Things to come

August 22, 2011

Before we begin today….. a giant congrats to my amazing husband for winning his age group at USAT Age Group Nationals this past weekend! I hope to have a race report from the National Champ (fifth time he’s won that title!!!) by the end of the week!!!!! We are SO PROUD!

Rochester crew! Curt is 3rd from right!

It was really a simple question from the Wizard, but it made my heart leap. “have you ever thought of becoming a QT2 Coach?” he asked. I nearly passed out. I thought he was calling me about my bone infection. At the time the right side of my face was still twice the size, and well, honestly I was on a lot of medication for it.

Did he just say what I thought he said?

Imagine you are a computer guy. You are a mom and pop computer guy, you own a local company that’s solid and growing every year. There is more you could easily do with it…. but the business side of things is not something you love about it. You love connecting with your customers. You love being in the trenches with them.

Things like overhead, insurance, lawyers, taxes….. make you bang our head against the wall. It’s part of business, so you deal with it.

Then Steve Jobs calls you….. and asks you if you want to be a part of his team.


That’s essentially how I felt when I got that call. Except my situation is different. The Wizard is my coach. I have been with this team for over 2 years. They have changed my life. They brought back my health.

And they want me?

That’s not something you can ignore.

My first instinct was my athletes. I am fiercely dedicated to them, some say even to a fault (again….. would you want the coach who cares to the middle of their soul, or the one who doesn’t?), I am protective of them. It’s the middle of their season. In fact…. Ironman Lake Placid was in three weeks.

Lucky for me, Jesse had thought about all of that, a way to bring those who wanted to come with me, with me.

I would have been a fool not to accept the offer. To become part of such an incredible group of coaches is something many others would do anything to have a shot at. I have been undergoing an intense orientation…. webex meetings…. reading the QT2 Coaching vault…. which is the most comprehensive collection I have ever seen of how things are done, why they are done, and anything you need to know triathlon / nutrition related.  The work that Jesse and the other coaches have put into this was downright stunning.

I have never had access to this kind of stuff.

This isn’t a join us at QT2 and coach the same way you coach now deal. That’s not what I was looking for either. I have been an athlete under a system that I have fallen in love with…. I want to understand it. And understand it I am.

I have 15 years of experience in this sport, 7 of it coaching. I didn’t just pick up this sport two years ago, have a few good races and bam….. started coaching. I have worked really…. really….. really hard. I have succeeded and failed as both a coach and an athlete. If there is a definition to “I have done it all.”……. my face is next to it. The results and growth of Train-This speak for themselves. I am so incredibly proud of what we have done.

With this change I was warned by outsiders I would be stuck in a protocol based system. (I have been coached by this team for 2 years…… I can attest that is not true). While QT2 coaches coach in the same protocol based thoughts (did that make sense?) you still get to create. The misconceptions that exist about Qt2, are ones I hope to dismiss.

Training is both an art and a science. Contrary to popular belief…. QT2 is quite a bit of both.

I will be offering coaching in two different components: Mission Plan and 1:1 athletes. For details on those programs please click here. As an athlete of QT2 for over two years…. I can attest that you get more than what you pay for. You will get the most comprehensive coaching you can possibly imagine…. under both programs.

Common thoughts about the Mission Plans have centered around not wanting a cookie cutter approach to training. I wasn’t that familiar with it so I dove in and took a good look at it. This is a good program. Your questions answered via forum immediately. Your histogram still built by me, in fact I will be hosting my own Mission Plan forum…… so we are in constant touch.

Knowing now what the Mission Plan is about and knowing from personal experience what 1:1 coaching is about…. I would myself….. go for the Mission Plan in a heartbeat if 1:1 coaching was not for me.

The things you have access to in both programs: webinars, coaches, nutrition….. everything.

It’s like freaking Candy Land (if candy were on the core and in a workout window).

Most of my current athletes will be coming with me, which excites me. This is a big change for them and understandable it’s a little unnerving. We will have a good size group of Western New Yorkers running around in QT2 gear.

Almost all of the athletes who are not coming to QT2, will be remaining with Train-This. And this is where it gets really exciting for me.

As of September 1st Train-This will be in the hands of Kristen Roe, Kelly Covert and Jeremy Clay of Bike Loft East in Syracuse. We had a conference call last week, and there are still some details I need to take care of….. but I can’t tell you how thrilled I am, that these three will be taking the reins.

If I had to create three people in my head…. to take something I have grown for 7 years…… to take it and make it bigger, better, and to make it their own….. it would be these three.  That they want to take it over, that they have ideas and dreams and plans……

It’s a complete win-win situation for all involved. I have been at the helm long enough….. I can’t wait to sit back and watch them absolutely run with it. They will be amazing.

It’s such an honor for me on both fronts. It really is.

My decision was not easy…. yet at the same time it was. The decision to join QT2 was the easy part, making sure my athletes were first to know, had a plan for where they were going to go, and 100% of questions got answered before anyone outside of that circle knew anything about it…… was my priority. It all comes down to….. I care.

Thank you to everyone who has worked with me in some capacity as the owner of Train-This, throughout the past 7 years. Without all of you…. none of this would exist today.

Back in 2004 rich and I were on the phone one day, and he suggested I start coaching. I joked right along with him as the name Train-This came up. We came up with a hundred variations for that name and included some possibilities if I was a dentist, hairstylist, or doctor.

Later that night I called him back. Why not? Let’s do this! So I thank Rich for planting the seed, helping me put it together, and along with Score-This…… allowing us all to grow. Rich and I do this because we absolutley…. 100%…… in our soul…… love what we do. I started coaching becasue the finish line and the achievements of my athletes are so much sweeter than my own. Because I know the end of their story. Because I get to take this amazing journey with them.

Because……. I love it.

As they say….. one door may be closing but two doors are opening. To the new owners of Train-This I thank you, I raise my glass to you and I say……. run with it. And to QT2 I say…. thank you so much for believing enough in me, for being people who I trust, who I admire, and for taking me under your wing.

To the athletes present and past who have been truly what’s made Train-This possible…. I am forever indebted to you. You will never know how much you have taught me about so many things. To those who are moving on….. know how much I value your friendship forever. To those who are coming with me…… hang on……. we will do this together!

Amazing things to come!



  1. So excited for you Mary!

  2. I’m excited for you Mary! GOOD LUCK!!

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