Comparing QT2 Coaching Plans

September 7, 2011

Before we begin, a few items of business!

My latest interview on Xtri is with Hawaii’s amazing Rachel Ross! Please click here!

Saturday Sept 10th I will be giving an open water swim clinic at Kershaw Park in Canandaigua for the Finger Lakes Triathlon.

Time: 12:45

Cost: FREE if you are registered for the Finger Lakes Triathlon, $10 if you are not!

What we will cover: open water swim techniques, where does total immersion fit in?, goggles, wetsuits, stroke mechanics

and more!

Also on Saturday from 10am ish throughout the afternoon I will be giving course review clinics all day long! Stay tuned for details on those!

I am announcing the kids’ race which begins at 3pm and I am also announcing the adult races on Sunday!

Whew. Back to the topic!

As I alluded to last week, my transition from small business owner of self built coaching company to the ranks of QT2 … it’s been going well. I spent four hours riding the  Ironman Canada course this weekend watching webinar after webinar from my now colleague and professional triathlete Tim Snow, gaining more knowledge and understanding. How much can I cram into my very small brain?

As much as I possibly can, because learning has never been so important to me.

As promised, I wanted to outline the differences in the QT2 coaching packages. I think the Mission Plan tends to be the most misunderstood. Let’s face it, there are a lot of cookie cutter programs out there. fortunately in my opinion there are a lot of cookie cutter programs written by very good coaches. If an athlete has even a minor understanding of themselves and training they can easily adapt it to fit them. In those cases I think those programs are excellent.

At QT2 we offer both one to one and Mission Plan programs. The Mission Plan program is very different from online coaching engines. If you come to me for a Mission Plan, I write your histogram and I write all of your workouts. None of that is automatically generated. The biggest difference is how we communicate. Notice this…. it’s not how much we communicate, it’s how we communicate. On the Mission Plans you are placed into one of three forums run by three of us coaches (and if you want mine, request it). If you have any question at all, post it on the forum. Questions are answered very quickly, I check in every two hours at least. The reason we do it on the forum is because we want to continue to build community. Your question might be the same question someone else has, so it helps all of us to learn.

Here is a basic description of what the big differences are between the two programs

Mission Plan One to One
Histogram included included
Coach plans workouts included included
unlimited via the
unlimited via email,
phone, text, skywriting, whatever!
nutrition Plan
extra included
Race Fueling
extra included
Race Pacing
extra included
LT Testing extra included
Swim Analysis extra included
Run Analysis extra included
Access to  the QT2
vault (forums, recorded webinars, all the recources you can imagine)
included included

In my opinion I think if you are looking for the most comprehensive coaching program there is, the one to one program is the way to go. If you are looking to not spend that much but want the same quality and the ability to choose what gets added on to your program, the Mission PLan is the way to go.

Please click here for more information on the Mission Plan. And here for more information on one to one coaching.

When it comes to this sport, I see athletes drop thousands on bikes, wheels, gadgets. I think…. and have experienced…. the best investments you can make are into your engine. Into you, the athlete. I value a complete nutrition package as worth much more than a wheel set. It’s something you will have for life and something that impacts your life.

That’s what I love most about QT2, the impact it’s had on my life. I hope to be able to share that with you as well.

Any questions? Shoot me an email!


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