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Fly by Night Duathlon Race Report

May 30, 2011

This past weekend was the 7th annual Fly By Night Duathlon, held at the Watkins Glenn International Speedway.  If you have ever played with matchbox cars, boy or girl…… you develop this secret dream of racing on a racetrack. As a kid my father took us to the Daytona 500 and as loud as it was….. I was intrigued. Here these guys could go as fast as they wanted to. Zoom!!!!

My good friend Jeff Henderson came to town in 2004…. came back to town I should say, he is from Geneva……. and brought us the Musselman 1/2 Ironman. Then he backed up that spectacular race with this unique formula 1 style event…. on a race track of all places.

Now a bunch of grownups could live out their childhood dreams.

My husband races this annually, and a few weeks ago I was finalizing my race and announcing schedule. I shot him an email and asked him if he needed a race announcer. Luckily he did, and I got to have the unique opportunity to announce at a race track!

The format was this: run 1.8 ish miles / bike 10 / run 1.8 / bike 10 / run 1.8. Check out the results here.

It was a star-studded field if you ask me, headlined by the one and only Travis Kuhl. We met Travis ten years ago and like I mentioned previously, one of the guys in sport that I respect most.

While Travis was the headliner for the men, Laura Kline was the favorite for the women. Laura has enjoyed a lengthy career of all distances; triathlon, duathlon, running.

The rest of the field was full of speedsters…. 27 year old  Adam Forgione  from Pennsylvania was 4th in the World as a junior duathlete.  Erica Ruge of the Bikeway Team was in the mix as well as local favorite Kristie Mallory, who just took top honors at the Spring Classic one week ago.

Other notables in the field were multi time national champ Curt Eggers (That name sounds familiar), bronze medalist at world’s Tom Dutton. The man who really got me into this sport Warren Elvers (another decorated national caliber duathlete), Jim Roche, the legend of all legends Dirk Elliot.

I met an incredible group of athletes from Rogue Racing, hailing from Horseheads…. I kept screwing their name up. I think I called them everything but Rogue Racing (you get a little air dunk up there!). Nice Tri had a team, The Broome County Triathlon Team, The Rochester Moms in Motion, The Ithaca Triathlon Club, Buffalo Triathlon Club, Rochester Area Triathletes, TriVault and of course we have four athletes competing from Train-This. Three of mine and one of my co-coaches.

When you see your own athletes racing in your team kit it’s one thing. When someone you don’t quite know (but I actually do know her 🙂 is in it it’s an even cooler feeling.

The course this year was different, which I found to be a bit frustrating. One of my athletes, Kristin had done this race last year and I was hoping to compare times. But that’s the beauty of Jeff  Henderson…. he mixes it up. The bike was clockwise this year and the run course was changed (and a touch longer) because of seriously high grass.

Nonetheless at 6:15pm, the race began! It was nighttime, on the Watkins Glenn track. Does it get any better than that!!!!

After the first run to bike transition…. things became difficult to track from an announcer perspective. I knew to look for Travis, and Adam’s father pointed him out to me…… then teeny tiny Laura Kline slipped right on through without me even noticing!

In a race like this there really is no pacing. It’s red line from wire to wire. And that’s what Travis did as he took out the first run in 10:20  which was around a 5:54 per mile pace. Adam was not far behind coming in at 11:13, a strong 6:25 pace. Taking the first bike section in 25:57, Adam followed up with his initial three laps of the bike with a 27:34. When Adam came in from his second bike, he had probably the most impressive dismount I have ever seen. After he dismounted he caught my eye because he was holding his bike by the seat post and it was waaaay up in the air!!!!

As Travis came down the finisher’s chute he stopped and took the hands of his two beautiful children, and I was able to grab a post race interview with him.

“The team guys had me worried.” He admitted with a laugh, “I couldn’t really tell who was who out there, I was just hoping that I wasn’t going to have to work any harder!” This was Travis’ 6th victory at the Fly By Night. Head’s up to all who come out next year…… Travis’ sister will be getting married on this weekend. That top spot will be wide open!

