Come what may

February 4, 2012

It’s been a long time since I have bought a new bike. 2006 to be exact. I’ve happily been riding a Cervelo P2 Carbon for some time now. I am happy on it, it fits me well, but I knew 2012 was going to be the year I upgraded. Apparently there is no such thing as friction shifting anymore. Welcome to 2012.

The deal we thought we had with Berts, apparently never was. The two months of classes and clinics I have been doing for free…… well it put me in touch with some excellent people. I really really enjoyed those Thursday night spin classes. It was like getting together for coffee on a weekly basis. Unfortunately…… I am not in a position to work for free. With everything that I do it’s just not in the cards and the time that gets taken is the time with my family. I only have so many years with these guys. I am not home enough as it is.

So working with Berts has been incredibly fun, I loved every minute. But an agreement is an agreement, so going forward we have to cancel all we had planned. Which is really a bummer.

However…… when  one door closes another door will open. A partnership opportunity came to me yesterday that I am very excited about. I am in a wonderful position where I can be choosy about who I promote and represent. I believe in taking responsibility for my own sport. I don’t jump on any partnership or sponsorship without great thought. More to come on Monday but I am leaning towards this beauty of a  bike to carry me forward for the next 6 years…..

This is the Kestrel 4000 Pro Ultegra. I am debating between the Ultegra and SL.

Spending $10K on a bike is just not for me. Even if I had that kind of cash, I still wouldn’t. I do well for myself as an athlete, but there is nothing I need in a 10K bike that training can’t give me.  I see why this sport can be so intimidating to those just getting started. The prices are high, but honestly I can do this sport on any budget. That’s a whole separate blog though.

What attracts me to the Kestrel is the bang for the buck that this bike package gives. I don’t need electric shifters. It truly doesn’t even matter to me what color it is. What matters is the engine that rides it. I only need this: good components and a great fit. This bike will be more than enough to fit my needs. Kestrel has a long standing reputation, and the bottom line is this: they just make a great bike. Plus Kestrel is one of our big sponsors at QT2!

Either way I am pretty excited. I am especially excited about the possibility of this new partnership and the ability to work with someone I really respect and who has treated me incredibly well over the past year.

I am sad about the Berts situation. Really sad. And there’s no drama. I would highly recommend the company. I will still go there, it’s right down the street. They are great people. Thanks to everyone who joined us in our spinning classes and the clinics. It’s more than exciting to be able to connect with athletes new and experienced. We can still offer lots of clinics to meet your triathlon needs….. just hop on over to the Score This !!! page and get in on our Learn This series!!! (stay tuned, we have a giant Score This!!! related announcement coming up this week!!!!!!!!)

2012 is looking to be exciting. I have some really awesome partnerships in the works, our age group elite team has signed on some pretty darn awesome sponsors, and I will outline all of that this week!




  1. Sorry to hear about Bert’s.

    Would love to read a post on the topics you alluded to, in particular, about doing triathlon on any budget. Within, especially your thoughts on tradeoffs between investing limited funds on bike, bike fit, coaching, biomechanics, etc.

    • I will do that! GOOD IDEA!

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