Ironman Florida 2011

November 6, 2011

At the pro press conference on Thursday Jessica Jacobs said it best “You are like an onion in the Ironman, you peel away a little all day long and you find out who you truly are at your core”.

What a race. It was amazing to watch this woman earn herself the 13th fastest Ironman time in history at the 13th running of Ironman Florida. What made her more amazing is that she’s not only a former solider, her husband is deployed in Iraq and she’s temporarily the single mother of their 6 year old daughter. Put that together with the fact that she lost her father earlier this year….. and you’d think this would have been a good year to take a year off.

Jessica Jacobs responds by winning Ironman Wisconsin on 9/11 and then breaking the record at Ironman Florida yesterday with an 8:55 and a stunning 2:53 marathon, one of the fastest in history!

As I watched this race two people kept popping into my mind. Jessica’s daughter and her first Drill Sargeant back in boot camp. I can only imagine what that boot camp was like. And as for her daughter…… well she is being brought up knowing that anything is possible if you believe in yourself.

I wrote about her in my pre race report right here, look for another Xtri article today or tomorrow outlining a really awesome women’s race as well!

Ironman Florida brought everything it always does….. lots of wind yet lots of fast bike splits. People wrongly accuse those who head here as cherry picking….. or looking for fast times on an easy course.

Please show me an easy 140.6 mile course because I would be in line to sign up for it.

Team Eggers was out there all day long on our motorcycles following our friends and our Qt2 Teammates. A mechanical issue on our side left us to scramble for the car yet hurry back for Matt’s amazing 9:31, age group win and Kona spot. (Just as an FYI: I coached Matt in 2010 I don’t coach him anymore, he’s now coached by Ian Mikelson…..  who is obviously a good fit for him!)

Our QT2 athletes did terrific. Their own personal records fell and fell quickly. A lot of people ask our athletes how they run so well off the bike….. it’s really not a secret. Anyone can go out there and smash a bike course….. look at my results I am famous for the fly on the bike…. die on the run. This is where a power meter can really come in handy. It’s a governor of sorts. You can average XX HR and XX mph all day long but the power truly tells the story. A very big part of how Jessica Jacobs can run a sub three-hour marathon off the bike is not just in her run training….. it’s how she executes that bike.

Understand that system and trust me….. things will change. It’s hard to let go of bike ego. Especially on a course like this. It’s not that Jacobs took it easy….. she rides it smart.

In the morning before the race  I stood on the beach as a coach and as media, and just got quiet. I know if it is time for me to do an Ironman if I feel … I wish I was out there….. I will not sign up for an Ironman any other way. To me Ironman is too unforgiving and occupies too much of my life to do it half-hearted. I have to be 100%.  I will not do it just to do it.

I didn’t feel it.

I thought about the goals we set for 2012, and I got the butterflies. Okay, then I know that I am on the path I need to be on. 6 Ironmans ….. that’s good for now.

This…. is honestly how I decide my season.

I get the butterflies for my athletes. I love coaching them through this experience. That gets me fired up and excited more so than racing it. for the second time this season I also had media credentials at an Ironman race. When I step into the media area it’s awesome to now know my fellow media peeps…… because I am no journalist, I am just some girl who loves her sport and knows how to write about it and most of the time makes silly grammatical mistakes. They have welcomed me anyways.

Coach and media….. I love spending Ironman this way right now. My seventh Ironman will come, but there is no hurry.

You are like an onion in Ironman. Slowly throughout the day the layers get peeled and it reveals who you are in your very core. It reveals you to yourself. Even in my toughest days of Iron I have alway been thrilled beyond thrilled to arrive at that finish line. I don’t understand defeated looks as that line is crossed. Last year I had a tough day here myself and still….. getting through that may have been my biggest victory ever.

Now it’s time to shut down and unplug for a few days……. we have family vacation to continue and some serious ocean time to be had.

Congratulations to all!


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