September 3, 2011

The transition into the world of QT2 coaching is going smoothly, I am learning a lot about why things are done the way they are, and it’s complimenting my own training too. One of the best things about coaching is the people you get to meet. I am highly enjoying the new athletes I am working with. And I am super excited that most of my existing athletes from Train-This will be making the jump over very soon. They are going to love what QT2 has to offer.

I do need to thank the entire coaching staff for their patience and their openness to bringing me under their wings. Especially to Pat Wheeler…  trust me, I have worked him to the bone (it helps make him stronger in the end. Kona will be a break for him, thank me later son!)

Speaking of QT2, a few things you might want to check out:

Click here for a very good article  by Jesse on the fifth cornerstone of training: Mental Fitness

Click here for details on the February QT2 camp in Clermont. This is for anyone, not just QT2 athletes. This is a camp you don’t want to miss.

Look for a Lake Placid QT2 camp coming up in June!

We are transitioning into what in my opinion, is the most beautiful time of the year. Autumn in Western New York is downright stunning. For the past several years as I have prepped for a big race this time of the year motivates me even more. Let me out into the crisp air running through trails canopied by trees and leaves of all colors. Let me breathe in that gorgeous fresh air. Let me watch the seasons change.

I struggle with my season ending so early yet I embrace it all the same. Not being ready for it to be done is so strange yet necessary.

I am delighted with my 2011 season. I hit what I needed to hit on this comeback trail, and now the path is open and solid for the 2012-2013 plan that is in the works. It’s taken me a very long time to climb out of the hole I allowed myself to get into….. I didn’t understand how deep it was until I stood here and looked back at it.

It’s nothing I would change either. Everything happens for a reason, there are lessons in everything.

In every single athlete’s career there will be highs and there will be lows. I am fortunate to have had both throughout my 15 year career.  The first low is the hardest one, if you can get through that learn from it, take the lessons and move forward then I will call you successful. When you do make the jump up again you appreciate it, you dont’ beat your chest about it. Should there be a second lull, maybe an injury …. whatever it is, you know how to handle it.

For the first time in a few years I am coming off my season hungry for the next, not ready for a break. I have very certain goals in mind over the next 2 years. Stop the presses: my goals never involve Kona.

But I am ready to take this by the balls so to speak, and I am ready to run with it.

I have cleared a lot of the clutter from my canvas. Moving to Qt2 was a huge factor in that believe it or not. Now my focus is on coaching and on coaching alone. It feels like I just won the lottery.

But let’s not write the end of the story just yet. I have a 70.3 to race and I have a sprint the week after. I almost said that the sprint was purely for fun, then I caught myself……. that’s what this all is. It’s all fun. It’s passion. It’s learning about me and learning about you and what puts us together and makes us tick.

If it’s not something you wake up dreaming of doing….. then why do it at all?


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