The Gift

August 19, 2011

I always wonder how it comes to be … who your child is when they enter this world. Is it a result of DNA, genes…  or if you are of a more spiritual nature as I am, you might believe that God sends the child to you that you need, just as much as they need you.

Curt and I have learned much more from our son than he has learned from us. I firmly believe there was a reason he was sent to us. He was sent to teach us. Teach us he has.

I think of that and I remember that every single day. I am more grateful for that than I can put into words.

There are experiences with Luc that just like everything leave these impressions on me. I wish I could string them together and play them over and over and over again.

Yesterday it was simple. For the first time ever I went out for a run and he biked along side of me. To many people that doesn’t seem like anything significant. For us it’s a milestone. Not one that happened today, one that happened over a year ago, but I will never lose the feeling of appreciation for Lose the Training Wheels, for the gift they have given to us.

Wheels mean freedom. To any kid that’s a gift. To a kid on the spectrum it’s the world.

With Curt out-of-town I am usually delegated to he treadmill at 4am, but I wanted to try something different this time. I wondered if Luc could ride along next to me and we could spend a new kind of bonding time together.

It was amazing. Riding bikes with him is special. Running while he rode became extra special. He rode right next to me and we just talked. So often that conversational time between parents and children gets lost with our busy lives….. but here we were talking about all sorts of things. I ran, he rode. On a  path with no cars.

We talked about 5th grade. We talked about Leggos. Harry potter. We talked about what it was like to be a fireman, or policeman. We talked about 9/11. That’s the hardest one for me to talk to him about.

Then for a bit there was just silence. His wheels and my feet. In the middle of nowhere really, just us.

Just awesome.

“I love this Mom.” he said to me halfway through. “Can we do this more?”

Absolutely. I told him. You can ride with me anytime.

I want him to appreciate the solitude things like bikes can give you. Solitude in the form of being in the middle of the woods as we were, guessing the sounds….was that a cricket? Do you think there are any snakes?

I want him to feel the feeling that we get while we ride. Of being right here right now. I want to feel that bond between he and I. Between mother and son, forever. Ten years flew by….. I want to slow down the next eight. Someday I want to ride across the country as a family. I want to dip my wheel in the Atlantic Ocean and then dip my wheel in the Pacific Ocean.

That’s my dream.

Today we are going to do it again, I have never looked so forward to a run as I do right now.

I wonder what the powers that be….. were thinking when Luc was sent to us. I wonder if the lessons I needed to learn were obvious. I wonder if I have learned them, I am sure I am still in the process of.

I am just so grateful it was him.




  1. God had and has some amazing plans for you three. I always love hearing your openness and marveling in all the gifts blooming from a boy and basic challenges.

    And every run with your kid riding by your side is the best one ever. I am just now able to enjoy those moments with my kids and it will change our relationship forever!

  2. Mary, it’s posts like this one that make me wonder if maybe some day I *will* have kids.. as someone who has been on the fence about it my entire life. Not that I am super concerned about it yet..

  3. This. is. awesome.

  4. A lot of people spend way too much effort fighting what life throws at them. Then, there’s people like you, Mary Eggers, who take the ball and run with it, and the joy is a beautiful thing.

  5. How awesome Mary! So glad you found that time together. Actually, that’s pretty regular for Kyle and I do that.. Well, not regular, but at least 5-6 times per year. He rides, I run. It’s a really nice way to talk about all those things you don’t (when I’m not on an interval 🙂 and you can just “Be” together. So happy for you kids!

  6. Posts such as this are a gift – to us readers. Thank you.

    • Thanks all, I appreciate so much that so many of us see the “forrest through the trees”….. or as we could say in triathlon world….. the beauty and experiences through the paces!

  7. Mary. You never cease to amaze me. As terrified as I am to go down this motherhood road, I know that the more terrifying thought is to NOT go down it.
    Love this entry

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