January 25, 2012

Today is my birthday, and I declare it a national holiday! Go ahead, take the day off of work. Shoot me an email and I will write you an excuse (then I will even come and help you pack up your desk when you get fired. I am nice like that).

How will I spend my birthday? I know….. this is what has been keeping you up at night. I understand. right up there with paying your mortgage and the price of gas was….. what will Mary do on her birthday? No worries…. I am here for you.

I am going to swim. Then Bike. Then Run. Then to the TRX insanity challenge.

I am going to go hang at Starbucks, get my free birthday coffee and do a ton of  QT2 coaching work. I love what I do, and to do it on my birthday is extra awesome.

I am going to have lunch with Luc at school.

I am going to take a nap.

I am likely call my husband three hundred times today and tell him it’s my birthday.

I am going to get pizza for dinner.

And then……. this is where I get serious…….. tonight is the launch of our Teens Living With Cancer Fitness Program. This is the big night. Aside from being with my family (and trust me by the time it’s time to go this evening, they will push me out the door) I can’t think of a better way to spend a birthday. It took us a year to create this program and I am so incredibly proud of it. Much more to come in the coming weeks, I want to share the whole thing with you.

And again leaning on the side of sort of serious-ness……. it’s been a great week so far. But I have made it a great week, that’s why. I came into a situation at the end of last week where I had to make a pretty big decision (about my work as a nurse) and soon it’ll be time to close one door to allow the one I stepped into last September to take full effect. While I don’t intend to sound cryptic, my work as a nurse (part time) involves people and I don’t ever say much because of who I work with.

But it’s time to take the jump hook, line and sinker. And step into the now and see what comes of it.I have one life. I have one shot. If not now then when? If not here then where? If not me then who?

Now hang on while I go shake the magic 8 ball.

Free webinars and clinics this week!

Don’t forget that this Sunday we’ve got a FREE webinar for you at 8pm, on swimming. It’s called swimming: get the basics and during this webinar we will discuss:

  • How to set up a swim session / progression.
  • How to assess your stroke with more than a time trial
  • Key elements to look for when looking at video of your stroke
  • Open water versus pool swimming.
  • Do I need Total Immersion?

And much more. It’s free. It’s 8pm. It’s part of the Learn This Series presented by QT2 and Score This! To register click here.

This Saturday my husband and I will be at the Eastern Hills location of Berts Bikes in Buffalo, and we will be presenting a clinic on setting up a triathlon season. All levels of athlete, beginner to elite are welcome! Click here for more info! It’s at 4pm, and it’s free!

And don’t forget this Friday evening at Nazareth College we will be swimming 38 X 100 for my 38th birthday! All are welcome! Just shoot me an email so I bring enough cupcakes. The first 14 get a FREE QT2 swim cap!

Why am I not doing 100 X 100? Because no one else wanted to. Strangely, then this video popped up on Facebook. (the part that pertains to me, is the 100 X 100!)



  1. HAPPY BIRFDAY CHICA! I hope it exceeds your expecations!

  2. Happy Birthday MARY – PARTY TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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