Adam finished up strong with a second place and hot on his heels was Tim Adrus.

The beautiful thing about our sport is that age means nothing, there was some really amazing 50 year olds in the top five….. my husband would have been in that top ten group…. had he not ridden an extra lap on the bike.

Three laps. One two three. Good one Eggers. This isn’t the first time this sort of thing has happened!

On the ladies side Laura Kline set the stage for the night with a set of super consistent splits…… 12:03  first run and 29:43 first bike set her a few minutes up on Erica Ruge who nailed her first splits with a 13:05 and a 30:35. Third place Nira Kovakofski wasn’t far behind and nailed very even splits as well.

At her post race interview Laura laughed when I asked her what went through her head today “I didn’t really think about anything!” , sign of a girl in the zone “I just tried to get out there and stay out in front”, and that she sure did. Up next for Laura…. Boilermaker.

On our team we had a very stellar performance by Greg Hoorocks, who was neck  and neck with Curt until Curt lost count of his laps. This Ironman lake Placid athlete put a stamp on the top ten with three solid runs and some 27 minute bike splits, that’s with dropping a chain!!! Kristin Mullally was just seconds out of third  as a porta potty stopped robbed her of 2 minutes!!! Our ever consistent Richard Adams enjoyed another set of really consistent splits and Coach Jackie’s athlete Donna backed up a pretty tough training week looking unbelievably fresh as she came storming through the finish line.

Whew. I had an absolute blast announcing. Thanks to Andy Schachat who has been an amazing mentor to me. He is truly the man on the New England Scene. He’s taught me so much! Thanks to Jeff Henderson as always for allowing me to just storm my way into events like this, and for putting on such an awesome race in the coolest ever venue!

And thanks to all of you for stopping by to give me competitor stats, helping me with pronunciation, etc!

We have a giant week on tap for the Train-This athletes! You will see us at Keuka, Pittsford, Honu 70.3, a 5K in Iowa and three of our peeps will be heading over to Rev 3 Quassy!


The Friday Fun

May 27, 2011

Ahhh, Friday! It’s been a bit of a crazy week for me. Wednesday and Thursday I was sick… low grade sick. Fever, migraine, just not feeling good at all. It definitely impacted training this week, yet I know from too many years of pushing through that rest is best. Funny how much wiser we get as we age! (note: I am only 37)

So here is what’s happening:

The Book: Rolling along smoothly. I am touched and astounded at the emails I have received about it. In support. I have proofreaders, spellcheckers and I won’t say it now but I do believe this thing will be published. The trick to writing something like this is not to rush it. I am allowing it to just come. Force writing and it won’t be sincere, it will be forced.

Lake Placid: Two of my athletes and several of our alumni athletes are headed to Lake Placid this weekend for a camp. I am so excited. I love when athletes go do things like this together, I love bonding!

Fly By Night Duathlon: I get to announce at a race track this weekend!!!! Today I will be busy creating your race playlist, downloading the entrant lists into my little race announcer software, and getting ready. Three of my athletes are racing, several of our other TT coaches’ athletes are racing, and then there are the legends. My husband, Warren Elvers, Dirk Elliot, Tom Dutton and Travis Kuhl will be racing. I lump Travis and myself into the legends category often because (we are the same age, we are not old!) we were just little whipper snappers when Curt, Warren, Dirk and Tom were in their heyday. We have all been around forever. It will be cool to see these guys out racing together and it will be even more cool to be announcing them!

Travis …. he’s one of the athletes I respect most in this world. We met him in 1998 I think, at Age Group World Champs in Montreal. Between then and now he went on to a stint as a professional triathlete….. breaking the four hour mark at Eagleman 70.3 and several other great things. He’s now married with kids and a few businesses to his name. I imagine he might squeeze out 7-8 hours a week of training these days, yet still whomps the field.

Recently I had a kid say to me…. I just want some damn respect around here….. and my thoughts turned directly to Travis. You don’t demand respect…. you command respect…. and that’s exactly why Travis is respected so much. You won’t find a more gracious competitor out there.

