QT2 weekend. Wow.

December 19, 2011


I don’t even know where to begin. 48 hours ago we were on our way to Boston, and now I am home in front of the fire. It was game changing.Where to begin?

Let me begin with two important items of buisiness.

1. QT2 Orientation Webinar: Tonight, at 7pm Jesse is holding a free webinar detailing exactly what we do here at QT2 Systems. Everything you need to know, is right here. This hour is worth your time, trust me on that. You won’t find a more comprehensive, inclusive and personalized training program anywhere. Trust me on this. Click here to register.

2. USAT CEU’s: Our QT2 webinars are now CEU’s for USAT certified coaches! Enough said. Click here for that.

Now, the weekend. There were some shenanigans.

Arriving Friday night at the Boston Park Plaza Hotel I again was stoked to be staying in such a gorgeous, historic hotel for such a good price. Because of everything Curt and Luc do for me during the year….. I like to treat them if I can. Coming to Boston with me is a treat for them (I hope) as through the three years we have been coming here…. we have grown to love and know this city, especially during Christmas. Especially.

Saturday morning I got to meet the incredible Mary Miller as she hopped a ride to the QT2 Coaching conference with me, which was just a short drive away.

For the next 6 hours I sat on a conference room with perhaps the most incredible coaching team in the country. It was my first time together with all of the QT2 Coaches as a QT2 Coach. Our agenda was packed as we listened, discussed and spent time on mental fitness, looking at testing and tweaking training and protocols even better for our athletes, core diet and so much more. To understand and see where QT2 is headed made me feel incredibly proud and honored to join this team. Every day I thank my lucky stars to be part of such an amazing company.

After the meeting it was family time. Curt and Luc took me to see the Rockettes perform their Christmas Show at the Wang Theater. They had seen this show last year without me, and this time I wanted in on the fun. It was unbelievable. My favorite part: watching Luc’s eyes light up as the music played and the scenes unfolded. The magic of Christmas was alive and well. Loved every second of it.

Then….. came the QT2 Christmas Party (or maybe it was holiday party). The restaurant was right across the street from the Boston Park Plaza which made things easy. This year we had over 70 people attend, it was so incredible to see everyone in their normal clothes.

Jesse got up and made his annual speech, and then awarded some awards that we voted in. I was absolutely stunned….. honestly stunned to have been awarded the QT2 spirit award. To be thought of in this way by my peers left me speechless. I got a pair of sunglasses which have become known as the spirit glasses.

Solid gold baby.

The celebration….. well it turned into a celebration to say the least. During the season we are all so focused on coaching, training, traveling, everything…… it’s rare for all of us to get together … and just be together. So many of us knew one another through Facebook and Twitter but hadn’t met face to face…. so this was our time. Every few years I seem to find myself…. overserved……. and that may or may not have happened this weekend.

One of my favorite people to finally meet was Logan Franks. He came with his Mom who became known as Mamma Franks.

Me, Mamma Franks, and Logan

This woman raised three sons who all went into the military. She was hands down the most incredible woman I have ever met in my life. I want to be like HER when I grow up. She also was in on the party…… I think she led the ring.

I am actually about 10 inches tallen than Logan!

Dave and Jennie Hansen, wish I could do my eyes like that! eggers = no skill.

Me and Jaime Windrow, who heads up The Core Diet. She used to be a Rockette! Clearly I am *just* as klassy.

Courtney Wheeler and I, wearing the Spirit Glasses.

Showing Jennie Hansen how to model Spirit Glasses for things like triathlete magazine.

Pro Doug McLean, who really is that tall, and ITU star Ethan Brown, are we in Hawaii or something?

um..... maybe stopping here would be a good idea.

Clearly….. we had a good time. While we may have “felt it” the next morning….. I can report that we laughed and laughed and laughed. It’s a family here at QT2 and if you hang around us long enough….. you understand that.

Where were Curt and Luc? They were smart enough to hit the town on their own before things got insane. Curt always encourages me to have some fun. What husband does that….. go ahead honey…. let loose a little bit, enjoy yourself. I am lucky in many ways.

I came home from Boston feeling like it was another game changer for so many different reasons.for where QT2 is heading. For where my athletes are heading. For how it inspires me as an athlete to go after it all over again for entirely different reasons.

I thank my lucky stars that I landed with Qt2 not only as an athlete but now as a coach. In 2009 I was broken, physically broken. I emailed four coaches. They didn’t  have room for me, or were too expensive. Then came that last email from Jesse with the four words that began this entire journey.

I can help you.

So thank you Jesse, for believing in me. As an athlete and as a coach. This team, has changed my whole life.


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  1. You are not the only one that needs eyeliner lessons! I’ve never successfully worn it in my life!

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