Let’s play triathlon

September 16, 2011

It’s been a few weeks since I have raced. I have been to races (announcing), I have tracked Nationals, Ironman…… I am never out of the triathlon loop. The break in a bit of competition leaves me hungry as I head into Syracuse 70.3 this weekend.

My compression socks are on, I sleep with my legs elevate, my bike is shiny. My tires are already pumped. Race outfit set to go, wetsuit selected. Course is reviewed, nutrition is packed.

I execute the same taper every single time I race, it’s now in my blood. Monday I feel like lead. Tuesday I wonder if I will come around. Wednesday I begin to feel the pop. Thursday I feel bloated. Friday I feel revved up and Saturday I feel set to go. It has happened the same way the 15+ years I have been racing.

My game face is a smile.

I love what I get to do. Sometimes I win, sometimes I bomb it, sometimes I fall right in the middle. I know my plan, I stick to my plan and I race from my heart.I won’t know or care what anyone else on that course is doing. I will just know that we are out there together. There will be so many familiar faces in terms of spectators and fellow athletes. I can’t wait to high-five on the course. I can’t wait to shout banter back and forth.

To me a race is a giant celebration. Daily I work with people who can’t, race day I celebrate can.

I go into these events with faith and hope. Faith that execute the race I am trained and capable of racing. Hope that my fellow athletes get to experience the same. excitement to see if I can dig deep when I need to.

I love wondering what the day will bring and at the same time knowing what I can bring to the day.

I am excited to be staying with my good friend K Roe. I don’t know how on earth we won’t stay up late toilet papering houses and freezing other’s underwear. I am excited to have the big QT2 breakfast. I am excited to see the Train-This and Qt2 athletes out on the course. I am excited to race with my husband again. That is always such an unbelievable treat.

Last weekend as we began the Finger Lakes Triathlon Rich said “Let’s play triathlon!” and it’s been in my head ever since.

If you are competing…. make it happen, embrace the day, allow yourself to do what you do on the course. Get turned inside out, find the thrill in how dig you can deep.

Most importantly remember the blessed life that we all lead.

Let’s play triathlon!




  1. You are going to KICK ASS this weekend!! Have SO much fun!!

  2. Go get it Mary!!! Cheering from Pittsburgh! 🙂

  3. Too funny, Mary! I always use to say “let’s play ride bikes” when our group would roll from the old meeting spot in Memphis. They were usually, very very kindly, waiting for me (and sometimes another person).

    Have fun playing triathlon this weekend Mary!

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