Eagleman: I am so excited to be heading to Eagleman 70.3 in a few weeks. I have many friends to catch up with, I get to travel and race with my husband, and I get to race! WOO HOO! Every single time my friend Jen races however…. it’s 100 degrees at it’s coldest. And of course she’s racing so it will be 110. (!!!) Nonetheless it will be excellent to catch up with friends and get out there in the heat again!

Keuka Lake: While we are on the topic of races this week, check here for some cold water swimming tips. The weather is supposed to be good-n-warm this weekend, which will hopefully help our water temps!Rich and I will begin our radio show next week, so stay tuned for that! And stay tuned here, I will recap all the races I announce this summer!


 I am trying to come up with some sort of contest between our Train-This athletes and the gang over at Nice Tri. I would love it could have something to do with this man’s magnificent hair:

We will have to think on it for the next week. And what the prize will be. Tick tock. Think think.

I am not worried at all about the water temp. I will be snuggly warm in my announcer’s tent sipping Tom Horton’s coffee and highlighting all you fabulous athletes.

Besides…. I swim here:

Summer Clinics:  I have some summer clinics happening this summer, please click here to see what they are (more to come!)

Have a terrific and safe weekend!



May 26, 2011

My heart was absolutely pounding for him. It was the annual spring concert, and a concert at our school is a little but different from a concert at a general education school. This is a not only to these kids but to the parents of these kids. It’s not easy for them to get up on that stage in an auditorium.

Sometimes…. on the difficult days I wonder if anything will ever be easy for these kids. Or for Luc.

for the first time ever, Luc had a solo. His class was singing “I Gotta Feeling!” by the Black Eyed Peas. Now not to sound like I don’t believe in my child, but Luc doesn’t quite carry a tune. One of his friends in the same chorus has a magnificent voice, the kid is gifted and usually gets the solo. Like I said this school is different. His friend graciously gave Luc a turn at the solo and Luc was more excited than I can describe. His solo was the “rap solo”.

This concert is such a big deal to Luc that he wears a shirt and tie (and so does his little buddy). The music therapists and teachers do an incredible job with all of them. What they are teaching them is so much more than standing on stage and singing a song. They are teaching them and encouraging them to be confident young men and women.

Here is one of the videos from the concert, I shot it with my phone as my flip batteries died.  Luc is in the white shirt and tie.(I am going to try to get the solo video up today!)

Of course they are adorable. Of course they are amazing. Of course we screamed and cheered. The cold hard reality of it though….. put this group into a general education setting and there would have been snickers from the audience. Some kids would have made fun of this group. Let’s be real.

That’s the part that hurts. We have one more year in this magnificent school, and then things change. We either go back to the school district into a special education classroom run by our current school…. or I pull a miracle and get him into the Norman Howard School. It takes a literal miracle to get the school district to send him there.

But…. I have some experience being the underdog. I have some experience with never giving up. I have some experience with fighting the fight.

So a miracle is what I will aim for.

Having a special education classroom in a general education setting is the way school districts make some cash. Do you know how much money each special ed student brings them? A good chunk. They don’t always get to interact with general education kids. In fact when Luc was in kindergarten….. the district had a giant kindergarten picnic. The special ed kids weren’t invited.

Chorus? Oh no. Not an option.

Sometimes they get to go to specials with “the regular kids”. remember when the special ed kids came to your specials? They were different. They were singled out.

What I love about Luc’s school right now…. there is no division. There is no separation. It’s one big school. Many kids have 1:1 aides. Some have trouble walking.

But there is just something about this place and those who work there that sets it miles above the rest. They allow these kids to be kids. They treat them not as if they are different, they just treat them like kids.

Once back in the school district Luc’s teacher made a statement in class. Luc slammed his hand down on the desk. She called the “crisis team” immediately, and evacuated the classroom. This gave way to Luc getting in school suspension, sitting in the principal’s office, etc etc etc.

