or Wednesday. Once we decided to bag the race I went into rehab mode. So here is my protocol, it works pretty well:

1. I wear my Dansko’s all the time. There is a slight lift to the heel, and they are nice and stiff. This takes all strain off the AT when walking, working, etc.

2. Immobilize as much as possible, no running  but I bike, but am careful not to plantar or dorsiflex too much. Swim… yes but push off with one foot, being careful not to overcompensate and cause injury there. I am to completely rest next week aside from 2 bikes and 2 runs, so the immobilization for 3 days won’t be hard.

3. Ice. I will diligently ice for 3 days as much as possible. There are times I personally feel heat is better, but for right now with acute pain I ice ice ice. Frozen corn on AT.

4. Motrin (which is ibuprofen and Advil). I take 10mg/kg Q 6 hours. during the day.

5. Continue to take 2 grams of fish oil.

When the three days are up (this will be Monday) I will begin some range of motion exercises, I will being double legged calf raises and then begin ART. from there I will play it by ear. Because I have been through this before I feel like I am very well aware of how to handle it. The improvement we have had thus far is big, so I am extremely confident we are on the right path.

The second thing I will focus on is nutrition. Currently sitting here at about 17-18% BF we need to be at 13% by IMFL. ow we put the big squeeze on. If you have not heard me talk about the Core Diet then you just need to click the link. I have macronutrient goals for every day and i shall hit those. I also will do a 2 day fruit and veggie cleanse, I love doing these. Whether it actually cleanses you is up for debate, but the way I physically and emotionally feel is unbelievable!

So that’s that. That’s where we are headed. Again it is weird beyond weird to take this break when everyone else is knee deep in Ironman training. We get back to everything pretty quick.

Yesterday however I had a treat. A three hour ride, and I had an afternoon on a weekend….. alone? My son went to the Rochester Ribfest with some friends. He’s getting to that age when…. he can go by himself. The friends he went with know him, they love him, we are so grateful for these people, we call them the gang. They just rope him in and have fun. It was hard, because I thought… geez I should be going with him……but my husband reminded me….. let him go, it’s ok.

I headed down to Conesus Lake. What I love about where I live is that I can ride from my door step on wide shouldered roads. There were roofers out roofing, folks hanging at the post office drinking sodas, and at the local church a bbq was being set up. People were waving and smiling.

I swore I was going to stop this ride and take pictures. But the rhythm of the pedals and the sun on my back and the serenity I feel when riding was too good to pause.

My bike and I have officially made amends.

I am sorry to park him aside for a few rides this week. Which is a good thing. Because when we reunite, we have loads of miles to ride. Because in November we are once again headed to the redneck Riviera for my fifth Ironman. Something about the panhandle and the folks there grabs me. I have no idea why.

Game on for Ironman Florida!


My eating disorder and my recovery

May 29, 2010

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We haven’t talked about eating disorders in a while, specifically mine. It’s the number one thing I am asked about. For 10 years I engaged in Bulimia Nervosa. I won’t say that I suffered from it because I chose to stick my fingers down my throat. I brought it upon myself. I don’t like when people feel bad or give me empathy because I had an eating disorder and although I did conquer it and I do a lot of speaking about it…… I chose to stick my fingers down my throat.

What I would like to be able to do is tell you exactly how it is that I recovered. And how I have stayed recovered. It’s a little complicated. I want it to be more back and white. I want to give you a five step instruction process of how I did it.

There was no good reason for me to even have an eating disorder. I grew up in a good home, I have two great parents. My brother and I had a very difficult relationship that still lasts today, but what siblings don’t. While I don’t blame him there were things that he did, like the simple act of name calling at a young age that did point me to the eating disorder pattern of thought.

I was always pretty normal looking, when I was at my sickest with Bulimia my body was normal but my face was gigantic from all the fluid shift.

I hit rock bottom. Absolute rock bottom. It was a horrible place to be but still my parents were my safety net. They got me help, every time, they supported me, every time. They helped me recover every time I had  a relapse (and they didn’t always know I was having one, I liked to hide this whole thing). And I took it one day at a time and I recovered.

