Fire in the HOLE!

December 10, 2011

Yes…. it’s snowing on the blog. No, I don’t remember how that happens! It goes till the end of Jan I think! I love snow!

It happens to all of us…. at least once or twice a season if you take care of yourself right. More often if you don’t practice good nutrition and recovery / restoration (disclaimer….. not every athlete who gets sick neglects it, but it can play a huge part).

It’s always a wrench in the training plan. It always feels like you take a bunch of steps back. Bottom line is that you have to allow yourself to be sick when you are sick.

Since my work with the Core Diet along with the fact that I began sleeping 7 nights a week about a year ago…… yes, for about 10 years I only slept 5 as I was a pediatric emergency / trauma nurse part time which is shift work……  my pronation to illness has dropped significantly.

Imagine that.

Yet it is inevitable that some sort of bugger-or-other will nip us at some point. If we are lucky it’s in December when base training is in full effect with no races on the horizon soon.

I got sick last Sunday. we had just finished a terrific trail run. The boys ran ahead a bit and I allowed myself to fall back, incredibly proud that on trails I was hitting mid zone 1 heart rate. I was slated for a double run that day. At QT2 we don’t tend to run much over 2:00 in a straight shot.And many times we will split that run into 2. I was slated for a 1:15 in the am and 1:15 in the pm. It sounds strange but it works terrific. Form stays good due to being fresh for the second run, among many other things.

No, I don’t have time for double runs either. I make the time because this is what is important to me.I have done this second run as late as 10 PM. Thank you Starbucks for fueling that one.

Upon coming home, I felt very off. Ugh. Because I am so diligent about pre, during and post workout recovery I knew immediately this was an issue not related to training. I put myself in bed, and planned on resuming the second run later as scheduled.

When I say I have the best 2 guys on earth I mean it. They are incredible. This time of the year especially Curt is amazing with household projects, seasonal activities…. so as I was sick I simply dropped out of the events of the day, and went to bed. Luc took my temperature and revealed it was definitely a low-grade fever. No problem, I am a nurse, I took the recommended amount of Tylenol and Motrin and went to bed for a bit. Planning on that run later. Now remember…. a fever is not a bad thing. Thermogenesis… it’s how we fight bacteria. Relying on meds to bring it down may in fact delay the illness, (But speak with your doctor about that before not treating your own or your child’s fever.) so I am careful not to hit it too hard.

5pm came and my GI system wasn’t well. Okay no problem, I will bag tonight’s run, move it to Monday morning, which is a recovery day, do it really early and stay on track.

Monday morning came and I was not holding anything in me. Okay, let me sleep in and then I will do the run and my recovery stuff then.

Then came….. and I had a higher fever and a worse GI system. This was not going well.

I used to take care of an amazing young man with Leukemia. He had battled it his entire life and he did eventually pass on to better things than the hell he was living. When he would vomit or “lose it in his pants” —> his words, not mine….. he would cry out “FIRE IN THE HOLE.” You have to be in those situations to really understand the heaviness of them…… so when he would cry out we knew he needs us now and through all of his GI misery….. he’d be laughing. Fire in the hole was his battle cry. It makes me smile every time I think of those words, because of his amazing spirit. It makes me cry because I will always miss him.

So when I am sick with a similar GI issue…… I say FIRE IN THE HOLE….. and leave it at that.

So we will leave it at that.

To make a long story short….. fever lasted a few days. I lost four pounds (sorry but I will always accept bonus weight loss) couldn’t keep anything in me. Moved workouts around and around and around and around to keep the volume. One complete days got missed. Then it became two. Then…… omg…. three. Even I…. even at this stage of the game and this level of experience….. had those thoughts. You know…. OMG I  have a 70.3 April 1st I am missing important volume…… come on Eggers you tried to get on your bike and your HR was zone 3 before pedaling not to mention you would have shat yourself the entire ride……

THEN I finally admit to Jesse….. THEN I finally take an entire day on the couch.

Did you know the Today Show is on for like FOUR HOURS? Did you know Kathy Lee Gifford is not only still alive but she still looks young? Did you know that Days of Our Lives is Still on the air (I always wonder If Sami is still Bulimic). By the end of Wednesday I thought I was going to develop a damn bedsore.

My point…… I am just like you. I don’t know if getting a routine viral GI illness is ever going to feel routine. I accept that I certainly will never act like it is routine.

So we did what we could….. we just picked up where I left off. Thursday I was able to swim and have a terrific ride at Berts. Friday a good swim, a good run and I was spent by the time I hit the bike. We just roll along and see how I feel by Sunday and then literally…. move on.

But today, Saturday……. feels like all systems go. I watch my HR pretty intently and it will take about a week for me to return to normal paces. In April I won’t even remember this week, and in the big picture it will have no impact on my season. That’s largely because I am very consistent in my training. As long as you are consistent and stick to your plan…. something like this won’t be an issue.Trying to play make-up-the-volume doesn’t work.

You have to not only know your body, but you have to respect your body. It’s brought us this far, it won’t fail us now as long as we take care of it. When you are sick, allow yourself to be sick. Treat a fever accordingly…… ramping up on mega doses of vitamin C doesn’t make anything faster (your body only absorbs so much of any vitamin level, the rest becomes very expensive urine). Stay hydrated, eat bland, and …….. REST. That system will work every single time.

So it’s back on the horse! We’ve got a giant week ahead!!!!!

This week I am headed to Boston for the QT2 coaching conference and Christmas Party!!!!! Stay tuned, there is always an adventure with us!















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