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October 28, 2011

Forgive me… it’s been a few days since I have written. Oddly when the site goes a little silent I get inundated with “Are you okay” emails, which is really much too kind. Believe me I am grateful you make this site a stop in your day and I promise, next week we will be chock full of great stuff from Panama City Beach and Ironman Florida. I have some terrific interviews lined up.

Me…. I am super. Things are busy and in a very good way. Coaching with QT2 is rolling right along and I am getting it, I think. It’s been a very big learning curve, and not without some tough days…. but the good kind of tough days. As I always say anything worth anything is hard. A good hard, a challenge my brain and my abilities hard.

I am loving the blend of athletes I am working with. In total I will have 8 one on one athletes and unlimited Mission Plan athletes. I have two spots left and all of our one to one coaching spots will be gone soon…… so if you are looking to get in…… now would be the time.

Since we are on the topic of QT2…… several things are happening with us that in my opinion are things you do not want to miss. The first are the camps we are holding…… I will be at our Florida and Placid camp…… and in my wildest dreams I never thought I’d have the ability to be coaching a camp like these!!!!

1. February Clermont Training Camp: For details click here. The nitty gritty is this: From Feb 9-12th we will train in Florida, swim at the National Training Center, and learn a ton. We will have one heck of a group of age groupers to professional athletes who are all incredible and more than willing to share.

2. Lake Placid Training Camp: For eight years I ran a training camp in Placid in June, and one of our biggest worries with me coming on board with QT2…. is what would happen to camp? I am very excited that camp will be a QT2 camp…… and seriously supped up. From June 21-24th again we will have a terrific group of age group and professional athletes training side by side. We will hold an aquabike competition…… and the Eggers versus Kropelnicki swim off…. perhaps…… click here for details….. another not to miss event.

3. QT2 / Core Diet FREE iPhone app!:  Yeah for REAL! Click here for details.
Trust me this is just the beginning of what’s in store in 2012 for QT2!!!

As for me…… stay tuned I have some terrific interviews coming out next week. My long awaited Ballou Skies Kona 6 interview, a few on the podiums with Cait Snow and Lisa Bentley. And stay tuned for some great interviews with some of the amazing professional women competing at Ironman Florida next weekend. We are going to give video a shot, so hang on to your seats!!!!

Now you can see why it’s been a little crazy ’round here!

Last evening….. was special. A group of us gathered at a local restaurant to surprise our friend Matt, as he is preparing to move across the country in just over 2 weeks. I had the honor of coaching Matt for about 18 months….. last year at this time we were preparing him for his second Ironman in which he went an awesome 10:13. This season he’s absolutely catapulted himself to some incredible performances. I fully believe he will be sub ten at IMFL. It’s been wonderful to stand back this season and watch him take himself to new heights. He’s been a good friend to our family and a wonderful role model for Luc…… so it was fitting that a few of us gather to send him off.

I truly think of this community as family. It has been for the past 15 years and it will continue to grow for a good 50 more. Many faces have come and gone….. and we’ve been grateful to hold on to so many wonderful people.  I love Matt’s journey, I love how he has grown in more ways than as an athlete…… and I can’t wait to continue to sit back and watch his journey unfold. I am very lucky to have coached him, and I am very lucky to call him a friend. Next week I will watch him absolutely smash Ironman Florida and then he will be off to the west coast for a new adventure.

Go Matt!

Low phone battery = no flash = weird dark picture

We had a terrific dinner, and then I got really wild and ran 1:20 on the tready listening to house music. It’s like I went out!

As for me and my training….. rolling right along. I am loving marathon training, I love this time of the year. The cold feels good, the crisp air feels sharp, and I am feeling good.

I am in the middle of establishing a few programs locally that I am very excited to share with you, and I will as soon as I can…… as well as beginning the selection process of a new bike. More to come!



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  1. you do have a lot going on! but it is good!!!!!!! :)))))

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