“Mary” Christmas

December 24, 2011

Gosh I love Christmas.

Not because of presents because honestly…. we have everything we need.

The rest of my family is already at family HQ, we will be the last to arrive, although we are the only ones who live within 2,000 miles. My Mom makes us all matching pajamas, and there will be a load of wine and games of pool. (No wine for me, that was last weekend).

I appreciate that while my bike and computrainer travel with me….. there is no surprise from my family. We grew up athletes and we’ve stayed athletes. Christmas Day training doesn’t get thought of twice. I am incredibly grateful for that. I can’t imagine having to justify what I do. It’s just accepted…… and that’s what I admire most about my parents I think. Well one of the things at least. I have never been expected to be anyone but me, and the same for my siblings.

I am always glad to have a good chunk of training on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. While it’s done in the wee hours…. it keeps me on “the good foot” as we say. Last weekend was for shenanigans.

Here are my tips to make it a “Mary” Christmas (get it? MARY? HA!)

1. Bring the gear: I bring my bike and my computrainer and set it up in a basement. It bothers no one, is heard by no one, and I get to spend some quality time with my saddle, while I keep myself sane.My run gear of course goes with me, as well as my TRX. It all fits into one more duffel bag, no big deal. I can set this stuff up anywhere.

2. Eat healthy: I am a fan of Christmas goodies, absolutely. But I am also a fan of feeling good. I am one of the few who just doesn’t feel good after a day of eating cookies….. so I don’t. For 14 days I couldn’t keep anything in me, after a week of being able to I don’t want to trash myself with sugar. So I aim for four fruits, four veggies, lots of water and more green on my plate tonight than anything.

3. Stay hydrated: a few glasses of wine? Since I met my annual quota last weekend…. I will decline. But if you do…… stay hydrated. I am told it helps the next day.

4. Enjoy: I don’t get to see these people but once every 2 years. I am lucky to be able to have everyone under one roof (thank goodness it’s my parents and not mine), and who all get along well.

From my family to yours……. we wish you the Merriest Christmas EVER!




  1. merry christmas Mary, I hope you, Curt and Luc have a great one with your family. Continue to spread that joy everyday that you so amazingly give us through your blog. I look forward to seeing you in February.

    p.s. Thanks for the pictures, you won’t regret it. Wink, Wink

  2. Good tips! No excuses, right? Besides, with a pair of running shoes, you can run anywhere!

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