Block one….. done (and a new sponsor!)

November 19, 2011

It’s hard to believe I have the first block of training for 2012 under my belt, and it’s not even December yet!!!!! Ah…. the benefits of ending the season early. I have enjoyed beyond anything …. running in the fall. crisp air, crunching leaves, every time I leave my doorstep I am running in the most beautiful scenery ever. I love autumn.

The running focus is going well. Last week I strained my gastroc, just ever so slightly. Two days following the run injury protocol and I was 100% back in business. One of the many things I have learned here at QT2….. treat your injuries like your A race is next week. In my work with QT2 I have rarely had injuries, so when these things crop up I take care of them. End of story.

I do have one change to my 2012 schedule…. we decided to drop the Charleston marathon in January. While I am super bummed…. the trip was costing an absolutely ridiculous amount of money. With all of the traveling I have coming up in 2012 I had to be logical. If I drop this I could add in Mooseman 70.3. SOLD. Nonetheless we are continuing this running block as if I were marathoning in January, so I am eager to see how it all plays out. If all goes well I may run a marathon in the fall unless I get sucked into another Ironman, or Rev 3 full, or not. (Ironman is crack to me).

My updated 2012 race schedule is here.

I am really enjoying the flow of my training this season. Thus far my time with QT2 has been about getting back to the basics. It meant I had to slow down and understand pacing and get my nutrition under control. While my race results look slower, my fitness increased. I was told I had to be patient and oh man, trust me I have been. With my health solid and all of the lessons I have learned inside of me, I am really looking forward to attaining the goals I set. I am still working with the Wizard, the only change is that I have a little more ownership over my training which is really really good for me.

This season it looks as if I will be off my beloved Cervelo. I have ridden a Cervelo for the last decade and it would take something very special to cause me to change that. 15 years ago I lived in an apartment in Buffalo, right down the street from a bike shop. I walked in there one day and met Jim Costello, who has been my “bike guy” for my entire life. He was fitting bikes before this whole FIST thing was even developed. He does more than measure, he watches, and he watches and he watches. He took a position for a while at Roswell Park, which was a good change for him….. however now he is back where he belongs. RIGHT DOWN THE STREET FROM ME HERE IN ROCHESTER.

Seriously? Seriously. The Eggers and Jim Costello have reunited.

Jim is a huge part of Berts Bikes not only out here in Rochester but in Buffalo as well. I love Jim, no doubt about that. Love. (We love Jim I should say). I adore all of the amazing bike shops out here…… and what I love about them is they understand me and the connection I have with Jim. It’s very cool out here in Rochester….. the bike shops don’t go after one another, they strangely support one another (it’s how triathlon coaching is around here as well…… I love this community).

Thanks to Jim, Berts Bikes and to Trek Bicycles ….. looks like I will be riding a Speed Concept for 2012.

Throughout my years I have had incredible people like Jim behind me. While I have been getting healthy and haven’t had the top top results, they still support me, and allow me to do what I need to do to bring my performance to the levels we know they can be at. I know….. I am sometimes elusive about the whole thing…… it’s just a long story and trust me…. one I will tell in due time.

I am grateful beyond belief to have people like Jim and all of those folks to the right column there to support little old me in the pursuit of my dreams. I am one lucky kiddo. Adding Jim back into that mix feels like everything is finally complete again. Like my triathlon family has come full circle.

Love this life.

Look for some exciting news this week from Bert’s Bikes, a little project we are involved with and will roll out. It will involve you I promise.

And with that….. here we go. Diving into block two of training which will take me though the holidays, and my annual trip to Boston. The past two years I have gone to Boston to meet with The Wizard to discuss the season, this year I go to the QT2 coaching conference, a Christmas party and then I get to sit down with my professional triathlete and the Wizard….. and map out a plan.

I can’t freaking wait.



  1. Hot mama! Awesome sponsorship!

  2. trek speed concepts are for hot chicks. i should know 😉

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