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New Year

December 31, 2010

Before we begin……

  • This morning at 11:00am, I will be teaching a special New Year’s Eve Power Vinyasa Yoga class at Breathe. What’s better than 90 degrees? 90 degrees of yoga ona  tropical 40 degree day in January with your favorite yogis!!!!
  • It’s webinar time! WOO HOO! Don’t forget this Sunday night at 8pm is webinar #1 of our 2011 series. We have partnered with our friends at Score-This to bring you this entire series! They are free, come to one, come to them all! If you have sent is an email, we have it, and we will send you the invite on Jan 1st! Hooray! Click here for that information!

Ahhhh. I am finishing up my first recovery week of block I of the 2011 season. And it hasn’t even turned 2011 yet! I don’t fight recovery weeks. I have been at this long enough to know to cherish them and that this is where the works gets absorbed. you stir the batter for a few weeks and then you bake the cake. Rest week is where the cake gets baked. Where the cement between the bricks solidifies. Next week you begin the next layer of the foundation of the season.

Training is slightly different this season. Rather than the 2 cycles we endured last season, this season we will do three sorter ones. A little more racing, a less longer season….. 9 months as opposed to almost 12 last season….. and a little more intensity earlier. I have already begun some tempo efforts on the run, and they feel terrific. Now that I am actually training in my HR zones as I should have been last season 🙂  everything feels easy.

I have never gotten anywhere by training too hard. I have thrown my bike across the lawn though.

On Saturday I have my running test: 4 X 1 mile repeats on the track with 90 seconds rest in between. The weather should be about 50 degrees and I will have one of my athletes the one and only Turbeau Curbeau to run with behind! Here is a great article by the Wizard on just how aerobic our sport really is.

Swimming is going really well. Right now I am in the pool about 4 days a week with a max of 45 minutes, as we are working hard on biomechanics. I love the way my stroke feels now, I can feel increased power with less effort. I don’t mind slowing down right now at all, I know my speed is there, from the 10:08 800 yarder a few weeks ago.

In addition I am in the weight room hitting those plates very hard, good strength training article from the Wizard (who is 34 years old I think) right here. The bike….. going very well. My new position is incredible. I have a hard time getting off the bike, because I am so darn comfortable.

That’s all in the boring land of training right now. Boring is good, boring is fine for this time of the season. I am just laying the bricks, one level at a time.

As I look back on 2010….. wow. A wonderful year. In terms of family, personal life, the business, everything. I would like to personally thank each and every one of you who stops by for a read each day. Because you stop by, we publish just about every day. (Who is we? Me and the mouse in my pocket) Have a training question? Shoot me an email at maryeggers “at” gmail “dot” com and I will be sure to get that answered in upcoming days.

I would also like to thank all of the incredible athletes I had the opportunity to work with in 2010. You guys are the ones who teach me, and I am very honored to share in your multisport journey. Thank you for choosing Train-This, and thank you for sharing in our values of building community. Thanks also to the amazing coaches I get to work with here at Train-This: Jackie, Kelly, Kristen and you won’t believe this, we have another one coming. You are all absolutely amazing. I began this business in 2004 with no idea how this would go. With over 50 athletes on our rosters, a 100% Ironman finishing rate…… and a future that looks incredibly bright….. wait till you see what we have coming….. I thank you. Train-This is what it is because of all of you.

If I had to pick a favorite moment from life in 2010, it would be the video shown below. So many of you were there to share this with us, so many of us became friends because of the Lose the Training Wheels Camp….. and I coud not be more grateful and proud. Thank you! Thank you to Matt Hampton for making this possible, to Nikki H. and Cory for your amazing instruction,  and thank you to Angie L. for pointing me in this direction. Many of you understand how life changing this was for us. If not, search through our archives as we detailed the whole week!


Nutrition made even easier

December 30, 2010

Thanks so much for the emails yesterday, I am delighted that yesterday’s nutrition post resonated with so many of you. This morning I thought I would continue on this topic in hopes of answering many of the questions y’all had yesterday.

Don’t forget our webinars, they begin this weekend!!!!! Click here for details!

