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Ironman Canada 12 or 13…

August 30, 2011

I have a little secret for you, it’s about the Ironman. You want to get fast at the Ironman? read on… the answer is quite simple……. you have to get experience in Ironman distance racing to be fast in Ironman.

You don’t get fast in the marathon by training for a 5K, although in many cases the speed work required to run a 5K will help. Same thing with Ironman.

However…. I am going to buck that system. It’s not about me racing short course in 2012 to become faster in the Ironman. I am racing short course in 2012 (and a few 70.3) because I need a damn break from the Ironman.

I will admit, at 3pm on Monday when Ironman Canada registration opened I clicked on it. I got to the page where I entered the number. My heart was pounding.

You see…. Ironman Canada is my Kona. One of the times I qualified for Kona I said to Curt….. no thanks. If that was only a Canada spot.

There is something about Penticton that captured me. Lake Placid gives me a fraction of the same feeling…. but Penticton, that has my heart. It’s where we honeymooned (with about 15 of our closest friends…..). It’s the history…… or maybe that my friend still owns the race. If you have never done a G.F. owned Ironman then you don’t even know what you are missing.

Back in 2001 I registered for Ironman Canada. I waited with my friend Barry for 5 hours to get a wristband to come back in 5 more hours to wait in line. I went home with that registration certificate and a heart full of hope.

Two weeks later….. 9/11 happened. It was a horrible day for all of us for so many personal reasons. a few months later I was able to change my spot to Lake Placid. I vowed however, that I would someday go back to Canada. For so many reasons….. 9/11 being one of them.

For me this is personal.

There is a massive group of us who have decided that 2013 will be the year we go back. I promised my husband I would wait another year before taking on my 7th Ironman. I promised myself that as well.

Here I am sitting on the edge of my season finale, two big weeks ahead of me, one 70.3, one sprint and for the first time in 5 years I am closing out before November. I dont’ feel like I want to or need to, I don’t look forward to it.

That’s how I know it’s the right thing to do.

As I sat there staring at the registration screen for 2012 Ironman Canada….. I sat back and closed my eyes. If right now this second a five-hour trainer ride does not sound appealing….. then don’t sign up.

A five-hour trainer ride….. when I am really ready….. is something I crave.

I know. that’s just not right.

While I know and agree that the way to get great at Ironman is to do a lot of them….. I also know that the best way for me to be at my personal best, is to arrive at the starting line of that swim drooling. I need to feel my heart flutter for it all year-long. I need to stand on that start line ready to tear some heads off.

When I feel like that, I make things happen. I know myself well enough to know that I can’t force it. I think a lot of athletes do, or try to. Trust me I have spent years celebrating my last long workouts of the season, I have left my bike in the bike box for far too long.

For some athletes it is good to smoke yourself season after season…. for me, not this season. You have to know yourself. You have to know how you work. After this long, I know how I work. I don’t fight rest, I don’t commit physical suicide. I know the difference between pushing to the edge and throwing myself over it. I have spent years climbing out of this hole.

2012 brings me a focus that has me already drooling. Already has me excited. Already has me jazzed up for it.

So Ironman Canada…… 2013 we have a date. I am coming back and I will finish what I started there in 2001. I will stand by the Peach, I will overlook the lake and I will cherish another ride up Richter Pass. You hold what I love most, more than lava fields and ocean. You hold what I have been chasing all of my life. You hold what I dream of.

While the best way to get fast at Ironman is to race Ironman…… for me it’s also about coming to that starting line absolutely dying to race Ironman.

I closed the registration window, because I knew it was the right thing to do. I made my husband a promise. I made myself a promise. I made my friends a promise. Give me 2012 to continue my journey back (hell it’s been a long one). And all of us, together in 2013 will come to Penticton, and I will be able to share something absolutely amazing

I promise.


The luckiest

August 28, 2011

There was a moment on Saturday at Tri Dunkirk…. when I sat back and looked around. The race was all set to go. Kelly and I were in the announcer tent, Melissa and her crew were smiling as athletes picked up their packets, Jeff, Rich., Hoad….. everyone was taking care of business. The kind of business that happens race morning.