Do you know why he slammed his hand down on the desk? Because she said the world was round and he was thinking….. WHAT? NO WAY!!!!! REALLY??????? Not that he should be slamming his hand ona  desk, but how about take a new york minute to understand why. Evacuate the classroom….. call the crisis team? When the crisis team is called teachers come running.

So you are an 8 year old kid who is so excited to learn the world is round. Then the teacher flips out and evacuates the classroom and five adults come storming in.

That’s the way to handle it. Atta girl.

He did he same thing…. exact same thing…… exact same lesson…. in his new school. His teacher paused and asked Luc if he was ok. She told me that he said to her….. “Are you serious? The world is really round???” and it gave birth to a great learning lesson.

See the difference? One side controls.. or tries to….. and the other side uses it to further the experience.

Now why on god’s green earth would I want to put him back into the school system that caused him so much trauma. To be honest at the time I didn’t even know about our new school. That’s where the really bad kids went I was told. Your school district will convince you that there is something so seriously wrong and dangerous with your child. They need to be drugged, they need a 1:1 aide. When will the restraints come???? You will spend hours in the principal’s office listening to her spew off on what she doesn’t even understand or know about. She knew about control. She knew jack about special ed. The image of her school was her main concern. Trust me on that one. It’s what she said to me.

I will never forget the day we walked into our new school, the school for the bad kids. I will never forget the first day of school there. I will never forget picking up Luc and and him relaying to me that he…. gasp….had a good day at school. There were no multiple calls from the principal. There were no pink slips coming home.

What was the difference???? The difference is that instead os separation, there is real and true integration. That does not exist…. no matter what they try to tell you….. it does not exist in general ed.

So put this kid in a  general education setting. Yeah, there would have been great laughter coming from the audience. That’s coming. Luc is different. He’s so high functioning that the comments I get are “He’s just a little off.”

Thank God, I think. Thanks God he is “just a little bit off.” Because he’s taught us what is really important in life. And that’s love. That’s having faith. That’s sticking together as a family.

When he got up there and rapped out his little solo, his voice was flat, he missed a word or two. Instead of snickers and laughter from the audience…. he practically got a damn standing ovation from the audience. Suprise was all over his face and the biggest smile grew across it. As if he was saying…. wow!

That’s what we all said.


Cold water swimming

May 25, 2011

Click here for this summer’s free clinics with me!

The coldest water I have ever swam in was 48 degrees. I did it without a wetsuit. I was much younger and in those days, I never wore a wetsuit. Swimmers are generally against them, until they wear one. In those days they weren’t made as well as they are today either. (It was only 12 years ago!!!)

With our crazy spring season the lakes around here have not quite warmed all the way up yet, and next weekend we have the Keuka Lake Triathlon on tap. If you are registered you received the email that there is a possibility that the swim will be shortened if the water stays where it’s at right now, which I believe is about 52 degrees. Check the website for more specific information.

I am your race announcer that morning…. so all you have to do is listen. The very moment I get the information on exactly what will happen with the swim, I will immediately relay it to you. Rich takes safety more seriously than anyone I know, and he will be very explicit in his instructions.

With that being said….. what do you do when the swim is a little bit colder than normal?

1. Wetsuit: If you don’t have a wetsuit, rent one. These are the following places in the Rochester Area that offer rentals (there may be more) Most of these places will also apply your rental fee to your purchase if you do buy the suit. A wetsuit is like a bike, take care of it and it will last forever. I think it’s a good investment.

2. Neoprene Cap: I have never swam in one of these, but those who have told me they make a difference. When I swam in that 48 degree water I felt like I had an ice cream headache the whole time. At all the above places you can buy a neoprene cap. Heat escapes through your head, so this could be an option for you.

3. Gloves and Booties: The race director has the discretion to allow or prohibit these. for Keuka Lake they will be allowed, but again check the website for definite information. I have never used gloves or booties but several of my athletes have. The response tends to be that these are irritating and fill with water. (Gloves can not be the webbed finger kind either!) In my opinion, someone who has difficulties with Reynaud’s might consider this option.

