Getting it back

December 20, 2011

Most of the time I do the interviewing, but this weekend the tables were turned and I got to answer the questions! A big special thanks to Courtney Wheeler (the better half of my “illegitimate son” Pat Wheeler). After the antics of the weekend I was a bit worried about which picture would make the cut. Look close for a special tip on exactly how to carry your wine glass.

Click here for that interview, and thanks so much Courtney!

After two weeks of absolute gastrointestinal hell, I am better. After Saturday night I am not sure HOW I am better, but I am better.

One of the best ways to detect something coming on is simply to utilize the tools you have. Often times you will see an illness coming before it hits. for example three days before I got really sick…… my mid zone 1 run pace was almost two minutes slower than normal. On the bike I was forty watts lower in mid zone 1. Uh -oh……. I knew something was brewing. Turns out it was one hell of a case of cyclobacter.

Often when illness begins to present you will get the advice…..  load up on vitamin C!!!! Drink this product, take that, etc. The truth of all of that is this: your body can only absorb a certain amount of vitamin C. Loading up on it just creates really expensive urine, because you end up peeing it all out. The best thing to do in all honesty is allow yourself to be sick and take it all one day at a time.

Now my training got very screwed up. Each week I got in about 1/4 of the volume I was scheduled to. Oh trust me I tried. If your body wants rest, it will find a way to rest you. I likely prolonged my illness a few days by trying to get it all in. Never works. So it took some revamping of the histogram on Jesse’s part, a little breathing on my part….. and life is going to go on.

How much fitness do we lose? It depends. Jesse taught me that you lose about three times the days you missed.

For example….. I missed a total of 5 days during the last 10. Multiply 5 by 3 (for three times) and we get 15. It will take me about 15 days to get back to where I was pre illness. Two weeks. It sounds like a ton of time….. but in the scope of a 52 week cycle….. it’s not that big of a deal. Fitness does get lost quickly but in some cases like this….. you don’t have a choice.

That’s not the same as skipping training. Not being able to train because you are sick is not something to beat yourself up about. If you try to train through illness……. you will just prolong it. Learn from my mistakes!

This morning I about leapt out of bed though. My feet hit the ground and I drooled to be on my bike again. Jim Costello took it away for the weekend and when I picked her up yesterday…… touched up paint and freshly tuned……. oh man. Can’t wait to get on.

So hang with me here, in 2 weeks I should be reporting a return to my baseline paces and power yet I have this feeling…. it’ll come back sooner than that.



  1. How could I not want to interview my MOTHER IN LAW?? Saturday night was so fun, I can hardly stand it. Shoes or no shoes 🙂

  2. Yikes! I have been sick too! I have a lot of work to make up. We will get it back 🙂

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