The Score-This Team is a well oiled machine. We just know how to work together. Kara can talk in one of my ears while I am announcing, Rich can signal me and I know exactly what they need me to say. Jeff so seamlessly takes care of his part, Kevin his……so many that I forget to mention become like pieces in a small puzzle.

“Here comes the voice of Score-This.” A man said to me as I made a run for the port-a-john (race announcers need to take that opportunity when it comes).  Honestly, it brought tears to my eyes, that was one of the greatest compliments I have ever received. “You guys all have an amazing rapport.” Someone else said a moment later. Again, compliment.

We do have an amazing rapport. I can let the crowd in on that because I am the girl on the mic and I will say things to the team they can’t hear the answer to. (One man said it’s like when Rush Limbaugh speaks to Snerdly……. )

Those compliments mean a lot to not only me, but to our team. The Score-This team … we aren’t the way we are because of today…..  this crew has been friends for ten years. We didn’t meet on Facebook….. goodness I don’t even remember when we met. There is a very beautiful deep history between all of us.

I keep meaning to take pictures of grab some video of the behind the scenes action when announcing, we are either too busy working or laughing….. it’s a whole lot of both. Finger Lakes Triathlon…. I will do that.

Tri Dunkirk is a race you want to have on your schedule. This venue is one of the best I have ever been to. The neighbors who live alongside the lake came out…. and thanked us. Thanked us for coming to their town, no problem that the music and mic were on at 5am, it sounded great (WHAT?). They couldn’t have been more gracious to us. I got to meet the mayor….. he was more than delighted to have us there.

This race is going to absolutely explode.

My favorite finisher of the day…. the last one. Most of the competitors had packed up and gone home but we were there. To us the last finisher is almost more important than the first. They are out there twice as long, they cover the same distance. Often the story they share is more powerful than those who finished hours before.

Triathlon is a celebration of life…. and we celebrate everyone’s.

As he came around the bend to the finisher’s chute Rich and crew began to run him in. We turned up the music as loud as it would go and we brought him home. It was a tear jerker moment. It was beautiful.

We are so lucky that we get to be able to do this. I think Rich and I say that to each other and to this team a few hundred times a race.

As I was announcing I saw a uniform that I see at many races, the Team Ballou Skies uniform. I have known Beth, Chad, and Kim….. gezz I don’t know how we all met but I knew them long before Ballou Skies was formed. This cause is one that’s incredibly near and dear to my heart and I will explain why in the future……

But when I see Ballou Skies I give it proper attention because it’s a cause that deserves it. I realize that with this blog, as a race announcer and as a writer for Xtri I have a platform. That platform allows me to bring attention to wonderful people and wonderful causes such as Ballou Skies. Look for an Xtri interview with this team very soon.

yesterday I met Jeremy and Jocelyn, from Ballou Skies and what struck me about them….. is that they possess the same exact qualities that Beth, Chad, and Kim do. Humility, hard work…… and racing for Ballou skies has helped them I think…… understand that they are working for a larger cause. One much more important than swim bike and run. I believe it’s helped them put their sport into perspective….. it makes them work harder because Ryan…. can’t. They do it for him. They do it because they also have a platform to raise money and awareness for something that he never asked for, and is fighting like hell to do something about.

Thank you guys…. for fighting for him.

During my drive home yesterday I thought about how lucky I am….. that I get to be able to do what I do. Disclaimer: none of was handed to me. I worked incredibly hard and failed many times….. which is why I appreciate it so much. It’s also why I will always do the right thing with the opportunities I have been given. I have many platforms to use for good things, and I will always use those platforms to do what I believe to be honorable things.

There is a reason I interview the athletes I interview. There is a reason I support the causes I support. There is a reason I shed light on the people I shed light on. They are people and causes who strike a chord with me, who touch my heart in some way, who I believe can offer this world something really positive and really beautiful. It’s beyond who is the fastest, it is beyond who is the top dog……

In fact…… if you gave me the choice to interview these three people…. and these are three people who are inspiring, humble, amazing, and who believe the world is bigger than they are…… if you put these three in front of me…… to meet in person and interview……

Chrissie Wellington

Craig Alexander

Ryan from Ballou Skies

I would choose Ryan. Hand down, no second thought. This kid is a force in this world and if I can feel that from up her in New York, imagine what it is like to feel that in person.