4. Ditch the jacket: The biggest mistake I see made every race, especially one with cold water and / or cold air…. is putting on a jacket for the bike. Five minutes into the bike I promise you will regret it. That is like biking in a plastic bag. Whatever you have on your torso, leave it. Your intensity will increase which will also raise your core temperature. Invest in a good pair of armwarmers, you can always roll them down and even slide them onto your aerobars. One of my greatest secrets for armwarmers are Hanes tube socks. They work great. Just cut open the toe.

5. Feet out of the water: On really cold days, out of the water I will have those heated pads that you can get at Wegmans. I put them in my shoes before the swim and by the time I get back my shoes are toasty warm. for me they work without socks, but I would try this out for yourself before you do it race day. Someone with Reynaud’s might find this to be helpful however I would be very cautious as you might not feel it burning your skin if you don’t wear socks. A simple pair of socks without the toe heaters can also help too.

6. Gloves on the bike: on really cold days I will use a thin pair of runners gloves, although truthfully….. the best gloves are the gardener’s gloves that you buy at the gas station. They are thin, cheap and have those grippers on them.

The most important thing to do in combating the cold….. don’t allow the worry of it consume you. Make sure you ease into the water, don’t jump in face first or you will be guaranteed to have a panic attack. Ease in. If you can get in before the start, then get in. While this is not necessarily a case of mind over matter…… 51 degrees is cold….. there is no talking yourself out of THAT…..but stay relaxed. Panicking about it won’t help. Worrying about it won’t help.

Breathe. Let the swim come to you. Relax. Nothing good ever comes out of a panic situation. And stay smooth.

Remember this: slow is smooth, smooth is fast.

Be prepared. Get a wetsuit, contact one of the above places for your needs and stay tuned to the Keuka Lake Triathlon website, and of course my lovely voice on race morning!

PS: Just becasue I loved this picture, I thought I’d share it with you (from


I believe in Lance

May 24, 2011

I believe in Lance Armstrong. That’s a controversial statement to make these days but I believe in him. I believe he is clean. I believe he did not cheat. I am willing to also be proven wrong. I live in a country that states we are innocent until proven guilty. I know there are some great websites that will talk about the specifcs, all the test results from everyone, etc. I know there is a lot more to this story than my small opinion. Here is why I have this opinion.

First of all, because I live in a country where I can have an opinion.

Set aside the positive and negative and false positive -blah-blah-blah tests. Look at the character of these athletes.

Floyd Landis. Wins the Tour de France. Tests positive, denies it. Writes a book denying it. Accepts millions of dollars in donations denying it. Speaks out… denying it. Then for whatever reason….. maybe he saw the light…… changes his story. “Comes clean.” To me Floyd Landis is good at lying, I think he proved that by all that I just previously mentioned. He denied it, he made money off of all of us denying it….. and then suddenly he’s telling the truth and suddenly he is a trustworthy source?

Sorry. fool me once shame on me. Fool me twice go to hell. I bought your damn book, do I get a refund??? I don’t believe a thing Floyd Landis says.

Tyler Hamilton. Similar story. Wins Olympic Gold. Tests positive. Twice. Denies it. Same sort of thing. Stood up in front of millions of people denying it. Accepted money….. denying it. Then suddenly…… I guess he saw the same light…… “comes clean”. Am I supposed to find it honorable that you gave back Olympic Gold? No you asshole, you cheated. YOU LIED ABOUT IT. And now you want me to consider you a trustworthy source?

You can go to hell too.

George Hincapie. Ugh. Honestly….. I don’t know what to think on his statements. I don’t want to believe him, I would like to call him a liar. But he has more integrity it seems that most of the cycling world put together. He could the the wild card for me.

Lance Armstrong. In his 20 year career has over 500 tests, passes them all as far as I understand. There is a questionable, maybe a positive in 2001…… I could be wrong, I didn’t look into it.

