Dreaming of Iron….. again

November 26, 2011

Before we begin today….. here is a little video Team Eggers did with the awesome Jim Costello of Berts Bikes….. explaining what we are going to be doing at Berts on Thursdays….. beginning this Thursday! Click here for more information!

I get a little bit excited on Ironman days. So much so, that I thought Ironman Cozumel was today. Buzzkill. It’s tomorrow. Great. Now my day of spectating and harassing Wheeler and Charlie on Hey Tell  will need to wait.

I so thought today was Sunday. I feel like I woke up and thought it was Christmas. And it’s not.

Excited for an Ironman there Eggers?” One of my friends emailed me as they laughed at my FaceBook wrong day good luck postings…… I felt like I got caught red-handed. I am excited for an Ironman… I admit. In fact, it started again some time ago and I haven’t quite been realizing it.

I am dreaming of Ironman again.

With 6 Ironmans under my belt I don’t churn these things out annually. My first Ironman came 8 years after I even began this sport, but it was truthfully due to accessibility back then. Until 1999 the only North American Ironmans were Ironman Canada and Kona. Lake Placid began in 1999.

I am a durable athlete, I have good base and I am healthy. I certainly could race Ironman a lot. I know loads of athletes who churn 2-3 Ironman races out each season, which is terrific. To each their own. It’s not me though. I have to be drooling and chomping at the bit to be on that starting line. In the meantime I satisfy my thirst for competition with sprint, olympic and 70.3 races.

With the boom of Ironman I think these shorter distances have become somewhat of a lost art. How many times has someone said to you “I just do the short distances, not the real one:. Remember this: swim, bike, run of any distance is a real triathlon. If people feel the need to intimidate you because you choose not to do Ironman then that’s their insecurity.

At QT2 we always say that taking on Ironman is like going to grad school. You have to put in the time, there is no other way around it. I see a lot of athletes sign up for Ironman, find themselves unable to put in the required training and then wonder why race day becomes such a sh*t show.

Ironman takes time, bottom line. The athletes I respect most are the ones who respect themselves, who know when it just isn’t for them, and at the same time the ones who know it is. If you honestly can’t balance the time requirements with your life and therefore choose not to do Ironman….. that’s a good choice.

There are so many other distances and events and series to do. Don’t limit yourself.

As I loaded up the computrainer the other day I felt a crazy butterfly like feeling in my stomach. I was just embarking on a 45 mile ride of the Ironman Canada course. My HR was skyrocketing, I was riding much too hard and after a few minutes I halted…. what is going on here? Oh Eggers…… you are excited about Ironman again.

I smiled. I took a deep breath. I knew it’d come back to me. I knew it. If I am patient it always does.

Looks like our Ironman Canada 2013 plan is a go then.

I even jumped onto the racermate website and took a look at the real course video. Ironman Canada is there, and it’s on its way to me. If you know anything about Ironman Canada, it’s stunning. It’s Lake Placid on steroids. And it’s still owned by Graham Fraser, if you haven’t done a GF owned Ironman then you are seriously missing out.

2011 was very much about getting my health together, and making the transition from small business owner to QT2 Coach. That process in itself was and still is a giant transition. But now I don’t have to worry about all of the details of running a business. Now I just learn and coach. Don’t get me wrong there are still details with QT2. Things like being part of a coaching team instead of being just myself, learning the details of how we set things up and flow them along instead of my old way of running my show. These are the things that I love and I feel as if I have been refreshed in an entirely new way.

It’s as if my slate has been wiped clean as an athlete and as a coach. I am approaching coaching from a new perspective….. and I am approaching training from an entirely new vantage point. My training is now suddenly more focused. I am coaching in the same system I am training in. I am not worrying about small business details, I am learning coaching details.

My energy is focused for the first time in I don’t know how long. So long that I didn’t even know I didn’t have focus.

I am healthy and I am hungry, and 2012 is at my feet. A clean slate. A canvas on which I shall paint my dreams and goals and all the other stuff that comes with it. 2012 has very definite goals, and 2012 leads directly into 2013 which is the race I have dreamt for the past 11 years about. Ironman Canada.

So my following fellow teammates and friends at Ironman Cozumel will have to wait 24 more hours. In the meantime I can revel in the excitement that I feel so lucky to be able to feel again. It’s the excitement that causes you to dream again, causes you to reach again, and causes you to look forward to 140.6 again.

Game freaking on.



  1. Awesome. FREAKING awesome.

  2. Oh yes!!! Canada 2013! How exciting! 😉

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