So keep your eyes out, there will be some really precious interviews coming, there will be some pictures from the behind the scenes action, and there will be much much more.

As you live your life today….. what are you lucky for, or perhaps it should be what are you grateful for. Do you use the gifts you have earned… for good use? Or is it all about the win.

Do you know the difference? Food for thought, for sure.





Race report: Curt Eggers USAT Age Group Nationals

August 25, 2011

As a writer I absolutely LOVE TO INTERVIEW. I love to learn about people, I love to tell their story, mostly because I know I can in a way they might not be able to.  I love to highlight achievements, I love to give accolades….. it makes me feel like Santa Claus!!! The best part about it, I get to choose the people I interview. I always choose people who, I admire, who inspire me, because I know they have something to give this world.

I have known Curt Eggers for 15 years, and have been married to him for 10. Honestly he is the most inspiring person I know, and not just because we share a marriage and a family. He’s got a history in this sport unmatched by many. Not only has he done Kona, he’s a sub ten Ironman guy at the age of 53, he’s been to more world championships than I can even remember, and he’s taken home the National Champ age group title over five times.

He’s a man with incredible humility, incredible perspective and a grasp on reality and life  that I wish many half his age could.

Last Sunday Curt won his age group at the USAT National Age Group Championships in Burlington Vermont……  and I got the chance to sit down and talk with him about his race!!!!

This is not the first time you have earned an age group national champion title…… what did this mean to you?

I find myself to be very lucky!!!  When I turned 50 I won Du nationals and Tri Nationals in the same year, which was a dream come true. I was able to repeat the Du title the following year and got Bronze in Triathlon. I thought it was going to be a one shot deal with triathlon for Gold.

The remainder of the 50-54 years was another Bronze for Triathlon and then a discouraging 12th as a 53 year old. I decided to take a Nationals break for a year.

I made a hard push this year to have my best fitness going into the race as a 55-year-old. When I finished the race , I did not know I won, until Todd Smith a fellow triathlete from Rochester told me.

I broke down and teared up a bit…… I couldn’t believe I pulled it off against my competition, that included two past Nationals Champions and two World Medalists. Anyone in the top ten of the age group has a shot at pulling it off.

I am still pinching myself.

Tell us a little bit about your preparation. We know you are not a qualitative athlete, how do you measure progress?

Progress is usually off of perceived effort. I do timed intervals with running, such as 8 x 800 meters on 3:00 minutes (more like 3:10),usually on a trail. I stopped track workouts years ago.

Swimming is usually done with sets of 100’s done on effort. On the Bike, timed sets of perceived effort. I do take a peak at wattage with the computrainer and try to hit a certain number for all the sets, but not real strict.

Outside rides are only timed for the whole ride. No bike computer or heart rate monitor. A big help this year was training with my good friend Brian Emelson. It helped me greatly trying to keep up with a 45 year old, in all the disciplines.  We really had some good runs, bricks and races against each other. Sometimes I have to take a break training with him (too fast for me) or I will end up broken.

What kind of taper do you follow for this event?

Probably not the best, I will have to pick a favorite QT2 coach of mine for a better plan next year (my hawt wife). My attempt was a two-week taper, 30 percent drop the first week with a 50 percent drop the second week. I think I might have overdid it going into the race with racing and training. It’s a fine line between peak performance and going over the edge with over-training.  I felt my time could have been better, but we all feel that way, don’t we, after we race?

Do you think you get CRANKY during your taper?

I get cranky, by just getting up out of bed!  YEA, my wife is never cranky during her taper. (She’s too much fun!). It’s also nerves going into the big race. Five years is a long time between titles. My wife knows how to push my button,  she will say “Good morning!” and I will say “What the heck to you mean by that!” Lucky for me, she understands me and what this event means to me. She’s an angel!

Walk us through your race on Sunday…….

I was going to focus on 3 guys in the race, being ahead of anyone of them would put me in good position. Two were past national champions and the 3rd was 3rd at last year’s world’s. Good guys to focus on, eh?

Kevin, Mike and Doug (the medalists) were the guys I could key off of, if I could find them. Not so easy in the multiple waves starts. My swim is my weakest event so the objective was to keep up with the leaders going into transition, which I was able to do. Out on the bike , I noticed Doug just ahead of me and I passed him at about 2 miles in. Then it was keying off the younger folks (35-44 age group) in the race, pass one, go for the next. At mile of the bike 8, a 57-year-old rocket goes by me and its Mike doing his speciality at his best (uber-biker). I could not keep up, so I went back into my hurt locker trying to pick off the younger racers.