And before I forget, my friend Steve sent me this message regarding the benefits of eggs (and you know I love me my eggs, it’s MY NAME!!!!) :

 Eggs have gotten a bad rap, they are not high in cholesterol. I mean they are, but it isn’t harmful to our bodies. More and more medical research is appearing that concludes that dietary cholesterol does not cause serum cholesterol levels to go up. It is saturated fat that causes a spike in serum cholesterol levels. It’s not the eggs but the bacon and sausage that we eat them with. So here I am, 41 years old and now I help manage the largest egg producing poultry farm in the state and the 38th largest in the country. I eat tons of eggs, about 25 per week. A few months ago I went in for a physical and I have to admit that I was a little nervous about what my cholesterol levels would be. Turns out my total is in the 150’s and it is only that high because my good cholesterol is through the roof.. Long story short…eat eggs, they’re good for you:).

THANKS STEVE! Now onto today’s big time fun!

First of all, definitely visit The Core Diet Website. Yes, you can use their services if you are not one of their athletes, if you are an athlete of a different sport, and even if you are just looking to improve your nutrition. If you are an athlete you will want to not only get a personalized plan, but you will want a race fueling plan as well. I absolutely believe it is money worth spending. athletes will pay $300 for a pair of cycling shoes but not nutrition, because they think they know what they should be doing.

Do you? Good. Then do it. Using the Core Diet won’t give you someone to be accountable to. you are still accountable to yourself. To me it was worth it because I understand my body composition, I understand what I need to fuel my body for every day living and for training and competition. It’s worth it.

I am not paid  by QT2 / The Core Diet. I use their coaching and I use their nutrition services. If I didn’t believe in it, I wouldn’t use it. If you have known me since 2005 when I began to really get into an overtraining, illness, injury cycle then I am your proof. Look at my health now as opposed to then. If not, take my word for it. sure, much of that was beyond plain nutrition but QT2 and The Core Diet have brought me not only back to health but to an entire new platform.

So consider it.

Like I said yesterday, good nutrition is easy. You spend time planning your workouts and season, spend time each week planning your nutrition. Some days I flow through and make the choices I need to make, other times I start the day with a menu. When I do have a menu I most likely deviate from it yet stay within the blueprint.

Here are some of my favorite easy nutrition things…..

Dried Blueberries. “Crunchies” are sold at Wegman’s around here. These are a great thing to have at the office, and once you pop em, you can’t stop. Nothing else but dried blueberries!

This is Tuna, lemon pepper tuna in foil packages, again a really great protein source to have at the office, in the car, they are portable and spoil proof!

Below is a Greek Turkey Burger: ground turkey + spinach + feta cheese. You can either make it.. or Wegman’s sells them like this ready to go! Pop it on your mini George Foreman and voila! Mid afternoon snack, nuke some broccoli and that’s what I like to eat around 2:30pm!

OOPS…. I mean THIS is the turkey burger:

What oh what would we do without Wegmans? Quick and easy steamed asparagus is shown on the left in this photo, microwave it right in the bag! across from that is a small pack of celery, perfect to drop into the lunch bag. Above that, the nifty pre sliced apple slices if you are JUST too busy to cut an apple, above that three small containers containing onions, tomatoes and some of that celery. I spend 30 min chopping on Sunday, pack it up in these little guys and then I have a salad bar all week long!

Lastly…. here is the kind of Whey Protein that I personally like to use. It’s a good price, is a good source of branched chain amino acids and tastes GREAT!

See? It can be this easy! Life is complicated, don’t make your nutrition be!


Nutrition made easier

December 29, 2010

Don’t forget about our 2011 Train-This / Score-This Multisport Webinar series! Our first webinar is this Sunday at 8pm EST. It’s free, will run about 30 minutes and this week we will outline multisport;  distances, USAT membership, and more! Please click here for more information and to register!

I am quite passionate about nutrition since working with The Wizard and QT2. Mostly because ever since I have been eating in the Core…. it’s like I have put my body back together on a molecular level. I almost hate to call it The Core Diet because that insinuates that it’s a diet. To me the core Diet is really living in the Core, a way of eating. It’s not very complicated, in fact it’s rather simple. Since I have bought into this way of eating I am sick less, and feel better at age 36 than I have ever felt.

