TLC Fit & QT2 Webinar

December 14, 2011

I must have a *thing* for places with three letters.

Today will be real quick, but I have some sharing to do,and a favor to ask.

I will be back on Monday with some stories I am sure, as it’s our QT2 coaching conference and big time party. There seems to be a dance contest shaping up between Mr. Logan Franks, Pat Wheeler, myself, and I am sure Doug McLean has some moves like Jaggar too. Stay tuned is all I can say. I just need to catch Miss Mary Miller running down the street on Saturday morning and get her to our conference first. She’s quick. I have a lasso, let’s hope this works well. With these names…. don’t worry there will be pictures.

While I am thinking about QT2 stuff, join Jesse this Monday December 19th from 7-8pm for a FREE webinar! He will be outlining the protocols and such of our programs here at QT2. It’s free, he’s a great teacher and coach….. what have you got to lose? Click here to register!

Last night I had the honor of meeting some of the amazing teens from Teens Living With Cancer. As I was driving home I thought to myself….. I just met some of the most incredible people of my entire life. They were incredible.

And we played Kan Jam. Enough said.

Here is the TLC Fit logo:

And here are some of the teens:

Many of you have asked how you can help. We are a fully funded research study, so we don’t need donations to our program. If you would like to make a donation to Teens Living With Cancer….. trust me this funding is needed and necessary. Here is a Christmas gift idea……. instead of asking for X,Y or Z for Christmas….. ask for a donation to TLC. I think that’s the best gift ever.

With our funding we have been able to purchase all the equipment we need. However we are in need of one thing that seems silly to buy:

Milk jugs. Seriously? Yes. Here is why: these are easy to adjust in terms of weight. Fill with water to make em heavier, empty to make them lighter. They are very practical and easy. If you don’t mind saving your milk jugs over the next few weeks, we’d highly appreciate it. Screw on caps please! I will let you know where and when we can exchange!


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