Things were going well into I got passed by a 56-year-old around mile 12. This time I could hang , we did a couple of passes on each other. With about 2 miles left I let him lead into transition, I was hoping my running legs would still be there. Running out of transition you have a monster hill of about a quarter-mile in length. I re-passed my fellow age grouper and at that time (I did not know) I was in 2nd place. Around 3 miles down, I see Mike the uber biker and I am gaining ground.  I pass, and say , awesome bike, you went by me like a mailbox!  He gave me some encouragement and said I got it and I pushed on trying to gain a gap.  I checked on Mikes position with a look-see on a turn and I had some cushion. Now it was time to push harder and stay relaxed. STAY RELAXED. I locked down on a 42 year old and he paced me all the way in. I sprinted the last 100 yards, just to make sure I did not get outkicked by someone sneaking up on me. I had no idea I won. It was a great and pleasant surprise!!

Tell us a bit how you and your super awesome wife balance triathlon and family. How do you find balance?

I train, sleep, work , eat and let Mary do alllll the house work and most of the Luc duty.

Yea baby.


Actually it is a bit of a juggle. Most of my bikes are done in the morning before Luc starts his day. These are done inside on the computrainer. I usually get one to two outside rides outside , for the road feel. Swim is at lunch time and the run is usually from 5 to 6. Just recently Luc is riding his bike with us on our runs, which is a big plus for all of us. Mary is much tougher, much of the time she gets a lot of her workouts done before I start mine (3am!!!!)

Your son has been racing throughout the season…. what are your thoughts on his triathlon career?

He likes doing it and we never forced it on him. Each race I progressively do less for him, he knows how to stage his gear in transition and go thru the events with little assistance now. I can keep up with him anyway, so he has to do it. Learning to ride his bike with Lose the Training Wheels was a big step forward.  We want him to have fun and like being fit.

In our local races you are consistently right up there with guys half your age, you have been in this sport for 20 years…… what is the secret to your consistency and speed?

I think I have been blessed with the genes of longevity, similar to my friend Tom Dutton (65-69), who by the way won Silver this past weekend at Nationals. I think it comes down to moderation. I have completed in all the distances up to Ironman. I usually stay with sprint races and Olympic distance racing, it allows for faster recovery with less pounding.   I take a big down season, with a big break from running and swimming. I replace that with hikes with my family, friends and dog Cocoa!

Cocoa cannot wait for my off season! I usually mountain bike, dabble at cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, use the rower and elliptical at the gym along with strength training.  The official program usually starts up again in January. I love off-season, your hard-earned fitness lets you play. You cannot maintain your race fitness year round, you would blow up (overtraining).

 Sometimes we hear in passing some of the younger guys in the sport claim “I beat Curt Eggers!!!!!!”. for years you have had a target on your back, and you are consistently finishing right up there with guys you could be the father of. How do you deal with that?

I take it as a huge compliment! I could be most of these guy’s dad, so being able to hold on to them by a few minutes is great for me.

I think as endurance athletes, our abilities (speed) starts a slow decent around 40 and decline increases at 50. My objective is to reduce my loss of speed each year. I cannot get faster only slower. My best times were at 40 years old when I did a 1:59:53 Olympic distance at the Canadian Nationals.  Dennis Moriarity (50-54) in his prime, did times that would spin your head, consistently in the the low to mid 50’s ie 1:54:01.  Dennis and I are now happy if we can do a 2:10. Too bad races were not age graded, if they were Tom Dutton (65-69) of Livonia would win all of them.

Congrats again Curt!!!!


Good food for thought

August 24, 2011

Please check out my interview with the amazing 70.3 / Ironman superstar professional triathlete Charisa Wernick …. it’s on Xtri!!!! We will also have an interview with Curt Eggers, USAT AG National Champ here on friday!!!!

Nutrition has become a passion of mine, ever since I started working with QT2 and took a journey into the Core Diet. Let me be honest…. I hate the word diet… on any package. To me the word diet implies that we are going to deprive, or that something is wrong. That’s me however….. not what it is intended to mean. Besides….. what else would you call it?

