38 X 100

January 27, 2012

Before we begin a GIANT SHOUT OUT TO……..

Professional triathlete and QT2 Systems Coach Doug MacLean…… for choosing Teens Living With Cancer as his charity of choice for his swim challenge!!!! He will be donating $100 to our awesome group of kids. Here is a video with some of these kids……..

I want you to know I am going to be making a very big push for these guys this season. $100 might seem like nothing to a big charity, but to these guys….. it’s everything. They are grass roots, run by Lauren and Leah. Leah is working there under a grant and it runs out in June. It’s my personal mission to keep her there becasue we need her.

More to come…… but together…… we can make a difference for these kids. There is a way that you can help us.

Tonight is the 38 X 100 extravaganza. If you can bring an empty milk jug for our TLC Fitness program.

Let’s just be clear. I wanted to swim 100 X 100’s. One other person wanted to. But many people wanted to swim 38 X 100! So here we are. 38 X 100 for my 38th birthday. We will meet a Naz at 8pm. (SO past my bedtime).

Here are the rules:

1. We will have fun. There is plenty of time this season for but busting. There will be a bit of that in here. But this is for fun. You don’t do this kind of sh*t for fun? Then you are a loser.

2. We will divide up into lanes of mostly appropriate abilities depending on how many people show and how many are in the pool.

3. I have 14 QT2 swim caps to give out. And I will make QT2 cupcakes. I will not lick the spoon and stir the batter. More than once.

4. We will break these up into the following sets (and there will be rest in between sets)

  • 5 X 100 on a rest interval to warm up
  • 5 X 100 on a slightly faster interval to get into the groove
  • 5 X 100 pull, interval TBD
  • 5 X 100 kick!!! Because I have a kick off coming up. Bring fins. interval TBD
  • 5 X 100 75 free / 25 choice! Interval TBD
  • 5 X 100 free on a hard interval
  • 5 X 100 chicken, Tasmanian devil, bobbing, all sorts of insanity
  • 3 X 100 relays. Silly relays.

5. We will work as a team. No worries, we will keep everyone in the loop. You won’t be swimming out there alone. If you need to know why, see #1.

6. There will be photo taking and video. Wear your best suit. Why? See #1 again.

7. If you can, bring an empty milk gallon for our TLC Fitness Program!!!



  1. NICE! Had me laughing too.

  2. Precious- I love the teammie aspect to your 38×100 🙂

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