Camp Week

February 6, 2012

By Wednesday evening (God willing…. always God willing when you hop on a metal deathbox) we will touch down in Clermont Florida as the 2nd Annual QT2 Winter Training Camp commences. Last year I went as an athlete, and this year I am out of my mind excited to be there as a QT2 Coach. I get to coach on deck at the National Training Center with my awesome QT2 colleague John Spinney (yo Spinney, update your blog) I get to finally put all of my kick work to the test as I defeat Pat Wheeler in the 50 kick off. And I get to meet some really awesome athletes.

I swear camp connects us like summer camp did when we were kids. Things happen during four days of training…. snot rockets, pacelines, and things you just wouldn’t ordinarily find funny unless you were on hour 19 of a 22 hour training week. Those become the things you remember. Thos are the things that make you giggle during a meeting when you are supposed to be serious. Those are the things you text each other and ….. it just makes you smile.

Some of my athletes are coming, many of our QT2 athletes are coming, and there are some who are coming to see what it’s about. It’s always the greatest mix of people, it’s always just the mix that you need.

Molly, Tara and I are rooming, and I am pretty damn excited about that. I hope our room is next to Wheeler’s. Or at least Hansens. I need someone to absolutely harass. Since I am flying with Hansens though, I should be nice. They should feel relieved that I am over my fear of flying. At least if we go down we go down together.

Poor Curt Eggers. He’s had to deal with my fear of flying issues.

Camps are not only a ridiculous amount of fun, they are wonderful for getting a very focused block of training under your belt. Especially in the dead of winter when your first race is still weeks away. Head down and train. With the sun on your back and gators crossing your path. A total change of scenery with good food and good people. Learning mor about the sport we are so passionate about. Memories that carry you through the whole season.

When I began the Lake Placid camp so many years ago (good gosh it’s almost ten!) that’s what I dreamt it would be. Now that we’ve got a Placid QT2 Camp…. click here for that information…… that particular camp will be everything I dreamt it to be. What I love about our QT2 camps is what you learn no matter what level of athlete you are. Even as a coach you learn.

No worries, we will have daily updates beginning on Thursday morning. Wednesday is the travel day and if you know me at all…. you know that may involve some sort of insane adventure. Last year my cab driver kept falling asleep at the wheel. He took out an entire row of construction cones….. so I took him to Starbucks. I tend to attract a little bit of craziness.

As it looks right now it will be the last trip my beloved Cervelo P2 Carbon takes with me. I get somewhat emotional about bikes (which is why I keep them so long). This one however will be used by one of my athletes for the season. So I know he will do her proud. Looks like I will have the Kestrel in my grubby little hands shortly. But before that….. a few miles on the Garuda to close out six awesome seasons.



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