2012 season underway!

October 17, 2011

The Wizard and I reviewed the 2012 plan. What I have loved is that each season seems to have a different flavor to it, and each season piggybacks into the next one.  2012 has new things in it for me to try….. the very first being a marathon!!!!!! As I have said before I ran two marathons in the late 90’s, then I ran 6…. those just happened to be after a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 mile bike ride. My biggest concern for this marathon is: where will I pee at the starting line???????

When I first announced I’d be doing a marathon…. I got those emails. You know which ones I mean…… the “you need to” emails.

You need to run 120 miles a week 84 of them at threshold tempo at 8.998% marathon goal pace.

You need to run 9 days a week double runs all of the time at balls out pace.

Your biking will suffer and you will get injured.

All I really need to do… is listen to my coach. He sort of has a proven record with this sort of stuff.

Truth be told I have never been a high mileage runner. It just never panned out that way. The past few weeks have entailed 40 mile weeks and wow, it feels good. All easy, nothing spectacular. As we build up towards 60 we are hitting uncharted territory for me and that always holds risk. Being that running is an impact sport there will always be risk.

To help minimize that risk I am working hard on my running form thanks to what I have done in the past with my run analysis, which was refreshed yesterday as I jumped into a free clinic here in Rochester offered by the RunSmart guys. These guys are exactly along the same lines as what we teach here at QT2…. to have reviewed was beautiful. Plus I get to see Bobby McGee this week!!!!!! (contain yourself EGGERS!)

I am also working hard on body composition which is always a continuous thing. Excess body fat will always contribute to excess wear and tear on our valuable joints. Running being a weight-bearing sport will also help in this as well as shredding some muscle off these legs!

I am utilizing swimming and biking for the next 12 weeks for recovery and to aid in base building.

I am working our strength protocol using the adaptation and , max strength protocols,  then will gradually change over to TRX. Strength training per se will always slow you down, but if you progress through it correctly you can minimize that occurence as it becomes insurance against injury. Very important as we near the age 40 mark! (few more years!).

I am utilizing my restoration and recovery methods: foam roller, heated yoga, flexibility, good nutrition in and out of training, enough sleep….. I am not sure about the ice baths during the winter. I am freezing as it is right now!!!!!!

To be safe for now we aren’t intending on putting in a bunch of speedwork except one tempo run per week for now. Being that I will be running the highest mileage of my life we need to be very careful. Based on how things go we could change that. This marathon is in January so I can’t come out of it burnt and injured.

As we get closer to it we will have a better idea of that kind of time I can expect to run. Right now I have absolutely no clue….. which makes it all the more intriguing to me. A distance I really haven’t touched outside of an Ironman in over 12 years……. the highest mileage I have ever built up to….. and in January no less!!!!!!

It’s a sick kind of fun I suppose.

I am taking on a challenge I haven’t really taken on before like this. That in itself brings a whole new level of something……. excitement mixed with wide open arms. What on earth will happen? I am open to the end result. Some athletes deal with that anxiety by trying to take control of it, I throw it into the air and scream…. let’s see what we can do.

Each season it’s important to keep things revolving, keep them new, keep them fresh. I am not good at the Ironman chase year after year after year. There is too much to do and explore and experience to live on that hamster wheel. I still have so much left on my list of things to do and try successive Ironman chases to me….. frankly are boring. Which is not to say that if you chase that…… that you are boring…..  you have to find your own path and be secure in it.

You only get to do this once, don’t spend your time living someone else’s life.” (SJ)….. to that I would also add……. don’t spend your life staring into someone else’s mirror either.

So here we go. Embarking on a journey I have never taken before, at a time of the year I have never been in full training mode. Bring on more beautiful fall colors, more crisp air and dare I say snow? As cold as it gets around here there is a little saying we have in these parts:

There is no such thing as bad weather….. only bad gear.


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  1. the 40s is new territory for me, but this is “I wanna improve” marathon type training!

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