What’s amazing….. and this will sound so simple….. is that we tend to feel as we eat.

If your diet consists of Twinkies…… you will feel like that.

If your diet consists of high carbohydrate foods all day long….. be prepared to ride the rollercoaster all day long.

Exist on a diet of fruits, vegetables and quality grains…. wow. You will feel good all day long.

I am not a proponent of cutting out the good stuff. I say if you are going to eat some cookies eat some cookies. Enjoy them. But don’t skip lunch over it. Don’t make it the only thing you eat in the evening. Especially if you are an athlete. As an athlete….. when we train we create tiny microtears in our muscles. It’s when the muscles heal they become stronger…. they heal through rest (SLEEP) and having the proper ingredients to heal with. From FOOD.

admittedly I was not a big fruit and vegetable eater until the Core. Look at my background: swimmer (meaning pasta and bagel lifestyle) and Bulimic. Bulimics don’t throw up salads people. High carb foods is what we toss. So I didn’t have a wide palate of fruits and veggies like my husband does. In fact the second thing he said to the Wizard when he met him, was that he was so happy to finally see that palate widen.

What was the first thing he said to the Wizard? Dude how old are you? You look 20!  Nice. I know.

Because people crave a plan, they came up with a plan. Some ground rules so to speak. Here are a few:

1. Eat four fruits a day: Fruits are very easy to get in. A banana in your whey protein in the am, an apple with lunch. How about some mango, blueberries and raspberries in a smoothie midafternoon? More than four!

2. Eat four vegetables a day: This can be a more difficult one, fruit is a little more portable and requires less prep time. How about 2 cups of lettuce as a salad, 2 down. How about some cabbage, onions, tomatoes on top? Depending on how much you use that could take care of all four right there. How about some steamed broccoli for dinner? Bam. There you go.

3. Drink 1/2 your body weight in kg in ounces of water per day. There is plenty of research to show that 8 glasses of water a day, or even this rule doesn’t matter….. and truthfully I don’t think it matters. I do think we walk around on the dehydrated side, so this formula gives us something to aim for. Can’t hurt us, can it? Carry around a Nalgeine bottle, it makes it so easy.

4. Choose foods low on the Glycemic Index: Aim for 55 and under. WHY? The idea is to stabilize blood sugar throughout the day. Think of a high carb food and the effect it has on your blood sugar, take a cookie for example. You skip lunch and eat a cookie. You skyrocket your blood sugar. Not too long later you crash, it’s 2pm and you are flat. You grab coffee and another cookie, because you don’t have time for lunch (or so you think) and you spike it again. You could have made a better choice and had something as easy as Greek Yogurt with an apple, which would have done more to hold you steady through the afternoon. A little fruit and protein will go a long way. By checking your food on the Glycemic index and remaining below 55, you have a good chance of keeping yourself nice and stable all day. That’s not to say don’t have your cookie, but with the yogurt and fruit, you won’t crash so hard afterwards.

5. Protein with every meal: This is definitely a rule I have to work at sticking to. Remember my background? Protein is key for repairing muscles, and it also helps you have a feeling of being full, among more important benefits. I begin each day with a Whey Protein Shake ( + banana + scoop of peanut butter). I usually have an egg or two post workout and before work (I am lucky to have great cholesterol, be careful with lots of eggs). Each time I have something to eat I have protein with it. Greek yogurt, apple and string cheese, salad with chicken, you get the idea. Protein also helps balance out that high carb stuff, so eat some Greek Yogurt with that cookie!

6. Eat something every 2-3 hours: This might be the most important rule. Keep your blood sugar / energy levels stable by giving the body fuel to burn at a constant interval all day long.

There are a few more rules / tips, but for now….. see if you can incorporate these six into your life. Do it for two days and tell me you don’t feel better. I will never ever buy the excuse that someone does not have time to eat well. We have time to train and plan a season, why would you not invest a smaller amount of time in your health to support that training. Wegmans even sells apples that are pre sliced. You don’t even have to cut it! The I don’t have time excuse…. it’s an old and poor one.

There is always time to take care of yourself.