One of the first things we learn is to de-personalize nutrition, body composition, etc. Meaning….. we use it as a tool to enhance our performance, not as a tool to attack ourselves. To many athletes, women especially, women with histories of eating disorders especially…… that can make a giant difference in our life.


What do I mean by depersonalizing? Here are two examples…..

Hey Pat….. you have gained 9 pounds since Ironman CDA, you totally suck, how do you ever expect to go 9:24 in Kona again fatso?

(now knowing Pat, that’s actually exactly what you would say to him. But we use a different approach, or put yourself in Pat’s shoes…….. how would you perceive that?)

Okay….. so we’ve had a 9 pound weight gain, now that we are in focus for Kona, let’s get back into eating in the Core, dial into our workout windows and use the body composition to help us achieve that PR on race day.

(Just for the record, Pat’s not overweight by any stretch of the means, and is not 9 pounds overweight.  I would take his fatsoness for a 9:24.)

So you can see how we try to use body composition and nutrition as a tool. That is really important when dealing with athletes, especially those with difficult relationships with food. Trust me it happens with both men and women.

As you take this journey through the Core Diet…. you learn a lot. because I have had so much of my health in disarray I became very interested and intrigued at the role food can play in healing, repairing, rebuilding health, as well as improve performance.

Now…… I get teased all the time, especially on social media…. oh no, don’t tell mary I ate a chocolate chip cookie. The reason I never respond to that and shrug it off….. is because when you are passionate about something like nutrition, its intimidating to people. If they don’t understand they will jump to their own conclusions rather than ask, which are usually of the defensive type when it comes to nutrition.

Trust me, I have my fair share of chocolate as well. I just make sure if I am eating chocolate, I am eating really good chocolate. Read on and I will tell you what that is.

Today I wanted to share with you some of the nutritional discoveries I have fallen in love with through this journey back to health…. click on the title of the food for the recipe link.

1. Baked Kale Chips.  Honestly when one of the chefs at Breathe (where I teach yoga) handed me a plate of these I thought I was going to throw up. The only reason I tried these was to be polite. I was so glad I did!!! These taste like potato chips, but better! They are light, crispy and you season them how you would like to! You will eat 8 cups of kale before you realize what you have done….. and it’s okay to!

Just a few of the benefits of eating kale:

  • One cup of kale has nearly 20% of the RDA of daily fiber . It promotes digestion, lowers blood sugar and fills you up.
  • Kale contains two powerful antioxidants in the arena of carotenoids and flavonoids which help protect our cells from free radicals. Flavonoids kaempferol and quercitin have been shown to fight the formation of cancerous calls even.
  • Kale is high in Vitamin A, C and manganese.
  • One cup of kale provides about 10% of the RDA of omega-3 fatty acids that helps regulate the body’s inflammatory process.  The vitamin K in Kale helps to fight  inflammatory-related problems, such as arthritis, autoimmune disorders, and asthmaadicals.

2. The Acai Bowl.  Another beauty I found at Breathe years before Acai became a popular food. There are many ways to make the Acai Bowl but here is my favorite:

1 package of Acai berry (you can buy at Wegmans)

1/2 cup almond milk

1 banana to slice on top.

Blend together and voila! A really good treat! Many people dress it up by mixing it in with granola. I also like to top it with berries, and flax-seed. I know…. I live on the wild side.

Some of the benefits of Acai:

  • Good source of those antioxidants that we all love so much!
  • These berries are a good source of fiber, healthy fats and lots of vitamins.

3. Mango. I know….. mango? Yes mango. There is no recipe link to that, it’s just mango! I think I was 36 before I ever touched a mango! I buy mango chunks frozen to use in smoothies, and I also buy them fresh (so good this time of the year). The trick to mangos is learning how to cut them. Check out this video on how to do it……

Some of the benefits of Mango:

  • Load of essential vitamins and minerals, just like any fruit.
  • Some believe it can help digestive problems as it contains Bio-active elements such as Esters, Terpenes and Aldehydes
  • It has a high level of soluble dietary fiver, Pectin, and vitamin C which can help lower cholesterol.

