Food Log: Day in the Core, Training Day

January 13, 2012

On Wednesday we walked through what a day in the Core tends to look at for me on a complete day off of training. I received a lot of great emails and comments. (I only publish the comments that don’t seem too personal, so don’t take it personally, I just don’t want to put things out there you might not want public). Before we walk through what a typical training day might look like for me….. let’s talk over a few things.

Eating enough. The biggest comment was how little I seem to eat and of course before I hit publish I knew that would be the case. Yes, the day looks light in terms of food. For me, that is perfect. The key phrase here is…. for me. If you look at the macronutrients it’s just where I need to be for intake on a day when I am not training. For a full training day as you will see, this is clearly not enough. I used to be the athlete who snacked all day on crackers and things like that. For me there was a difference between actually being hungry and thinking I was hungry.

The disclaimer:  My food log should not be taken as “this is what you should or should not eat”. Just as it applies to training articles, it applies to nutrition. When we read an article that says “You shouldn’t use giant paddles if you have shoulder injuries” athletes typically interpret that as “I shouldn’t use paddles”. When a food log like mine from Wednesday is published it’s interpreted as “Mary doesn’t eat enough” or “That’s not enough food, I can’t do that.” Have you seen me? I am not wasting away, trust me. I am under a microscope in terms of weight and body composition from my coach. If I weren’t eating enough, it would be identified and taken care of stat. Remember also that we work closely with Registered dietitians, we don’t follow “diet of the week”. Just like a coach individualizes training, a RD individualizes nutrition.

Protein sources: I was super proud that several mentioned other sources of protein aside from the whey protein I drink. Very good! Among other sources Hemp was mentioned. Great source of protein. There are two reasons I use whey protein:

1. I do not tolerate hemp well. Really? I know. Of all things. Some people don’t tolerate soy, I don’t tolerate hemp. I don’t know why but it never sits well for me.

2. BCAA: One of the things we want as athletes are Branched Chain Amino Acids, as they can be beneficial in performance. Whey protein has 3.8 grams. Hemp is also a good source but I go back to #1 there, doesn’t work for me.

Other things were suggested such as flax-seed, yes I do use those, I just happened not to on Wednesday.

The take home: it’s not important what I eat, it’s important to work with a qualified professional to determine what works for you. Nutrition is a highly emotional topic for some. I can’t tell you how many yoga students of mine can not believe I am not a vegetarian (FYI: not all yoga teachers are vegetarians! And there are triathletes who are! GASP!). Sure I got some angry emails on Wednesdays…. how dare you suggest I eat that little….. to which I responded….. please show me where I wrote that… and simply pointed out that it’s good to see where and why nutrition hits the emotional side of us.

One of the greatest things I learned from my coach is to utilize nutrition as a tool, not an emotion. Where the hell was he when I was sick?

So here is a typical day in the Core when I have a heavier training load. I included times today to demonstrate frequency. I was going to take a snapshot of grocery shopping and of food prep, but I failed to do the big grocery shop this week. #momfail. Instead I spent even more time doing a daily run to Wegmans. Seriously Mary? Seriously. I know, you were really looking forward to seeing my grocery cart. Sigh.

4am breakfast: Whey protein with a banana, dark cherries and flax-seed (—> see! Flax seed). And coffee.

5:00am fuel for 30 minutes on the TRX and 60 min run; 1 bottle half strength organic apple juice and 6 cliff blocks (one every 10 min) The reason for the 1/2 strength apple juice? Poor planning on my part. I ran out of Powerbar Endurance. This is not pictured. Imagine a water bottle.

7:00 am post workout: 1 scoop of Endurox. 1 egg white, broccoli (seems to be a favorite meal of mine)

10:00 am: greek yogurt with Blueberries. The blueberries are not invisible, I hadn’t added them yet.

12:30 Chicken salad. This picture would not download for some reason. close your eyes and imagine: sweet baby lettuce, grilled chicken, onions, tomatoes, and raisins. OOOOOOO…. I know I know. I am pretty freaking WILD.

2:00pm Fruit smoothie: skim milk, banana, blueberries, cherries, mango. Flax seed.

Wow Eggers, this is a work of art kind of a photo!

3:30-5: I had a banana and an apple. You know what those look like.

5:30pm 2 Fig Newtons. Another picture you have to close your eyes and imagine. Savory.

6:30pm workout fueling: 1 bottle 1/2 strength apple juice and 3 cliff blocks. 60 min bike at BERTS!

7:45pm. One scoop of Endurox.

8:00pm Salad, Great Northern and I had a lollipop too. Yes, a lollipop.

And here are the supplements I take. I take fish oil, a multivitamin, glucosamine and an antioxidant.

So the bottom line is what? Work with someone who can help you figure out what is best for you. I think nutrition is the one investment you can make that can not only make the biggest impact not only on your performance, but on your health. We are all about your baseline health at QT2. If you happen to be looking to make an investment in your health, consider a consultation with one of our RD’s. You don’t have to be an athletes of ours to benefit from the Core diet. click here for more information and trust me….. it’s one of the best investments you can make.



  1. ahhhhhhh- the next best thing to waking up to my coffee, is reading this blog- so, thanks! Love the humor, and the well-rounded content.

    sooo glad you stress the importance of using RDs (as opposed to google scholars) I happen to be the former (and vegan – gasp! 🙂

    (2) thumbs up !

  2. Nice post! Our vitamins are very similar! 🙂

  3. I love how you encourage us to use our imagination. Mental training, right?? Visualization?? 🙂

    Im an eggs/broc lover myself!

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