The Franks vs. Eggers TRX Insanity Challenge

January 19, 2012

If you know me, you know I love a good little challenge. So far this winter Wheeler has been my challenge victim. I have been busy perfecting my 50 kick and smack talking the bejeezus out of him (translated: annoying the sh*t out of him —> part of the mental game)

Then I noticed a little Tweet come in from my brotha-from-anotha-motha….. LoganFranks.

A challenge is upon you my good friend. Game on! You realize there’s over 100 atomic pushups right?

My first reaction was oh god, this guy is a Marine and carries a gun and a sword. And knows how to use them BOTH! Am I out matched? Then I took a look at the challenge:

TRX Insanity Challenge
Suspended Bicycle Kicks: 25 each leg
Sprinters Starts: 10 each leg
Suspended Bicycle Kicks: 25 each leg
Sprinters Starts: 10 each leg
V Crunch: 20
Atomic Push ups: 15
V Crunch: 20
Atomic Push ups: 15
Suspended Pendulum: 20
Atomic Push ups: 15
Suspended Pendulum: 20
Atomic Push ups: 15
3x -Left plank floor taps: 10
-Suspended bicycle kicks: 20 each leg
-Right plank floor taps: 10
-Atomic Push up: 15
It’s easy for me to throw down in the pool. It’s the one place I actually have a shot at these guys. But the TRX? I am pretty good at it, there is a certain skill level required which I have and I am pretty functionally strong. But 100 atomic pushups total? Against a Marine?
I am up for it. I am easy to suck into this kid of smack down. It’s really because of the possibility of “what if”. What if I could beat him? What would be the harm in trying? It doesn’t take away from my swim bike and run, so why the heck not? I love me some smack talk.
So here are the rules…….. I am declaring day one is the day to establish the baselines, I don’t even know what time to aim for yet, so let’s establish the baseline time.
You can also follow our progress over on Twitter, Logan is on there as LoganFranks and I am on as MaryEggers, or just hit the button on the left at the top of the page there. There is already some serious smack talk going on!
  • The TRX Insanity challenge will be to complete the workout in as little time possible. Less recovery means more pain and increased chance of winning. PLEASE USE CAUTION AND PROPER FORM. No winning if you are injured!
  • – The challenge will be open for 2 weeks starting 1/19/12 and will close 2/02/12. Results will be posted daily. Submit your results using the contacts page at www.loganfranksracing.com
  • -You can post more than one result.
  • -This challenge is sponsored by www.infinitnutrition.com The person who has completed the TRX Insanity Challenge in the least amount of time will walk away with Infinit Nutrition Recovery Fluid and MUD; two items that Logan  uses everyday for pre workouts and post workouts. The overall winner will also walk away with either a Punisher T-Shirt or Running Singlet.
  • – We lack the ability to supervise this challenge so have some integrity when posting results.
Depending on how this all goes maybe we will do an in person face to face challenge at the QT2 Camp in Florida in just 21 days. Is 21 days enough? We will find out!
***** this may not end up well for Eggers! ****

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