4. Chocolate: There is always room in any diet for chocolate, and it’s good for you too? Yes. Once I was turned onto dark chocolate I never went back. Chocolate without the milk added makes up dark chocolate (although that is a very simplified explanation.) Depending on the percentage you get, you can have it very sweet or more on the bitter side….. the sweetness is directly related to the flavor intensity. A lower percentage is sweeter, a higher percentage more bitter.

Click here for a guide on what all those percentages mean.

When eating real dark chocolate, savor the flavor. I was taught to place it on the tip of my tounge, press it to the roof of my mouth and allow it to melt. O….M…..G…… good things come to those who wait. That’s for sure.

Some of the benefits of chocolate:

  • It can help prevent heart disease because it  contains flavonoids, which are compounds that act as antioxidants. “Flavonoids protect cells from harmful molecules—called free radicals—that are produced when the body breaks down food or is exposed to sunlight or smoke. Free radicals can cause cell damage that leads to heart disease. Flavonoids can also lower blood pressure and reduce LDL cholesterol (i.e., the bad cholesterol) by up to 10 percent” .
  • It’s a mood improver! It’s said to  stimulate the production of endorphins, and also contains the chemical serotonin, which acts as an anti-depressant.
  • It’s a skin protectant.  German researchers found that the flavonoids in dark chocolate absorb UV light, which can help increase blood flow to the skin, and improve skin’s hydration and health.

Eating well doesn’t mean eating only fruits and vegetables. It means getting the most bang for your buck, nutrient dense foods are the way to go. Even when it comes to chocolate.


Things to come

August 22, 2011

Before we begin today….. a giant congrats to my amazing husband for winning his age group at USAT Age Group Nationals this past weekend! I hope to have a race report from the National Champ (fifth time he’s won that title!!!) by the end of the week!!!!! We are SO PROUD!

Rochester crew! Curt is 3rd from right!

It was really a simple question from the Wizard, but it made my heart leap. “have you ever thought of becoming a QT2 Coach?” he asked. I nearly passed out. I thought he was calling me about my bone infection. At the time the right side of my face was still twice the size, and well, honestly I was on a lot of medication for it.

Did he just say what I thought he said?

Imagine you are a computer guy. You are a mom and pop computer guy, you own a local company that’s solid and growing every year. There is more you could easily do with it…. but the business side of things is not something you love about it. You love connecting with your customers. You love being in the trenches with them.

Things like overhead, insurance, lawyers, taxes….. make you bang our head against the wall. It’s part of business, so you deal with it.

Then Steve Jobs calls you….. and asks you if you want to be a part of his team.


That’s essentially how I felt when I got that call. Except my situation is different. The Wizard is my coach. I have been with this team for over 2 years. They have changed my life. They brought back my health.

And they want me?

That’s not something you can ignore.

My first instinct was my athletes. I am fiercely dedicated to them, some say even to a fault (again….. would you want the coach who cares to the middle of their soul, or the one who doesn’t?), I am protective of them. It’s the middle of their season. In fact…. Ironman Lake Placid was in three weeks.

Lucky for me, Jesse had thought about all of that, a way to bring those who wanted to come with me, with me.

I would have been a fool not to accept the offer. To become part of such an incredible group of coaches is something many others would do anything to have a shot at. I have been undergoing an intense orientation…. webex meetings…. reading the QT2 Coaching vault…. which is the most comprehensive collection I have ever seen of how things are done, why they are done, and anything you need to know triathlon / nutrition related.  The work that Jesse and the other coaches have put into this was downright stunning.

I have never had access to this kind of stuff.

This isn’t a join us at QT2 and coach the same way you coach now deal. That’s not what I was looking for either. I have been an athlete under a system that I have fallen in love with…. I want to understand it. And understand it I am.

I have 15 years of experience in this sport, 7 of it coaching. I didn’t just pick up this sport two years ago, have a few good races and bam….. started coaching. I have worked really…. really….. really hard. I have succeeded and failed as both a coach and an athlete. If there is a definition to “I have done it all.”……. my face is next to it. The results and growth of Train-This speak for themselves. I am so incredibly proud of what we have done.

With this change I was warned by outsiders I would be stuck in a protocol based system. (I have been coached by this team for 2 years…… I can attest that is not true). While QT2 coaches coach in the same protocol based thoughts (did that make sense?) you still get to create. The misconceptions that exist about Qt2, are ones I hope to dismiss.