He states he doesn’t dope. As far as I can see he’s lived a pretty honorable life. He’s raised millions for Cancer….. I am definitely biased…. I have been directly affected by LiveStrong and I more than many people feel in my heart the importance of it.

But two proven liars saw him do it. So he’s guilty.

Which leaves me to wonder….. exactly what would it take to prove Lance is innocent. He’s passed tests. He’s tested in and out of competition. What would it take to you…… to us the every day people…..  because his results aren’t good enough, his word isn’t good enough that we are willing to make this judgement based on  two proven liars’ stories?

I will take Lance’s word. And I will admit, we don’t share a BFF necklace. All I really know about the man could be due to pure marketing. But aside from that here is what I think about cheating in general………

I think it takes a certain type of person to be a cheater. Let’s take a person who cheats on their husband or wife. They lie, they become really good at lying. To live this lie they have this feeling that they are above…. above something. I don’t know if it’s above morality, above marital vows…… but they have this deranged delusion that the rules don’t apply to them. They sneak around. They go behind their families’ backs. Bottom line….. THEY LIE!!!!!!!!!

Then, when confronted with the cold hard reality that they lied to their spouse and maybe even their children….. they will justify it to spare themselves from accepting responsibility. He was a bad husband (or wife… it goes both ways).

I think people who cheat…… cheat at everything. There’s a sense of entitlement about them they somehow the rules don’t apply to them….. somehow they are better than the rest……. when in turn it’s a really big hole within themselves that they need to fill so badly they become desperate. They are sneaky… me in the parking lot at the grocery store, my husband won’t know, then they will come home to their family and be able to act as if nothing is happening. Then you will cry that no one understands you and not to judge you. I certainly hope you would judge me if it were me.

That takes a certain level of insanity in my opinion. To be that good of a liar. Then to justify it. That’s what’s truly sad and frightening about that whole type of  situation. It’s really a fundamental issue with the person in your mirror. That speaks louder than anything.

So I think it requires a certain type of person to be a cheater in general. I think if you cheat in life, you are more likely to cheat in sport.

But back to the point…….. I don’t know Floyd, Tyler or Lance personally. Floyd and Tyler have proven themselves to be liars. To me, Lance Armstrong has not proven that. As my friend Todd pointed out….. “some nice guys dope, and some jerks don’t“. I completely agree. I don’t know if we ever will know the real truth and the real motivation behind all of this.

 I think cycling is so tainted that it doesn’t even matter anymore. To me the Tour has become…. how soon after the winner gets crowned does he get stripped????? I don’t even watch anymore.

Here is what I do know…… Lance gave me hope when I needed some hope. He gave me LiveStrong when I needed LiveStrong. Unless you have ever been in that position, unless you have been touched by Cancer in that way…. you might not understand the passion and the love many of us have for LiveStrong. Lance is LiveStrong….. he knows. He gets it. You can’t take that away from him. He’s never given me a reason to lose hope not just in the fight against Cancer, but in the underdog.

At the end of the day…. sport is truly a metaphor for how we live our lives. How you act on the field is a good representation of how you act off the field. I think if you cheat on the field…. you probably cheat off the field. If you are an asshole on the field…. you are likely an asshole off the field.

I love the discussions that this situation is bringing about. I love to debate and converse, I love to hear opinions and thoughts others have. I find it fascinating. My friend Steve commented yesterday this, which I adore: 

“Life is ledger of balance of two sides. There are never enough saints. If we set a standard that all who do good must be saints then we deny so much potential good that “might” have been done. I don’t advocate sleeping with the devil but we… all too quickly seem to toss out babies with the bath water in our sitting in judgement. Sitting in judgement is normal and sometimes required so I’m not suggesting we ignore all transgressions. Balance, balance, balance”

I don’t mind at all if others think I am nuts for my belief in Lance’s innocence.

Again……I really enjoy the discussion it has given birth to. I love a good debate. My father taught me how to do it without allowing it to be personal. The person I can’t have a friendly debate with is the one who will take personal jabs at each other and resort to arguments like…. well you are an idiot. Be an adult. Don’t take it personal…… I love to hear all sides of the story. We had a terrific discussion on FaceBook yesterday and I love learning what other people think and why.