I can say that I am free from “those thoughts”. If you have or have had an eating disorder you understand. Those thoughts are gone. That’s why I swim, bike and run, and practice yoga. Through movement my head gets cleared. The thoughts stay away, and I stay healthy.

Pregnancy was tough, post pregnancy was more difficult but that’s another story for another day.

What I want to talk about today (finally!) is the changes that have happened over the past year that I have been working with Jesse Kropenlicki, whom I like to refer to as the Wizard, and the QT2 team.

When I started working with The Wizard I learned that there are four pillars to a program: Training, Pacing, Nutrition, and Fueling. We pay big time attention to each of those. The nutrition has been absolutely paramount for me and my life in general.

I am much leaner in the year I have been training with QT2. My body composition is quite different. I still hold a giant amount of muscle mass. In fact every single time I am in the gym some meathead will approach me and ask me if I am a body builder or that I should be. The number one issue preventing me from ever doing that is the nutrition protocol they have to follow. No offense, but it makes them insane. I work with a woman who does quite a bit of figure competitions and when she is preparing for a show she is out of her mind. She knows it, she hates it and afterwards she is always surprised at it.

I work with a wonderful athlete who has made the switch from bodybuilding to endurance sports, she went to QT2 to help her redefine her nutrition, because all she really knew was the bodybuilding way of eating. I can see an incredible change, like a balancing out of her mind…. as she has evolved.

I had a pretty bad eating disorder which meant I was pretty out of my own mind. I don’t need to be involved in a sport where I have to drastically alter my nutrition like that, because I know what it does to the mind. I finally explained that to one body building guy to get him off my back. I thought he’d be offended….. and he actually stepped back and said…. wow, I totally get that!

Besides, I am an outdoors girl.

Anyhow…… I still carry quite a but of muscle, too much for what I love to do but that’s life. We are working to try to strip some of that.

The Wizard so brilliantly developed the Core Diet. Which has absolutely changed my life. It’s not Atkins. It’s eating very healthy. while I have been recovered from Bulimia for a very long time, my body still was deprived of many of the micronutrients that I had deprived it of for so long. I feel like every single day that I eat in the core, my body is just sucking up the minerals and nutrients that it never had.

I can’t tell you how good I feel.

So what’s this Core Diet? Click here to learn. It’s getting your carbohydrates, protein and fats from better sources. Whole food. Here are the guidelines I follow:

1. four fruits a day
2. Four veggies a day
3. Low Glycemic foods < 55 throughout the day.
4. Consume high glycemic foods in workout windows, and during training.
5. Eat every 2-3 hours.

When you are a QT2 athlete you go through an extensive dietary analysis. You can also get this done like my athlete did, just visit the Core Diet site for details. Some people think it is pricey but if you add up the money you spend on ridiculous supplements and such, it’s cheap. It’s worth it.

Remember: your race day nutrition will also be dependant on how good your nutrition is in general.

As an athlete you also are created a race fueling plan. I right now know my fueling plan for every distance race I do. This used to be something I struggled with, now it’s just second nature.

The core Diet has taught me how to eat. It’s got me eating fruits and vegetables I would have never eaten in my life. I feel incredible. My blood sugar never bounces around. I feel …. gosh I just feel so freaking good, for an entire year I have felt GOOD every single day. If you’ve been around for a while you know that hasn’t always been the case.

I feel like this is what you should learn in recovery programs. Instead they fill you with Ensure and high glycemic foods. I am not a fan of how recovery programs work, and to be fair I have done nothing to help change it.

Sometimes athletes come to me in the hopes I can fix their eating disorder. I can’t. I can’t turn off those thoughts. I can however help them get started…… go to the Core Diet. plug in the nutritional holes that you have. Get on a balanced eating plan. spend the damn money and do it right. Your body and your health is worth it.

If you can begin by healing yourself physically, then the emotional part is going to start coming along as well. When you are physically nutritionally balanced, your mind will begin to even out.

In a nutshell, that’s sort of in a vague round about way how I am recovering from Bulimia Nervosa.


Ironman switches drinks! The sky is falling!

May 28, 2010

Before we begin, I have a few things for you. And a new webinar at the end of the post here!