Training is both an art and a science. Contrary to popular belief…. QT2 is quite a bit of both.

I will be offering coaching in two different components: Mission Plan and 1:1 athletes. For details on those programs please click here. As an athlete of QT2 for over two years…. I can attest that you get more than what you pay for. You will get the most comprehensive coaching you can possibly imagine…. under both programs.

Common thoughts about the Mission Plans have centered around not wanting a cookie cutter approach to training. I wasn’t that familiar with it so I dove in and took a good look at it. This is a good program. Your questions answered via forum immediately. Your histogram still built by me, in fact I will be hosting my own Mission Plan forum…… so we are in constant touch.

Knowing now what the Mission Plan is about and knowing from personal experience what 1:1 coaching is about…. I would myself….. go for the Mission Plan in a heartbeat if 1:1 coaching was not for me.

The things you have access to in both programs: webinars, coaches, nutrition….. everything.

It’s like freaking Candy Land (if candy were on the core and in a workout window).

Most of my current athletes will be coming with me, which excites me. This is a big change for them and understandable it’s a little unnerving. We will have a good size group of Western New Yorkers running around in QT2 gear.

Almost all of the athletes who are not coming to QT2, will be remaining with Train-This. And this is where it gets really exciting for me.

As of September 1st Train-This will be in the hands of Kristen Roe, Kelly Covert and Jeremy Clay of Bike Loft East in Syracuse. We had a conference call last week, and there are still some details I need to take care of….. but I can’t tell you how thrilled I am, that these three will be taking the reins.

If I had to create three people in my head…. to take something I have grown for 7 years…… to take it and make it bigger, better, and to make it their own….. it would be these three.  That they want to take it over, that they have ideas and dreams and plans……

It’s a complete win-win situation for all involved. I have been at the helm long enough….. I can’t wait to sit back and watch them absolutely run with it. They will be amazing.

It’s such an honor for me on both fronts. It really is.

My decision was not easy…. yet at the same time it was. The decision to join QT2 was the easy part, making sure my athletes were first to know, had a plan for where they were going to go, and 100% of questions got answered before anyone outside of that circle knew anything about it…… was my priority. It all comes down to….. I care.

Thank you to everyone who has worked with me in some capacity as the owner of Train-This, throughout the past 7 years. Without all of you…. none of this would exist today.

Back in 2004 rich and I were on the phone one day, and he suggested I start coaching. I joked right along with him as the name Train-This came up. We came up with a hundred variations for that name and included some possibilities if I was a dentist, hairstylist, or doctor.

Later that night I called him back. Why not? Let’s do this! So I thank Rich for planting the seed, helping me put it together, and along with Score-This…… allowing us all to grow. Rich and I do this because we absolutley…. 100%…… in our soul…… love what we do. I started coaching becasue the finish line and the achievements of my athletes are so much sweeter than my own. Because I know the end of their story. Because I get to take this amazing journey with them.

Because……. I love it.

As they say….. one door may be closing but two doors are opening. To the new owners of Train-This I thank you, I raise my glass to you and I say……. run with it. And to QT2 I say…. thank you so much for believing enough in me, for being people who I trust, who I admire, and for taking me under your wing.

To the athletes present and past who have been truly what’s made Train-This possible…. I am forever indebted to you. You will never know how much you have taught me about so many things. To those who are moving on….. know how much I value your friendship forever. To those who are coming with me…… hang on……. we will do this together!

Amazing things to come!


The Gift

August 19, 2011

I always wonder how it comes to be … who your child is when they enter this world. Is it a result of DNA, genes…  or if you are of a more spiritual nature as I am, you might believe that God sends the child to you that you need, just as much as they need you.

Curt and I have learned much more from our son than he has learned from us. I firmly believe there was a reason he was sent to us. He was sent to teach us. Teach us he has.

I think of that and I remember that every single day. I am more grateful for that than I can put into words.

There are experiences with Luc that just like everything leave these impressions on me. I wish I could string them together and play them over and over and over again.

Yesterday it was simple. For the first time ever I went out for a run and he biked along side of me. To many people that doesn’t seem like anything significant. For us it’s a milestone. Not one that happened today, one that happened over a year ago, but I will never lose the feeling of appreciation for Lose the Training Wheels, for the gift they have given to us.

