Warp speed!

December 13, 2011

To say things are happening at the speed of light ’round here is an understatement. I am not even sure where to begin. Last I knew I was celebrating Thanksgiving and the next thing I know…. I am behind on Christmas shopping once again. Actually, I am ahead this season. I bought two presents a week ago.

Christmas: I’ll admit, I am a Christmas Eve shopper. Always have been and most likely always will be. There is something about grabbing oneself a Venti Christmas blend, and hitting the stores with a big smile. Everyone is nice to each other this time of the year, and the Scrooges I find in the stores can be softened with a little dose of kindness. This might be the first Christmas where “some assembly required” may sadly not apply. *sigh*.

Health: Somehow, someway I managed to survive the Bubonic Plague. I manage to only get sick once (this year twice… bone infection!) a year but man, when I get sick I go down hard. I got in about 1/4 of my training volume last week, so we switched things up a bit and adjusted the histogram. I am just about back to baseline HR versus power and pace. Whew. Because I am consistent every single week….. we can afford a week where everything is blown to hell. Special thanks to my home medical team for the incredible care.

Coaching: Things with QT2 are really going well. I feel as if I have finally finally settled in. There are still many things I have yet to learn but I am getting there. This weekend we have a QT2 Coaching conference in Boston, and I am so freaking psyched to be going. It’ll be the first time I am at a QT2 event as a Qt2 Coach! Have you seen this coaching team?????? I am so honored to work with these coaches, what an amazing group of people.

Party: This weekend is also the QT2 Christmas Party (am I supposed to say holiday?). I have been told….. “Clean yourself up Eggers and be prepared to be over served”. I can guarantee this: I will have the most fabulous hair at the party and it will have taken me 0.5 seconds to do. #fact.

Wheeler versus Eggers swim challenge: Wheeler and I have a little swim challenge going on…… weekly we’ve been racing the 50 kick. Yes, 50 KICK. No we don’t live in the same city so we go on the honor system when we report times and we even use video. We are both pretty horrible kickers, which makes it more fun. I kicked a 49 on Monday and took the lead. Why a kick challenge? A few reasons: 1. It’s fun to have any kind of challenge. 2. no one kicks in triathlon (insert sarcasm) therefore the kick is not important. Just go to 1:10 of this video and verify. Every second matters when you are aiming for the top spot.

And it’s fun, did I mention that yet? I love screaming forty nine into Hey Tell a few hundred times an hour in the hopes he’s somewhere quiet and hey tell accidentally turns on. Charlie does that to me all the time.

Thursday at Berts! Our free Thursday trainer sessions at Berts Bikes in Henrietta have begun and are going well! This week we will focus on some big gear sets as well as functional strength off the bike, remember it is FREE and FUN! Reserve a trainer or bring your own!!!! 6:30, be there! Click here for more info!

Millennium Falcon: This might be the best thing I have ever Luc has ever played with. It was a gift for his birthday (ironically from the same Grandmother who gave him twenty dollars for losing his first tooth while we were in Germany, but she shall remain nameless). This thing retails at about $150, and I have gotten a boatload of emails from parents Santa asking if I would pay that much for a Lego set.

Hands down. Yes I would.

Come on, look at this thing! And look at the kid next to it. Please excuse the hat, he’s been brainwashed by his Grandfather.

I am also someone who pays to do Ironman. If I can fork over a *couple* hundred bucks for a medal and a day of *spiritual awesome* then I can certainly suck it up and put a few pesos down for this baby. (but I didn’t, let’s be honest) The experience of assembling 1254 Legos was honestly…… magnificent to watch happen. My son is also an only child who doesn’t need to share with siblings. I can visualize one hell of a terrific sibling fight over this thing. That might be fun.

It’s the Millennium Falcon. Bottom line. I will however draw the line at the Death Star. This thing retails at about $400. I would not refuse this as a gift however.I don’t know if Legos get any cooler than this thing.

Teens Living With Cancer: We are getting closer to our start date for TLC FIT, the first program we know of (heck, we CREATED IT!) that focuses on teens getting fit and healthy after chemotherapy and radiation. tonight I get to meet these incredible kids. We are facing some pretty big deadlines this week (being a real research study and all!!!), so things are getting a little antsy for me.

I would like to thank our friend at Fluffy Lamb Fightwear for creating these amazing T Shirts, hopefully we will get them for the TLC Kids!!!! They will also be for sale to the general public, let me know if you are interested in one, all proceeds will go to some sort of Cancer Fund, when I get details I can let you know where!

Am I always this happy and excitable? Yes. That’s why people either love me or hate me, but … haters are gonna hate. This is how I see it….. nothing in this world gets solved with hate. Turn on the news. People are screaming at one another all day long over Iraq, money and the Kardashians, and none of those issues ever get solved. Throw a little kindness into the world and see what happens. You have a choice at the beginning of every single day. Every single day is a canvas and you get to create the scene. I just choose to grab life by the balls every single damn day. Yes really, I am that simple. I am black or white. On time or not coming. No need to try to read between the lines…. it’s blank. I am just like this! Consider that fair warning.

Time to hit the Ironman Canada course!


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