Here are some resources I like for nutrition, do some reading, see what fits you and your life, and happy eating!

The Core Diet

Nutritional Notes from our pal Chuckie V

Paleo Diet


Some assembly required

December 28, 2010

There are two classes that I neglected to take in college that would have helped me more than any other piece of my higher education. More than physics, more than underwater basket weaving, more than the 10K of yards I swam daily throughout my life. Two classes.

Lego building

General toy assembly

 I have been wrestling with a &$#^% Buzz Lightyear (Ultimate Buzz Lightyear) for the better part of a day now. I can’t get this thing’s wings to deploy. And I am even using words like deploy in regards to Buzz Lightyear. I have googled, asked now, yahoo searched, turned to FaceBook (where I actually get 99.9% of my advice, which is actually great advice). We pressed every single button, pulled, twisted, shook, bounced and still these damn wings will not deploy.

That wasn’t even the beginning of the struggle. Nothing says why the hell did I buy this more clearly than this:  as an aside……….My husband believes that this particular model (He was not cheap, let’s just leave it at that) wings don’t deploy.

For what I paid for this damn thing he’d better fly around the world with me on his back.

Seriously….. why on earth does he need to be so secure in his package (don’t answer that). Is he actually going to come to life when the lights shut off in the store and you need to prevent him from running around Target with his friends all night? Do you think this will actually prevent someone from stealing this? I am no expert but I am pretty certain that when someone sets their mind on stealing something, they will get it no matter what you do to prevent it.

When you buy a television they give you a 250 page book to accompany it. When you become a parent they wave goodbye and say “Good luck” as you exit the hospital.

What they really need to let you know is that upon the birth of your baby your life has become “Some assembly required”. In your hospital brand diaper bag should be a Phillips screwdriver, one of those small ones because now every time you ever have to change a battery in anything….. you will need it. one that clips to your pants would be ideal please.

You should also be given a lifetime supply of AA batteries or at least a starter set of rechargeable ones. My aunt used to have a part-time job at Target where she lived, she worked in the photo department. Each time someone brought in a  disposable camera for development there was an AA battery in it. She saved them all and each Christmas for several years she’d bring us the AA batteries she’d been saving for a year.

SAVED.ME. SAVED.ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The third and possibly most important thing they should equip you with is some sort of wire cutters to cut the irritating twist tie things made of freaking steel as shown in our first exhibit today. Because what the hell are those things about? Again, bolting down a toy…. WHY?????

Because on Christmas Eve when you are trying to assemble things to be ready for the morning…… you realize at crazy o’clock late that your mom’s singer shears aren’t going to cut it. Or she’ll kill you for using them. Because Walgreens…… is not open.

When we have our children we expect that they will need diapers. That we will need clothes, blankets, binkys, special props, special bolsters, special seats, cribs, swings. What we don’t expect is that to build a toy train you will need to keep track of 550+ interlocking pieces and not only need a degree in physics, but a pHd in structural engineering as well.

At some point you may find yourself watching a talking sponge under the sea. You may see a show called Bing and Bong and not think a thing about it. You will build, disassemble and rebuild. You will be able to calculate the rate of falling ice cream to white shirt before the cone is ever in his hands. You may spend $6 on three colored rubber bands that are shaped like shoes when they are not on the wrist. You will spend an entire afternoon inspecting and searching the internet for exactly how do these wings pop the hell up information. Because you will not lose to Buzz Lightyear.

You may find yourself in a store stuffing your own bear and then choosing shoes for that bear.

You will likely go several years before ever seeing a movie that does not involve 3D glasses, talking animals, or cartoon characters. Is Harrison Ford is still alive?

It’s not about the things you expect that make being a parent so amazing. It’s the things you least expect that cause you to relish in the news that you will be that parent. The smile through tears. The surprise on Christmas morning. The getting back up when learning to walk. The giggling over senseless things, the viewing life form a whole different viewpoint thing.

Those quiet moments when they give you a hug and say I love you. For no reason at all.

It makes it all worth it. Times a million.

I might now have a spanish speaking and dancing Buzz Lightyear whose wings i can’t seem to deploy……. but what I have is something more to laugh over. and that’s worth every metal twist tie in the world.

