Coming Together

March 25, 2012

I opened my email and saw the title, and I thought….. really, is this for real? It was an email from the folks over at Tri Spot… to all of their customers stating their support for our Duel in the Pool, and encouraging all of them to donate. Wow. I am not sponsored by Tri Spot, I have no “deal” with them, it was just something Kevin Patterson did….. and it was a very classy move. He didn’t have to, he’s getting no special treatment, no special status. He just thought it was the right thing to do. Thank you guys so much.

To me…. it’s like he said…. yes we are businesses here in Western New York, but today it’s not about our bottom line, it’s about Teens Living With Cancer’s bottom line.

A week ago a Rochester gym owner told me this “If you can’t bring Lance Armstrong here to have the race here, then I am not interested. Something that happens in Buffalo doesn’t interest me.” And my heart sank. To me that said… I am only interested in status, not the cause. To that I say… if you don’t stand with us, we will still love you anyway. Because God forbid someone YOU love is diagnosed and you come running to us for help….. we will be here to give that help.

I hope that Tri Spot pledging their support will be a trendsetting move for some of the other Western New York businesses. I hope that Bert’s Bikes considers the compensation they did not give to me for the clinics and classes I taught for them, will come back as a donation for Teens Living With Cancer. I hope that other bike shops and running stores throughout this region will state their support, because this cause is really important.

Watch this and tell me this is not important. Tell me you would have this much hope.

I would like this to be our chance as a community. as athletes, as people, as business owners, as western new York. To come together for one truly amazing cause. The money raised here is going to stay here, more on that this week. We’ve also got some fundraising things coming up as well as 300 T shirts that someone is donating. Someone is donating the creation of, design of and production of. How incredible is that?

Three weeks ago I challenged Lance Armstrong to a Duel in the Pool. He challenged me to raise $100K. I now challenge the business owners of this amazing area to throw your hats in the ring in whatever way you can, for the right reasons.

What better way to do it, than this?



  1. Very short cited of the Rochester business for sure and that makes me really angry. Here again is a hearty example of flawed character and lack of integrity. I applaud your position to embrace this person (God forbid) they have someone they love get cancer. What a beautiful gesture of mercy. I will also say, that should I ever learn which business it is that said such a thing, it will not be a business I would never support. But like you, I honestly do pray, they will never know the suffering associated with Cancer, because it is a horrid disease indeed.

  2. *short sighted…darned autocorrect…

  3. Mary, You are doing something great! If people don’t want to support what you are doing then we all raise that finger and move onto the next one that will. So true you would support that person that doesn’t support you because you know what, that is what makes you a great person, a great athlete, a great supporter. I applaud you in your efforts to reach out to these children.

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