Fire just waiting for fuel….

January 17, 2012

Don’t forget…… this Saturday begins our FREE triathlon training clinic series at Berts Bikes, click here for the full schedule, notice we have clinics happening in both Rochester and Buffalo stores! This Saturday Jan 21st, 2pm “Planning your training for 2012”. We will walk through the basics of periodization in setting up a season. Whether you are a beginner or elite this will apply! See you Saturday!  (And Thursday for our free ride at Berts, 6:30pm!)

Ever have those mornings when the alarm clock goes off and you jolt out of bed…. excited?

That’s what happened to me this morning. Today is the day the build really begins. I sat 12 weeks in base purgatory adhering to my heart rate zones and paces and working my nutrition and being patient as I continue to rebuild. And now…. today is the day I get to unleash a bit.

Igniting the fire inside has to come from a place of desire and passion. Yes, I am talking about sport here…… but if you think about it….. if you think about passion and desire…… apply it to anything. Sex, career, glassmaking…….. the fact of the matter is that you can’t fake it. It has to come from deep within and it has to be real for it to propel you forward towards the goals you wish to achieve in whatever facet of life you are applying it to.

It’s that absolute burning desire within you, so deep you can’t even touch it that makes you want to turn yourself inside out.

Still, the best picture ever taken.

I will not lie to you it’s been a while since I have felt this feeling in my bones like I do. Through my time in this sport it’s been on and off, depending. When it’s on…. it is freaking ON. Same for when it’s off. I will be the last to admit it but I lacked it last season and it was for a really simple reason. I was stretched way too thin. Hindsight is 20/20 but you could see it in my eyes. Being a small business owner took a toll on me. We were wildly successful so it was a good problem to have, but it once again allows me to look back and think….. man accepting the invite to the QT2 coaching team was a terrific move for more than one reason. Who knew it’d enhance my focus.

One of the things I have been very careful to do this season was protect my time and my energy. Believe it or not I am saying no a lot more these days. Can’t you tell by all the projects I am involved in? (HA!)  All of the projects I am involved in are extremely important to me, especially our Teens Living With Cancer Fitness Program. It took us a year to develop it, and now it’s about to run. I have allowed myself to be part of incredible teams and take on the share of work I am best at. Creating and working with people.

So strange to say but what it has brought to my own training is clarity. As I am executing the training I am able to turn off to the world. I don’t wonder about this…. have an idea about that, from the time the workout begins until the time it ends my head is on the task at hand. Even if it’s a recovery ride. I have been able to detatch myself from past and future thinking….. reliving the glory days and wondering if I will reach them again….. and instead focus on the pedal stroke I am executing and the high elbow I need. Breaking it down like this has completely removed me from what distracted me too much last season.

I feel brand new again and at the same time my experience as a veteran of this sport allows me to absolutely relax. I feel like I am holding this secret within me.

I can’t wait to hit that brick this morning. When it’s time to go I will go, when it’s time to recover I will recover. I can’t wait to sit in the middle of the box of hurt and laugh for thinking it would feel so good. I know how this works, I know three minutes in I will be aching, boiling, clutching for the stats. But, wait, that’s the feeling that I crave. That’s the feeling that I love. That’s the feeling that drives me, pulls me, pushes me. There is a fire within me that’s just waiting for fuel.

So here we go 2012. It’s ours for the taking.


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