September 21, 2011

For one week.... THIS is the Core Diet in the offseason!

Off-season is treating me well. The entire three days of it so far. I am not a big fan of allowing yourself to get totally out of shape during the off-season. I am a big fan of waking up and saying to myself…… what do I feel like doing today to move? So far it’s been taking my dog for hour-long walks in the morning. Cup of coffee in one hand, her leash in the other. A good wool hat on my head.

The morning is dark but lit up by the moon.

It’s a whole different scene in the morning.

I have to admit to you though….. I am dreaming of what’s next. Normally when I am done with the season I am so spent that I am not thinking past the next day. But we’ve placed something on the schedule that I haven’t done in over ten years.

A marathon.

I have only run two straight out marathons in the mid nineties. Then I did six additional as part of Ironman. My desire to really improve my running now that I am healthy has grown. I brought the topic of a fall run focus up to the Wizard, as I typically only average about 30-35 miles a week during triathlon season. I know that for me to run well, especially as I am heading to a world championship in 2012 the key for me will be a drastic improvement to my running ass (—-. 🙂  ) well as continuing to improve body composition.

Throughout my triathlon career the seasons I have run well I average 40 miles a week. Now that my durability is sky-high, my health is solid, I wondered if it was again time to give that a go. Without the balancing of swim and bike could we really increase my mileage, maybe even over 50 miles a week?

Game on. The wizard suggested a big fall running focus, cycling and swimming for recovery….. marathon training. Like real marathon training. To culminate in a January Marathon.

Gosh I have never done anything like that before. Let’s do it.

So I am taking my down time seriously (I have three whole days in!!!) I am getting the season rest that I need. I am building Leggos like I invented them. The new coaching Gig at QT2 is coming along and I am learning so much. This weekend I will be hanging at the Nickel City Elite races to watch the Olympians and some of my teammates compete, meeting with some athletes and friends……

And I bought two new pairs of running shoes.

They say that to do something you have never done before….. you’ve got to do something you never do. I have never done a run focus like this. I have never run a  marathon in January (I chose the Charleston marathon because it has the best chances of being a cooler marathon). I don’t have any idea of what I could run. It’s been so long since I have even thought of a marathon outside of an Ironman that I don’t even have a dream flat-out time!!!

What I do know is that I can’t wait. There is no better time for running than the fall. The crisp air, the leaves, the endless trails in our area that offer the smell of autumn. Running in a long-sleeved top with gloves yet still running in shorts. Running with Cocoa off her leash just running free in Mendon.

I have a world championship spot in my pocket that I feel that I have to earn. And I am heading out to do just that.

But first….. just a few more pumpkins.


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