QT2 and Score This!!! Partnership!

February 14, 2012

Finally, we have video of the Eggers versus Wheeler 50 Kick off from Qt2 Camp! Click here for that video! I bet if I had even kept my feet in the water, I would have won by more!

I am SO excited to announce a partnership between two entities I am extremely passionate about……  Qt2 and Score This!!! are joining forces in 2012 to bring you even more quality events and preparation for those events!


Here is the official press release:

QT2 Systems is very excited to announce a brand new partnership with Score This!!!, a Western New York-based race management company. Under the agreement, QT2 Systems will serve as the official coaching and nutrition group to the Score This!!! Multisport Series which, after 11 years, continues to produce the region’s finest events. This will provide a great opportunity to  athletes who register for a series event, to gain access to any number of the services provided by the nation’s leader in triathlon preparations. QT2 Systems Founder, and Head Coach, Jesse Kropelnicki says of the new partnership, “Knowing the reputation that Score This!!! events have developed, over the course of the course of a decade, we couldn’t be happier to team up with such a dynamic group of like minded individuals. Score This!!! serves athletes of all abilities and  experience levels, and we are very excited to help them to achieve their athletic goals, whatever they may be.”       

            2012 is proving to be an expansive year for QT2 Systems, as they continue to become more involved in race series and with triathlon teams throughout the nation. Score This!!! has a very large presence in the state of New York, and all of its races offer competitive fields. Long-time associate of both Score This!!! and QT2 Systems, Mary Eggers is very pleased to see these two parties unite. “Triathletes, here in central New York, have always been lucky to have such a dedicated group of  event organizers, year in and year out. And now, they’re even luckier! Score This!!! provides events that are fun, safe, and challenging throughout the summer months, and to now see them joining forces with QT2 can only mean that our area’s athletes will be more prepared than ever.”       


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  1. you are the busiest girl ever. Love it!!!

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