 A video of my coach Jesse Korpelnicki talking about Ironman Nutrition (there are actually four good lectures here but knowing the panic state everyone is in, watch this one). I will say with great bias that I have been working with Jesse for a year and his nutrition plan both on and off the field have helped me achieve what no one in the medical field has ever been able to do: balance to a body that was very imbalanced due to Bulimia.

Rich Strauss of Endurance Nation, always has good practical advice.

Gordo always has good sound advice as well.

And some great tips on nutrition in general, very much in line with the Core Diet, Chuckie V has some very good stuff here.

I have this vision of the bigwigs at Ironman sitting back in their big leather chairs around a big table, laughing. What better way to throw all of Ironman Land into a great big tizzy. Change what you are going to have on the course about 8 weeks out. Because my Ironman is not till November, because this will be my fifth Ironman…. I tend not to worry about this stuff. 

Yesterday I attended a retreat for our emergency residents in Bristol. I walked into the retreat at 1:30pm. At 2:45 pm I walked out. I had fifty two emails from my athletes, other athletes, other coaches…….


At first I thought it was one of Kevin McKinnon’s April Fool’s jokes. Remember the year he stated that the Ironman Lake Placid swim would be three loops to make it more fair? I was able to freak my entire team out on that one.

Then I realized…. no joke. They did change it. What a bunch of jerks. And it made me laugh. The perfect way to freak out a few thousand people who have searched the globe to find gatorade endurance….. than to pull a switch last minute. In Ironman land it was last minute.

But let’s all take a deep collective Ironman breath here. It isn’t like the ingredients are going to differ that much.

Now as someone who has experienced GI issues in a race, I think that where this truly all begins is in our head.’ That’s the beginning of the downward spiral. What the mind says is going to be the roadmap for how the body reacts. Think of eating a sardine. Pick up a can, you have created your physical reaction right there (repulsion!) and this thing cold taste like heaven!

So start with your head.

Okay, let’s begin with what we know. Ingredients. This new drink is not going to contain ingredients different than what exists. Here is what we know is in the products we do use. Each of these are the powder form and each serving size is one scoop.

Here is a link to the new Ironman Powerbar Performance yadda yadda yadda yadda drink.

Carbo Pro

Ingredients: on the website there is no ingredient list, there is on the cannister. I happen to be out. I am interested in knowing if it is only maltodextrin….. there have to be a few more in here. However Carbo pro’s big claim is that it is a clean source of fuel,

Macros: 115 calories / serving, 28grams CHO / serving,

Gatorade Endurance:

Ingredients:  Sucrose, dextrose, citric acid, sodium citrate, monopotassium phosphate, salt, natural lemon & lime flavors with other natural flavors, calcium lactate, calcium silicate (a flow agent), magnesium oxide, yellow 5.

Macros:  50 cal / serving. 14 g CHO / serving, 14 g sugar / serving

Power bar Endurance

Ingredients: C2 Max Carbohydrate Blend (Maltodextrin, Fructose, Dextrose), Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Sodium Chloride, CALCIUM SILICATE, Magnesium Citrate, Potassium Citrate, Natural Flavor, Turmeric color.

Macros: 70 cal / serving, 17 grams cho / serving, 10 grams sugar / serving.


Ingredients: Sucrose, Whey Protein Concentrate, Fructose, Maltodextrin, Citric Acid, Sodium Chloride, Lecithin, Natural Flavor, Magnesium Oxide Vitamin E Acetate, Ascorbic Acid, L-Arginine, Monopotassium phosphate, FD&C Yellow 5, FD&C Yellow 6.

Macros:  120 calories / serving, 20 grams cho / serving, 20 grams sugar / serving.

Now personally of all of the above even though I do use power bar endurance, my favorite is carbo pro. It’s flavorless, it’s cleaner, etc. But that’s not the point.

The point here is that if you look at all of the above products, the ingredients are not that different. There is a taste difference. Accelerade tends to not seem so sweet, while Gatorade Endurance seems very sweet. But if you look at the macros Accelerade seems to have more sugar per serving. Does it matter for taste if it’s fructose, dextrose, or whatever -trose? I have no clue.

