Reviewing your season

November 11, 2011

As 2011 comes to a close it’s time to review how the season went, look at what went well and what didn’t and begin to formulate the plan for 2012. If you are doing an Ironman in 2012 you already have a good idea of what your 2012 will look like, otherwise you have a wide open canvas. What will 2012 bring for you?

Before we get into some specifics…. remember that education even if you are a coached athlete is vital in this sport. I see too many athletes sampling theory of the week, so educate yourself about what you are doing. Check out our QT2 webinar page as we have some really good webinars coming up that can add to your knowledge. Click here for that schedule. You will pay more than a mortgage payment for an Ironman and three times that for a bike, spend $20 on some knowledge.

At QT2 we take a very systematic look at the season. It is no secret that we believe there are four cornerstones to your success as an athlete (Actually now five). We take a look at these four things to determine how well it went, and what dials we need to turn going forward.

1. Preparation: This seems easy but to me it’s the most complex. I would ask yourself the following questions…..

  •  Were you able to adhere to a steady systematic approach to training?
  • Did you over-race?
  • Did you stick to your plan? If you had a coach did you listen to them? If you didn’t, why did you bother with a coach to begin with?
  • Did you stick to your paces and zones and track your progress? Nothing is worse than an athlete saying “I don’t know if I have improved” when they have tracked metrics. The answers are right there.

2. nutrition: This hold a lot more weight than you think it does. I know a lot of really talented athletes who live on pop tarts and use Ironman as a license to eat. Jessica Jacobs said it best down here at IMFL “Your body is a machine. You don’t put bad gas in your car and expect it to perform at a top level.” Exactly.

  • Were you at a healthy body composition? Not too lean?
  • Were you mindful of pre and post workout fueling?
  • Do you put good food into your body (please note, this does not say don’t eat cake.)

3. Race Pacing: When it came to race day…. did you follow the plan or did you get caught up in ego.

  • What tools did you use to help you with race execution
  • If you have a coach, did you help develop that plan and did you execute it.
  • What went well in that experience? What went wrong?

4. Race Fueling. Another overlooked entity of many programs. Did you execute your race fueling? Why or why not?

  • Did you practice this fueling in training?
  • Did you use a combination of products that worked for you?
  • DId you take the time to allow this to develop?

5. Our  5th cornerstone is all about mental fitness. If you had all of these other cornerstones in line and still did not perform as well as you should have, we have to look north. We have to look to the mind. In my opinion this is the one that makes or breaks the entire package. Like I alluded to you can have all of the above in a tight neat line…. if you are not mentally fit it doesn’t matter. It all goes to shambles.

I suggest taking the time, you put in the work and you spent the time so why not. It’s worth a few minutes to sit down and write it all out. What worked versus what didn’t. What dials do you still have to turn?

Did you arrive to that big final race ready to rock it, and walk away stunned. The preparation was there…. what happened? I have been there and done that. Trust me, the answers are in the above five.

(I love this picture)


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