All cracked up

March 19, 2012


My new frame is cracked. I can’t say that it didn’t send moments of why did I get a new bike my Cervelo P2C was so solid through me. I can say that the voice of Jeremy at Bike Loft East ….. I tell you this guy would move heaven and earth for his customers…. were immediately soothing. Even though my poor husband tried to be. Tuesday I will have a new frame, and it will all work out fine.

My husband Curt would move mountains himself as well, let me make that clear. I don’t write a lot about Curt because…. well he’s my husband. But I tell you I did stand there in tears feeling slightly overwhelmed. I have this new bike I am so exhausted I hate when things don’t work I have a hundred thousand dollars to raise and a lot of work to do this weekend I have the school district to take on as well Luc needs a haircut when is his dentist appointment don’t forget to schedule his eye appointment and I wonder if I could bribe anyone to do my laundry….. well I suppose I am due a few tears. It wasn’t the bike, it was the mountain of other things. The bike is my escape from all of that, and here it was nonfunctional. And he’s there to soothe it all. Best man in the world. You can only imagine what it’s like to be married to me. Honey today I challenged Lance Armstrong. Honey…. I told Apollo Ohno I could beat him in dodgeball…..

If that’s the worst thing that happens to me today then I am having a good day. Let’s remember that. I ended up closing everything up and going to bed very early. Obviously I needed it.

The part that cracked is where the rear wheel sits in. It seems to have been sliding, which was an issue I had last weekend as well. When I went to remove the bolts to reset the slider things, the bolt snapped and that’s when I noticed the crack.

Did I do that…. was met with…. sorry mary I don’t think you are strong enough to crack carbon fiber with your bare hands.

Resist urge to issue challenge. Resist urge to issue challenge. Resist urge to issue challenge.

But with all this kicking I am doing I could…… I am sure of it!

Lucky for me the folks at Kestrel have a very good warranty, great customer service. Jeremy and his crew at Bike Loft East jumped all over it. Come here, do this, we are ready for when you walk in. That kind of customer service is awesome. Seriously. By Wednesday all will be well.

So what’s a girl to do when she’s got three bikes all in different stages of assembly, repair, age? Break out the mountain bike. Who knows, Texas 70.3 could always accidentally become a mountain bike race, right? Very possible. Time to take on some dirt, geta  little muddy and maybe I will have the kahunas to take on Humpty Dumpty over at dryer Road. I have done ballsier things this month. just don’t break your leg Eggers. I can’t kick in a  cast. Then again, I probably could.

Texas 70.3 is right around the corner. I am in great aerobic shape, and honestly I feel rusty. But that’s what this is about, dusting off the cobwebs, shaking out the rust, seeing where things are at. The big dance is in September and I have plenty of time. I haven’t had the time to jump into any road races yet this season, and that shall change come April as I jump into a few to get things roaring again.

I feel pretty excited. There will be sun, fun and good friends. I am concerned about a mechanical on the bike, with this new brake system and my luck so far with this bike…… when I worry  I create a plan. If I do have a mechanical that I can’t repair on the course, I flag down race support, hitch a ride home and go for a run. Turn the day into a party. I find that if I create a plan for the worst case scenarios it eliminates the on course freak out. If something like that happens getting upset or bursting ninto tears is not going to help. Tomorrow is going to come, the sun will rise again.

In the meantime…. off to the dirt.


One comment

  1. “There’s more to life than increasing its speed,” Mahatma Gandhi.

    You have all that you need to accomplish all that exsists. Please remember to pause and allow yourself to breathe and enjoy it, if it feels best.

    We’re human. Humans are great, if not complicated wondrous things mixed with life.

    All is well and all will be well.

    Peace and Joy

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