So really, breaking it down, and feel free to disagree with me…… these products are not that different. So let’s calm down. Breathe in, breathe out. By this stage of the game if you are competing in Lake Placid…. you have trained on some sort of product. Even if it is a different one each week. You have used something in line with the above, unless you are drinking orange juice. And then you are up a creek. Call the Hoad if you are (love ya Hoad!).

Because all craziness truths truly begin on Slowtwitch, I hopped over there to see the panic attack what was going on. I am copying and pasting a thread from Dev Paul because when I read this I wanted to stand up like a woman in church and scream HALLELUJAH!  To me D.P. is a Gordo like guy, he shares his knowledge and has a good head on his shoulders. Please note his contact info and free triathlon camps at the end of his post: (he does mention The Wizard in here: Jesse, my coach, and the key to the statement made is KEEPING YOUR INTENSITY IN CHECK)

Lake Placid 3k/180k/21k June 10/11 2010 Epicman Hill Climb + WhitefaceFree camps:

A few years ago, Darcy from Infinit Nutrition Canada asked me to try Infinit. I like how I can pack 500-700 calories in a bottle. I’ve done IM’s where I got all my calories off Infinit.

However, I told Darcy, “I don’t care how good Infinit is, I will still use ON COURSE NUTRITION to supplement Infinit”.

Now lots of people are running around trying to figure out how they can get access to Powerbar Perform to “test it out in training” before they race on it. While I don’t have an issue with testing out products before using it on race day (good plan) and as much as I’d love to blame all kinds of products for my problems on Ironman courses related to nutrition, the bottom line is that:

“Products never create Problems…I create my OWN Problems”

A couple of years ago, I was visiting at Tom Evans’ place before Ironman Canada and noted that he had one water bottle holder on his race bike. We joke around that on ST there are many dudes loaded down with week of groceries on their bike, and he said, “I just need one bottle. Ride hard for 2-3 hours. Stop in the middle, get a sub and drink, fill up my bottle and finish my long ride. If I can digest that, I can process anything on race day”. His point was that it is never what you take in that makes you sick, it’s just that the intensity is TOO HIGH.

I’ve never seen anyone get sick at Turkey Dinner or MacDonalds (OK, maybe a few) when the intensity is low (sitting around), but all kinds of tri guys (including me many times) and gals get sick off gatorade/infinite/powerbar stuff on the bike leg at triathlons!

I know Jesse Kropelnicki has his athletes including pint size folks like Cait Snow take in up to 600 calories an hour. Mark Allen did the same “back in the day”. Strauss tells us to top out at ~300 per hour cause being slightly under fuelled is better than overfuelled and you’re never more than 5 minutes away from “fuel top up”. I think Jesse’s approach is awesome if you can keep your intensity in check, however, I’ve had better success recently with the Stauss approach.

Bottom line, is I strongly believe you can work off “any on course nutrition” if you balance the intake with your pace, be it powerbar, gatorade, or infinit….in fact in my last half IM at Wildflower (going off the top of my head), I used 700 calories from infinit, 200-300 from Gatorade, 200 from powerbar and another 400 from powergels (leveraging calories from all companies).

….and yes, Darcy does support me, and I love the flexibility of Infinit as it is the equivalent of electrolytes+bars+gels+drink in one convenient form factor, but being flexible enough to use ANY on course nutrition by matching intake to pace is key to long course tri success.

Don’t get sucked into believing that you can only use products from one vendor…your stomach has evolved for many generations to be able to break down a variety of nutrition…in the end most of this stuff is maltdextrin, dextrose, corn syrup, electrolytes and preservatives, with slightly different types of packaging.

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Perform.Powerbar courses and its gonna be WTC because they can’t get Gatorade on some knotOK guys….now everyone is going to get twisted in a

I love his point. When I think back to all of the times I have had GI issues, my intensity was not in check. Now what could we mean by intensity over the course of 140.6? Let’s go through a little Mary Eggers made scale (usually translates into highly thought out and well funded clinical research study my best guess)

In this study we give Joe triathlete a scale of 1-10 on the heart rate Richter scale. 10 being too damn high for an Ironman event.