Wheels mean freedom. To any kid that’s a gift. To a kid on the spectrum it’s the world.

With Curt out-of-town I am usually delegated to he treadmill at 4am, but I wanted to try something different this time. I wondered if Luc could ride along next to me and we could spend a new kind of bonding time together.

It was amazing. Riding bikes with him is special. Running while he rode became extra special. He rode right next to me and we just talked. So often that conversational time between parents and children gets lost with our busy lives….. but here we were talking about all sorts of things. I ran, he rode. On a  path with no cars.

We talked about 5th grade. We talked about Leggos. Harry potter. We talked about what it was like to be a fireman, or policeman. We talked about 9/11. That’s the hardest one for me to talk to him about.

Then for a bit there was just silence. His wheels and my feet. In the middle of nowhere really, just us.

Just awesome.

“I love this Mom.” he said to me halfway through. “Can we do this more?”

Absolutely. I told him. You can ride with me anytime.

I want him to appreciate the solitude things like bikes can give you. Solitude in the form of being in the middle of the woods as we were, guessing the sounds….was that a cricket? Do you think there are any snakes?

I want him to feel the feeling that we get while we ride. Of being right here right now. I want to feel that bond between he and I. Between mother and son, forever. Ten years flew by….. I want to slow down the next eight. Someday I want to ride across the country as a family. I want to dip my wheel in the Atlantic Ocean and then dip my wheel in the Pacific Ocean.

That’s my dream.

Today we are going to do it again, I have never looked so forward to a run as I do right now.

I wonder what the powers that be….. were thinking when Luc was sent to us. I wonder if the lessons I needed to learn were obvious. I wonder if I have learned them, I am sure I am still in the process of.

I am just so grateful it was him.




August 17, 2011

There is something almost inappropriate about how I feel about the feel of new pavement beneath my wheels. How I feel about seeing it as well. The black road and that crisp white line. It excites me in a way I likely shouldn’t be proud of. The feel of it is enticing. Smooth, like the road pulls me along.

Just ride Eggers. Just ride.

I don’t ride in the evening much and I rarely do my tempo work outside. Mostly because of time, 4am is just not light enough to do that, and it’s a bit safer as well to be hitting those zones while I don’t worry about cars. Since Curt is heading to Nat’s this weekend he gave me the open invite to head out and get some road time in.

You only have to tell me once.

My quads were aching, but the kind of ache that makes you smile. The kind that the more it hurts the more you push. It’s that feeling of being wide open, raw and alive. In this moment right here and right now. Nowhere else but here.

There it is again…… you know….. it. It as in that feeling. He and I have been dancing a lot lately. This comeback road has been a few years long but we are making slow and steady progress and he and I are dancing again. That quiet feeling within me is ever so slowly beginning to consider making a run for the surface.

It’s taken a lot of trust. It’s taken a lot of work. It’s taken more patience than I ever thought I possessed. Bit by bit, step by step it is coming. While it likely won’t fully be here until 2012, it’s making a damn sure return.

Patience. Patience. Patience.

That’s what the Wizard has told me through these past 2 years. I have trusted it, I have lived it, I have breathed it. I trust it so much that I am selling a company I built for 7 years and diving into the middle of it.

That’s got to be some sort of testament.

It begins with rebuilding your foundation, your health at a very microscopic level. from there you build slow and steady. You endure periods of doubt, frustration, moments when it does not come together, then those peeking moments of when it does.

Then you encounter that feeling again. It has been a few years….. yes years since we have danced. That feeling captivates me, owns me at times and is what drives my passion.

Good lord I love to feel that way. And I loved feeling that way on this ride. I loved the feel of the freshly paved road and the sight of the crisp white line and the 6 foot shoulder that allowed me to be a girl who loves her bike more than she can bear, a heart that is full, a passion that is getting stoked more and more by the minute.

I often finish rides like this with tears in my eyes. Ones that if were seen I might be a bit shy about. Tears that mean wow I have been through a lot, tears that mean wow…. I have come a long way….. tears that mean while I still have a long way to go…… the freshly paved road ahead of me…… it calls me. Captivates me, pulls me along…….

and dares me to be a little bit more patient.