And sadly….. because you are just dying to laugh even harder over this miracle toy, today you will be willing to call Bangla-freasking-desh to chat with someone about how to get these wings to deploy. However will you all sleep???



December 26, 2010

We had a beautiful Christmas. absolutely beautiful. One of my favorites ever. My sister lives in Paris, she and her husband were here last month…… the only thing that would have made it better would have been if they had been there. We spent the morning at home, visited with Curt’s mother and then shuffled off the Buffalo to spend the day with my parents.

Much of the afternoon was spent assembling a Lego train set.

Grandfather and Grandson hard at work.

Curt, Luc and Grandad

It’s funny, all of the years I spent in their home…. which was my home…. were filled with so much torment. Not because of them, I couldn’t have asked for better parents. They were always there, even when time and time again I pushed them away. They were always there for me. They never turned their back, even when they probably should have. Throughout my eating disorder they would do whatever they could, whatever would help….. it was really too bad I outright refused help.

They stood by me when my life fell apart a few times. A few dozen times through all of that. I remember one day, at the bottom of the barrel, the lowest point of my entire life…. laying on the couch in the family room. Watching TV ona  Saturday afternoon with my Dad.

He would often just say nothing. Everything had been dissected. I was home from the hospital for some reason related to my twisted eating disorder, recovering….. again. I distinctly remember feeling so supported. And it was then, right then and there that I made the decision to get up and change my life.

You think I am the way I am by accident? You think I found yoga because I wanted to sit atop a mountain and meditate? I found yoga because I didn’t believe in anything, least of all myself. I found yoga because I had nowhere else to go. I found yoga because …. I don’t even know. I do know it led me out of some very difficult places. Some people ask me how it is that I “have my life together…” I don’t. No one does. We are all a work in progress. I just learned some horribly difficult life lessons at very early ages. I am no different from anyone else. I have been there, done that and just like you….. I got myself back on my feet. A few times over. When something comes up, because it happens in life, we will go through the process again.

But something happened to me when I stepped on my mat for the first time. I didn’t have to think, dissect, try to figure out why, align a behavior with a buried theory or something from my childhood. I was just a plain old f*cked up girl who had run out of places to ruin herself. On my mat it didn’t matter why. I could finally just not think. It wasn’t not thinking to run away from, it was not thinking…. to run towards. I learned how to feel. It was like a spark was lit and slowly became a small flame, and now it burns bright within me.

My husband gave me a beautiful necklace for Christmas…….

Karma: What goes around, comes around

I am a believer in karma. I am a believer in chakras. I rarely talk about that kind of stuff, I don’t spew it when I teach yoga. It’s there for you if you want it. But I found healing in this stuff. It taught me how to believe in something bigger than myself. It taught me to have faith again. As strange as it sounds…. it is what helped me find my way. I needed something to believe in, so I believed in what was around me. 

My mother gave me a jewelry box for Christmas. It might be my favorite gift. Believe it or not I have a lot of jewelry. Most of it is fimo triathlon symbols on leather straps, seashell necklaces, and rings made out of wood that we got in Hawaii. They aren’t fancy pieces but they hold incredible memories for me. And for my husband. I now have a jewelry box of pendants, gems and seashells that are worth next to nothing in cents….. that are absolutely priceless in what they mean to me. Along the way of my life random people have handed me things when I needed them most, allowing the continuous flow of the circle of karma to keep on going.

I don’t typically wear a lot of jewelry…. mostly because when you work in a hospital you can’t, and spend the other half of your time sweating, it isn’t practical. Lately with my new position I have been pulling it out. My grandmother’s necklace. The wooden ring from Hawaii. The necklace from New Orleans that four of us share.

These pieces as I said….. they hold a story. There is a reason I hold them close, there is a reason I keep them near. There is even a reason my wedding ring and my engagement not only don’t match, but are not even of the same metal. But that’s our story, our reasons. Our memories.

My mother gave me a place to hold those memories and stories. They’ve been hanging on hooks and residing in mugs for years. every girl should have a treasure chest of sorts. I don’t yet have a daughter to pass this down to, and if I never do I have a son who will hold these memories for me when I am gone.