In the morning Joe triathlete arrives at the race site nervous. Heart rate 6. Gun goes off. Heart rate 7. Swim loop one complete, Joe begins to relax. Heart rate 4. Loop two done, the Ironman has officially started, heart rate 3. We are good!

Runs out of the water, through the screaming crowd, heart rate 5. Into the changing tent. Heart rate 6 where he struggles with his clothes. Gets on bike rides out of town and blasts through the first 10 miles of the course to the descent into Keene. Heart rate 6. He is trying to drink the on course nutrition and his stomach seems funny. Damn the new product! Blame game begins! Mental game as I spoke of before starts!

Heart rate 7!

So this effect can snowball throughout the race. The intensity even though he is not pushing the pedals beyond his parameters …. is too high. He let himself get nervous, panic, and them everything began to fall apart.

You have to keep yourself in check. Calm down. This is the Ironman, it’s a long day. It’s a series of events that make up this day. It’s not going to come down to one drink. It’s going to come down to a lot of things. The ingredients in this new Ironman power bar drink are not going to be that different from what you have been using. Stop putting so much power into a drink. Put that power back into yourself.

With that being said, let’s take a good in depth look at what this is all about. Think of me as your Ironman psychotherapist. I am highly qualified. Join me this Sunday night May 30th at 8pm Eastern Standard time, and let’s talk about it. Let’s get this silly little issue, which really is not an issue, out of the way so you can get on with your final preparations for one of the most amazing days of your life!

Click here to register, it’s free. Because we are nice like that.

Now trust me, Ironman is changing. It’s not the way it used to be. The fees are higher, everything is branded, and don’t be suprised when they make you get the tattoo, as your new finisher’s medal, and pay them a lot of money for it!



May 27, 2010

A few items of business before we get started today! 1. We are super happy (an about to be pun) to announced that we’ve partnered up with a fabulous little company called “Awlays Happy Never Satisfied“. Waaaayyyyy back in 2003 when I worked on the Pediatric IMCU floor I worked with a terrific gal named Becky. She earned her Masters and moved away. Through the magic of FaceBook we have reconnected. She and her beau Ed have this amazing little company which makes amazing silkweight tshirts and gear and such. The best part? They are locally made in Indiana. no big box store stuff here!  They are the greatest example of the little guy type of business and they are more than just making t shirts. Becky and Ed also sailors and currently run Sail 22. Not only do they do this and make great gear….. check out their sites for their water and land adventures all over the place. And stay tuned because we will be sporting some of their awesome stuff real soon! Thanks Becky and Ed! (Also we have an RSS feed to their site in the right hand column)

 2. Don’t forget about our upcoming webinars! Please check out for details. From beginner triathlon to Ironman nutrition, pacing and IMLP course review, we have you covered!  

I’d also like to thank Chuckie V for nearly shutting down our site yesterday! We were lucky enough to be awarded the “Link of the day” on his esteemed blog  which is a lot like being awarded homecoming queen, we definitely appreciate.

 I have been a long time stalker admirer of Chuckie V, ever since that fateful day way back in 1999……..

 I stood on the curb at the Hawaii Ironman waiting for my husband to go by. I remember laughing my ass off as I watched this tall lanky guy walking the course, drinking a beer out of a glass beer bottle. Now that’s a guy who doesn’t take himself seriously…. I remember thinking.  Little did I know I was witnessing a very controversial moment in the Hawaii Ironman history…… Chuckie was banned from Hawaii for a year due to that. I seem to remember (and correct me if I am wrong) that the reason was for accepting outside assistance.


The guy was walking. Someone offered him a beer. I have been in that position, had someone offered me a beer I would have taken it too. Watch out leaderboard! That’s the big secret for a magic come from behind by over an hour win!I did not take a picture of that memorable moment. Instead…. I took this one:  

 See that our hands are about to connect?

 This is the love of my life Luc Van Lierde moments after he secured his victory at Kona.  Interestingly I was also photographed in the background of this man for both Triathlete and Inside Triathlon Magazines that year. Um, I also might have named Luc after him. There actually is a story as to why I did insanity but that’s another inspirational based post for another day.   

