38th Birthday Week

January 23, 2012

On Wednesday I am turning 38. Wow. I can’t believe I ill be 38. I remember being 28, and having a 1 year old (in triathlon world, that was equivalent to being a teenage mom!).

I have always found reasons to celebrate things and get excited about things and for that reason I have always celebrated my birthday for a week. Why not? I am all about fun, in fact I put the “F” back in fun for guys like Wheeler.

I will say this…… I never thought I would say this…… I am SO much wiser at 38 than I was at 28. I have been around the block a few times. We can say that much. That’s the benefit that comes along with age.

We’ve got an action packed week planned here, I hope you are well fueled!

Monday:  Power Vinyaysa At Breathe, with my awesome assistant Anita 7:15, Pittsford location.

Tuesday: More Power Vinyasa at Breathe, this time downtown!!!! 6:30pm

Wednesday: We kick off our Teens Living with Cancer Fitness Program. I get to do this on my birthday!!!!!

Thursday: A little longer ride at Berts, we will hit the trainers for 1:20 (gotta make room for cupcakes!) 6:30pm.

Friday: our 38 X 100 at Nazareth College, 8pm. A swim cap for the first 14, and no worries, there will be relays!Then maybe we will even go to Thirstys. Which is right next to Hungry’s. Really!

Saturday: Yoga again at our Pittsford location, Erica is our awesome assistant!  10:30am!!!! Then……. we are coming to BUFFALO! We will be at the Eastern Hills Berts Bikes location presenting our “Planning your 2012 season” 4pm!

Sunday: We have our second webinar in our Learn-This series with Score This!!!! This week it’s all about the swim. Get the basics. We will talk about biomechanics, assessing, what equipment you need, and structuring a workout. FREE! To register….. click here.

The Logan Franks TRX Insanity Challenge is going well. I believe I currently sit in 2nd place with a new personal record of 20:13.


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  1. Looks like a fantastic week! Have an awesome time :).

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