November 13, 2011

Nights like Saturday cause me to pause, look around and just be grateful. It’s like I have two separate lives that over the years have slowly entwined. My life as a triathlete and my life as a yoga girl. for the most part they don’t understand one another, but for the few who cross those lives with me….. they understand what I mean.


Saturday night was the grand opening of Breathe’s third location….. the Breathe Annex as we call it… at the Hutchison House, which is the house next to the Eastman House on East Ave (did that make sense?). It’s one of those old mansions… and I will be teaching there on Tuesday night’s at 6:30.

You should see the studio. High ceilings, big windows, the original wood. We have room for like a hundred people in class. Which is good because our goal is to get everyone in Rochester on their mat!!!!!

I didn’t take pictures on Saturday night, but Tuesday I promise I will. I am not one to be mesmerized by interiors of anything….. but this…. it took me.

Saturday night was the farm to Table Benefit, and I have to guess that $10K was raised for the SEVA challenge….. which is a cause Breathe has been loyal to for a few years now. You can read more about it here.

We went as a family, which was nice because Luc has grown up in this place as well. I remember carrying him in there on my hip….. and now he’s taller than some of our teachers. It was great because I get to share this all with Curt.

It makes me realize how long I have been there. Since that first original studio….. to when the first renovation took place and the studio was moved upstairs. Then a second renovation, the teaching kitchen then a new studio in Webster….. now the annex….. wow. I swear every time Cyndi tells me of a new plan I am like… what? are you serious? are you on crack? Then she makes it happen.

Cyndi has taught me how to dream without limits and how to be clear in my intentions.

It’s more than the physical growth. It’s the relationships over the years that’s what holds me so tightly. I feel like I have grown up here and watched others do the same. Technically it’s my job to teach yoga but every time I walk through the door it’s like I walk into my home. It’s the type of people who work and come to Breathe. Warm, full of spirit, full of heart…….

We have shed tears together. Experienced life together. Experienced death together. We’ve experienced diagnoses, breakdowns, and some of the most magnificent comebacks you have ever seen. We’ve laughed, we’ve been surprised, we’ve even been attacked. I feel like we could all sit in the cafe at Breathe together, have an Acai bowl and say….. good lord we’ve survived some good shit…… and some really bad shit. But damn…. we survived. And we did it together.

Cyndi leads us with her heart and if there is one woman’s gut instinct I trust….. it’s hers. If she says we are going to get everyone in Rochester on a yoga mat…… then trust me we will. And it’s never happened by manipulation and force….. it’s always been….. teach from your place of truth and then they will come. As I said she’s taught me to dream big and no matter what the others say….. if you are clear in your intentions and your beliefs then nothing is impossible.

No teacher training, yoga book…. or anything on this earth has been able to teach me that.

I always joke that I am not your typical yoga teacher. Cyndi would say….. what the hell is a typical yoga teacher, drop your story Eggers. and ain’t that the truth.

I have never been to India….. I have never studied with the big names…. because I consider who I teach with the big names to be honest. And I believe that my greatest teachers are the students who come to class. It’s not me sharing with you guys, it’s you guys who teach me.

Our students are my India….. and I get to experience that every time I am on the mat.

So this is the week…… I am stepping outside of my teaching comfort zone. I have been tucked away in the same studio for years. It’s my safe place, it’s my secret…. it’s my home. Now I will be teaching in a big beautiful room in a mansion that has more history than I can even imagine. I can’t help but wonder…… what was going on in here 80 years ago….. and who would have thought we’d be teaching yoga here?

In a downtown location I am going to meet all sorts of new people, which is my obsession to be honest….. and at the same time I will have the comfort of all the same yogis I have known for years.

One thing I do know….. it’s going to be freaking incredible.

I will see you Tuesday night at 6:30pm. At the Annex.

(Here is our class schedule)




  1. So true! What a journey life is…

  2. I agree! Life is a journey and it is amazing the places it can take us! Breathe has helped me so much in the last year and I don’t know where I would be without them & yoga!

  3. perpetual growth. does a yogi proud….

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