The Texas Chase

March 28, 2012

Am I nervous? For race day Good God I wish I were nervous. Right about now Texas 70.3 looks like a five-hour break to me. Five hours of no phone calls, no texts, no nothing. Just swimming, biking and running. Seriously, could I be any luckier? I get to do what I love to do for five hours.

I wish it made me nervous. It makes me excited. That I get to go out and play kind of excited. You see I have been in this sport for 15 years. I’ve done hundreds of these bad boys. I have done everything under the sun around here….. this is what I know.

It doesn’t mean I am not always looking for ways to improve something, somewhere along the way.

I have one big goal on Sunday. And that is to win the Texas chase.

By now you know my habit of issuing ridiculous challenges. I have issued another one to Wheeler. His age group wave begins 25 minutes behind me. I told him I bet he couldn’t catch me before T2. That now means one thing…. we both have to ride hard. I have to ride hard enough though not to walk the whole run. Wheeler, he’s into risk taking this season, pushing that bike a little harder. He’s capable of a 2:16. I am capable of a 2:30. That’s what time I need to hit T2 before he does. Winner buys the drinks later that night at our QT2 party. We race hard and we celebrate hard (but responsibly).

So the chase is on. Let’s never mind the fact that he will be competing at the end of a 34 hour training week. Sack up Wheeler….. as we say ’round here.

I love to have these challenges during events. At my experience level I always have to find something new and simply gunning for people doesn’t fire me up anymore. I wish it did. To the girls I compete with I tend to be more like….  can I help you honey….  do you have enough salt…. form looks very good….. it’s sort of problem I have developed. I need to sharpen the killer instinct a bit more.

I will save it for Vegas, right now that killer instinct is ….. keeping my ass ahead of Wheeler for as long as I possibly can.

I love me a good challenge, and I am in to “the impossible” these days. Seems to be the hip thing to do.

This evening is judgement day at Teens Living With Cancer …. our TLC fit program. I will have an update on that tomorrow!



One comment

  1. Enjoy your time!

    We’ll be enjoying the updates from a far… and thinking happy thoughts each moment! 🙂

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