TLC Fit, Week THREE!

February 8, 2012

Greetings from Buffalo. Don’t ask. I got delayed. I also got a free flight for my bike and a round trip ticket. I am delayed a few hours but that means I get to hop in with the Wheeler’s instead of a cabbie. Or one who falls asleep. And I have a non stop flight, in first class. Life could be worse. It could be much worse.

I could be the parents of the beautiful teen who passed away this week (involved with Teens Living With Cancer). I could myself be in a  hospital staring at four walls, waiting for my white blood cell count to come up so the people I love could walk in and give me a hug without wearing a hazmat suit. I could be staring out a hospital window at a world that goes on and doesn’t even seem to notice there are kids on the fourth floor who won’t breathe one single breath of fresh air this week much less today. Who wish it would snow because they just want to see it. It might be the last time they do. Who’d love to know what it felt like to hold just… one…. snowball. And have enough energy to throw it.

Our second week of workouts in our Teens Living With Cancer Fitness program went well. This week we used milk jugs filled with water as our weights. I want to teach these teens that fitness is anywhere, everywhere, as long as you are willing to be a little creative. They can gain their physical and emotional health back wherever they are.

It’s so strange to be on this side of Cancer.

I am used to holding heads over a pink basin and wiping away tears. I am used to requesting another dose of anti-nausea or pain medicine, and allowing a parent to collapse in my arms when they step out of the room for just a moment. I am used to last breaths, last goodbyes, last tears.

But now I get to be part of the other side of that fence. The recovery. The fight back. The progress. There is progress in the fight against Cancer itself but I mean the progress of coming back to health.

They all set fitness goals for last week and they nailed them. Sometimes nailing a goal is realizing when you overshoot it, overestimate yourself. It’s also when you undershoot or don’t give yourself enough credit for it. As we did squats and wall sits though… they were sore. Not from what we did last week but the combination of what they did throughout the next 6 days. They hit targets and they felt their bodies again but this time in a really amazing way.

I got to see smiles and laughter and a bond that is really beginning to happen. We have an incredible group and now that we are three sessions in I dread the completion of this program.

There honestly isn’t much to report this week, except that we are rolling along and in our short time so far we’ve seen progress. I am interested in how our second and then third assessments go. I have a real good feeling about this.

We’d like to give a great big thanks to our friends Angelo Rose and Toby Reh of Fluffy Lamb Fightwear for their generous donation of these kick ass shirts to our kids, aren’t these awesome?

What I love about this community is how everyone is willing to lend a hand. Whether it’s a T shirt, a milk jug, a hundred bucks. To us it goes so very far.




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