Had the beer actually worked for Chuckie V, as the officials seemed to worry it would…… then this would have been Chuckie and not Luc and our son would have an entirely new identity. But these were the days before digital cameras (1999) and I didn’t think to waste film on a beer drinking guy.   And Luc Van Lierde was better looking. Sorry!  

Onto the point of todays incessant ramblings……. As usual the Wizard provided me with terrific insight. To me… yeah I cracked. So what I cracked. Caused by: overtraining perhaps? That’s never enough for the Wizard however as he did a careful analysis of the past few weeks. The Achilles issue he is referring to is some minor tendonitis of my left Achilles, the kind of pain that’d be no problem to run through….. but since we are on a 2 week break here we figured it would be smart to rest. (remember that big push to IMFL).  

Easy to see what did you in from both the Achilles, and burn up point of view.  Take a look at the 14, 15, and 16th training block.  You moved some workouts around and ended up with back to back key days on 14 and 15, and then another solid day on 16.  No good! 

Never move things around to end up with key days in the same sport back to back.  See my recent blog post……that’s you!  You are better off missing one of the workouts.  Live and learn!  Also, don’t be afraid to ask me about a move

The blog post he is referencing is right here…… that spells Mary Eggers all over it! 

I am typically not one to move workouts around. I am not one to complain. I hate moving things around, as they are planned that way for a reason. I have been working a ton from home lately and had some schedule changes I had to roll with… I got into that silly little habit…. Well if I trade this for that and that for this, I will get my workouts and volume in and I am all set.  I looked at the the little picture and not the big picture. Even worse, I should have spoken to the wizard before I moved anything. This is why I hired him….. to help me. He wisely pointed out that I feel the need to carry the burden all on my own (such a martyr I am). I took some time and reviewed the weeks. As a big picture. I re read his blog three times.  Got it. Got it. Got it.

 I am supposed to be a coach, but I realize I have stepped too far into the role of athlete. As an athlete I too, need to take responsibility for my own training. I gave too much of it away and dind’t think about how it all fit together. Each block we review together so I do know the purpose. I need to think about that…. When I go moving things around.

  There were a few weeks I could have missed a workout. But like many of you that makes me insane. I don’t like to miss.  

Lesson learned. Loud and clear. No wonder. Good thing I learned that lesson right now.


Wednesday in Time Out

May 26, 2010

Yes, I am in time out. I guess time out is the new politically correct way of saying grounded. When I was younger my parents grounded me and didn’t hesitate to spank me when I did something wrong. The days when children respected adults and going to the principal’s office wasn’t to hang out like it is today. When I was young, the principal’s office meant one thing…. My dad was going to kill me. I think I only went once in my life. 

 I will say that triathlon “time out” is a lot different. You don’t get here by doing something wrong. You get here by pushing the edge, cracking as I like to say. Still as I am here in time out I walk that fine line of feeling like I failed and feeling like I succeeded. 

 The rest is taking effect however. Now that I have recovered from the 27 hours of LOST…..( I mean it’s a week of mourning for that…… never understood Trekkie’s until I became a LOSTIE… that’s for damn sure.). My legs are feeling better and more importantly so is my mind. 

 This and next week my instructions are to take it easy (aside from a little all out sprint effort on Saturday), get things done around the house (isn’t that what my Curt-Mudgeon husband is for?) and rest up. I have been warned that when the 20 week push starts, it starts. We drop the volume a little bit and hit the intensity. We squeeze the diet. We take a trip into the pain cave. 

 I am looking forward to it. 

The heaviness in my legs is leaving, my love for my bike is returning, and even through I am only on day five of time out, I feel the craving for the volume returning. 

In the meantime I am working my butt off on the business! Our Train-This team uniforms came in…. here are some o the pictures: 

Luc with his shirt and our new banner!


Kim modeling the trishorts and jacket!


Mike in tri shorts and jacket!


Solevig, Alexa, Gretchen and Joe at the Spring Classic


We are pretty delighted with how the team gear came out! And our team looks stellar in them! You will see the gang at the Fly by Night Duathlon this weekend, and in big force at the Keuka Lake Triathlon next weekend! In fact we will have a little tent set up, please stop on by and say hi! 

Until then, I am in time out! Well, at least till Saturday! 

I stole the following from Alexa’s blog….. HILARIOUS!