Correction: It’s ALL About The Bike

March 13, 2012

Wait…. you thought I was writing about that Armstrong character again didn’t you? Goodness, you’d think Armstrong was the ONLY news around here. You sit tight. I wanted to share my new ride with you. But first, let’s back up a bit:

Eggers vs. Armstrong Duel in the Pool

Yes… it’s on. I will share details as soon as I know them. Now here is the deal, I have never raised this kind of money (I don’t MAKE that kind of money!!!) Lauren is  versed in this type of stuff. So let’s allow her to dot the “i”s and cross the “T”s….. if you are ready to donate, stay ready to donate. We want to make sure this is all in the right place. Thank SO much for your patience!

I really want to show Mr. Armstrong how classy we are in Western New York. Yesterday we got it out there so we could get over the OMG IT’S LANCE effect.Yes, he’s coming. Yes, we are racing. Yes it’s confirmed. Let’s allow the hoopla to pass for a day or two….. because we need to remember what this is for. Please remember why we are doing this. It isn’t about me racing Lance. It’s about our teens and Teens Living With Cancer.

I recieved a comment here yesterday that really brought home why we are doing this. So each time you start to feel a little star struck that this is happening, please think of this:

I am one of those parents that you described sitting in the ED waiting for the results of a scan on my son. We were the family that had everything until that moment when we were told my son had cancer. He passed away in August. He was one month shy of his second birthday. I think you are doing an amazing thing by working with kids with cancer and now raising money for them.

Losing anyone to this is too big a price to pay. This is why we are doing what we are doing. Becasue we have to.

Again, let’s show Mr. Armstrong just what a classy region we are. Let’s give him the space he deserves both at this event, and on our social media outlets. I can imagine he gets inundated with requests and tweets and stuff all day long. We are really lucky that he accepted this request, he has a pretty insane schedule. At the end of the day he’s just a regular guy who does a lot for the cancer community. Who talks issues and strategies and that’s what I respect about him the most. Let’s show him that while we totally admire him and are HUGE fans….. we respect him, his space and especially his time. Including his time to train for this event! (ha).

I do have two more people to add to the THANK YOU list…… Dawn from Splish and Kristen from Betty Designs! Together they are creating a special suit for the event, and I will also be wearing it throughout the season. More on that soon!!!!!!! (and a matching one for Mr. Armstrong!)

Before I forget, check back tomorrow because through the coming weeks I finally get to show you who are teens are!


Last friday I made the trek out to Manlius NY to Bike Loft East, to meet with Jeremy Clay and pick up my new Kestrel (sorry Armstrong!) There should be a picture below, anyone see that?

While I was slated to go with a different brand in the beginning of the season……  I am really happy to have selected Kestrel. They are a big QT2 sponsor and it feels right to be racing on the brand that is doing so much to support our team.

This bike feels like it was made for me. It’s the Kestrel 4000 Pro SL Ultegra. I will be riding an Adamo saddle this season and holy CATS. Love at first sit. I can’t believe how comfortable that saddle it. Whoa. It’s like the skies opened up and the angels started singing! Dear Adamo…. I love you. Want to race a 50 kick?

Around Western and Central New York we have some pretty amazing bike shops that really specialize in triathlon. Last June Jeremy Clay of Bike Loft East reached out to me to help me handle a difficult situation, and I was impressed with his professionalism and his experience. There are plenty of amazing bike shops here in Rochester, I just wanted to take the opportunity to strengthen that relationship and help promote Bike Loft East.

I love the feeling of an old school bike shop. You know that feeling….. you walk in, the bike guys are there, coffee is brewing and you go back and sit in the workshop and listen to stories of cycling. Jeremy has been in this field for over 20 years, has worked on pro cycling tours in Europe and really has that old school / new school knowledge that I always seek. I am picky. I go for experience. Having been in this sport for 15 years I am well versed in how I should fit a bike and how the fit and position relate to triathlon.

Jeremy is  the kind of fitter who has been around since before all the fit trainings have come about, so he has a certain eye about a cyclist and triathlete. Because of that background he’s able to combine it with technology such as power and video and really give a cyclist the most comprehensive fitting experience.

So that’s why I am really honored to represent Bike Loft East this season. Experience.

I haven’t been on a new bike in 6 years, a lot has changed. The rear brake on the Kestrel is in a different place, aerobars are different, my little loop that can change me from index to friction shifting is gone. There ain’t nothing like friction shifting, it gives complete control over your gears instead of *click*lock*. If that makes sense. The bike is light of course but responsive. I took it out into 30 mile an hour winds and it had this feeling of …. wow this is light but I have absolute control.

Wind gusts came and didn’t wobble me at all. I love that in a bike. You never want to feel like you are riding too much bike to handle. You want to be one with it.

I am definitely one with this bike.

After I put about 500 miles on this Kestrel we will head back to Syracuse for another fitting and adjustment. Always make sure you do that as the cables stretch out and you work through all the kinks. Also make sure you get everything adjusted with your race wheels or understand how to make adjustments for your race wheels.

Definitely head over to Bike Loft East and meet Jeremy and his crew. They have a full computrainer studio and run classes all week-long. Next time I am out there I will grab some photos…… Friday the whole Duel in the Pool story broke and my phone exploded. So I left it in the car and spent some time with the bike shop gang and my bike.

The way I like it!

Don’t worry though….. I did tell Mr. Armstrong that if I won the duel in the pool, I would be taking his bike. Who knows what I would do with that thing??? Of course you know 🙂 But I have to win it. And to win I have to get kicking!


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  1. I just got an Adamo and I am just in love with it too!!
    Happy Riding

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