I believe in everyone until proven otherwise, and I hope that’s what people believe for me as well. If I walk through life believing in the bad stuff…. where will that get me? believing in the good of everyone might get me a giant burn on the ass in the future, but that’s a heartbreak I am willing to make.

I once believed in Floyd Landis. I was an even bigger believer in Tyler Hamilton. I said the same things about them that I said about Lance….. I will believe in innocence until proven otherwise. I am absolutely willing to admit I am wrong. If there comes a day when Lance is proven guilty I can absolutely be wrong.

But I still choose to believe in the greater good. I can’t help it, I am an optimist.


Break the Board

May 23, 2011

I love to ride to Bristol and Naples. There is just something about riding down there that fills me up. I also love to my long rides primarily alone. What others call a long ride I typically call…. a break. On a daily basis I work with so many people in so many different capacities that training is my sanctuary. (Not that I don’t enjoy some company every now and again…)

As I ride by the Sunday morning church goers I always think to myself….. you have your church….. this is my church. This is where I find that connection to my spiritual world.

A few weeks ago when spring was just a distant thought….. the ride was brown, the ground was brown, the air was crisp and every so often you could see the flowers just beginning to peek. Yesterday it was all green. Flowers were in bloom, trees with brand new life, rabbits and squirrels running across the roads.

As I headed down towards the “mountains” of Bristol I couldn’t help but again…. feel lucky and blessed….. for more than you could ever know.

It was a terrific weekend. Our boys at the Triple T did fabulous, our combined times were roughly as follows: Matt 10:13 ish, Ken 11:38 ish, Don 12:24 ish…… if you can do that on the Triple T….. it’s looking good for Ironman Lake Placid that’s for sure. From a coaching perspective it feels good when your athletes do well. The triple T is always a tricky one, play it right and it will boost your whole season. Mess one thing up and you are in a hole you can’t dig out of. Trust me…. I have seen it. They all played it right, especially the nutrition part.

In addition, Luc earned his yellow belt this past Saturday. Here are two videos I shot from my phone and was not able to rotate, so tip your head to the left. In Taekwondo…. this particular school ou don’t get your whites until you earn your yellow belt. You can’t test for it until you’ve taken 2 sessions. Last Saturday….. Luc tried to quit the whole thing.

He didn’t know his form as shown in the first video, he’s in yellow. I made him a deal. You will learn the form, you will take the test, and then you will decide whether you quit or not. In this family we finish what we start and I don’t care if you pass or fail. I care that you try.

(tip your head left!)

He earned that yellow belt and he’s continuing.

In this video…. he breaks the board!

So huge congrats to Luc!

This week is another big one!!!! Corporate challenge, training and race announcing at the Fly By night Duathlon!!! I get to announce at a race track!!!!!!!

And of course, lastly a giant congrats to WHITE HOT…… for another podium finish at IMTX, and another trip to Kona!


Kick the tires!

May 21, 2011

What a field at Ironman Texas today!!!! Deepest field outside of Kona if you ask me!!!

Best of luck to my QT2 teammates at Ironman Texas today!!!!! And of course to the one and only White Hot. I met White hot down in Panama City beach at the Gulf coast triathlon… thanks to Marit…… way back in 2008. He and my husband are long lost Ironbro’s as they say. God speed today buddy and we will be cheering you in Placid!!!

As Linsey Corbin says….. kick the tires! Light the fires! Let’s go get em in Texas!

We also have three of our Train-This boys down at the Triple T! After the first night of racing Matt Curbeau, Don Ehinger and Ken Koppenhaver are ready to tackle the 2 Olympic Distance races today! Go guys! Stay turned to for those details! 

Best of luck to a very special young man today….. the one and only Luc Eggers….. who is taking his Taekwondo belt test today. It’s his first belt, yellow belt, and of course we have a story behind it, so stay tuned. Good luck Luc, we are so very proud of you!