Right now in my life believe me I am holding on and holding on tight. It took me a very long time and a lot of work to get to this moment. It’s not that when we arrive here that we stop and say ah-ha…… and we no longer have to do anything. We cherish it, hold it tight, and we keep on striving to live our life the right way.

I feel bad for those who strive to live the perfect life. Perfection isn’t real and all that teaches you is that you fall short. Those who strive for perfection are never truly happy. They are always reaching for perfection and miss right over the perfection of imperfection. Besides…….there is only one being who is perfect, and his birthday was yesterday.

For me rather than looking for perfection…. because it’s impossible…. I try to live a life guided by faith, karma, spirit. It’s my own way, I created it myself. Right now it’s the right way for me to live.  I don’t live so people talk about what I do as being good….. whether it’s work or life…… I live so that when I look in the mirror I am comfortable with the company I keep. And I am.

Life will never be wrapped up in a neat little bow just sitting pretty on the shelf. The lessons we learn along the way prepare us for what is to come, and prepare us to teach our children what this world is about. We keep the circle going, around and around and around.

Merry Christmas everyone.


“Mary” Christmas!

December 25, 2010

At the end of every yoga class I teach, while students are still in savasana I read a passage from a book. My book is old and tattered, held together by rubber bands. If someone asks me for a reading and we don’t have a copier available, I tear it out of the book and give it to them.

The other night at the candlelight yoga class I turned to dec 25th, as the book goes in order of days. I had torn it out and given it to someone.

My dear friend Sister Rosemary (the running nun) sent it to me. It’s perfect for Christmas Day. So I shall pass it along….. thank you Sr. Rosemary…… and at the end of today’s post a little video of Luc ready for Christmas Eve!

Remember Faith
There is a church in New Mexico where the ground is said to be holy, sacred, healing.  As I sat in a pew in that church, I was amazed at the numbers that flock there.  I watched one many carry in his sick wife, a woman so ill she couldn’t walk or stand by herself.  They came to pray, to touch the holy ground.  They came for a miracle.  I sat, watching and listening, in awe of the tremendous power of faith.
Many things in life test us, strain us, deplete us, and sometimes leave us without hope.  Yet, there is a place in us where the ground is sacred and holy.  That place in us is called faith.
Remember faith.  It’s important.  Without it, life is dull, useless, and joyless.  We may have moments when we say, What’s the use?  Nothing will help.  We may go through times when we’re angry at God and don’t want to believe anymore.  But faith has the power to transform us.  Faith can instill you, bring peace, and restore a sense of acceptance and fulfillment in our lives.
Faith is a simple place, but it is also a place of profound power.  Faith can turn our lives around.  Faith may not bring us the miracle we want, but it will always bring us the miracle we need.  Cultivate faith, touch it, hold it in your hand.
In the back room of the Sanctuario de Chimayo is the ground that’s said to be holy and healing.  Visitors are invited to take some with them.  I scooped up a portion, just a tiny bit, placed it in a small plastic bag, and put it in my Jeep.
Faith.  You don’t need much.
A little bit goes a long, long way.


T’Was the night before Christmas

December 24, 2010

This morning between 9 and noon I will be out powershopping. Yes. Powershopping. I save it all until today. I don’t mess around. I am in, I am out. Just me and my list.

Me and all the husbands in Rochester.

It’s not that I procrastinate, this is annual for me. I like Christmas Eve. I don’t wander and wonder what to buy….. I beeline. I have a plan and I execute it, at the same time relishing in the spirit of the season. I take my time, listen, smile, and shop shop shop.

Trust me, Luc has been spoiled already. His entire class was given Build a Bears (all eight kids! Our classes are small! YAY!). His teachers buy real gifts for the kids, and the kids save their “Bird Bucks”….. dollars they earn throughout the season so buy mom and dad gifts at the school gift shop.

Here is what Luc got me

He said to ask the Wizard if it fit into my program.


From my family to yours, please have the Merriest Christmas ever. We will talk again on Monday. Until then, here is a beautiful song that captures what so many of us feel this time of the season….. how do you measure a year…..