Suits Are Here and a Message From Lauren

March 30, 2012

By day’s end I will be in Texas (God willing). I shake my head about my quick fly in late and fly out early habits….. but I have lots to do these days. And… between you and me…. I get a little homesick when I travel. I mean….. look at who I live with.

What’s there not to love about these guys????

The Duel in the Pool suits have come. A giant thanks to Kristin Mayer from Betty Designs for creating this. If you need something awesome, you need to contact her. There is no one better. Ever. At all. A big thanks also to Splish Swimwear for the actual swimsuit part, another amazing company. I have been wearing Splish for YEARS not just for their great designs but for the durability of their suits! They always spoil me!!!!

I will be sporting the suit on Sunday at Texas 70.3 and keep your eyes out…. I have bribed some of my QT2 Teammates to wear the speedos in their races. Who will it be? You will just have to wait.

I’m all packed and ready to go. To me packing is not a big deal. I pack my bike, a few pairs of clothes, my gear and that’s about it. My Kestrel came apart easily and uneventfully (8 minutes Dave, 8 minutes!) and we are ready to go!

In the meantime…. I thought you would enjoy and appreciate a guest blog entry this morning. As you know Lauren Spiker is not only the director of Melissa’s Living Legacy / Teens Living with Cancer…. she is Melissa’s Mom. Lauren took the greatest loss of her life and turned it into something amazing. Step back and look at what she did with all of that. She’s my freaking hero.

So …… here she is!

I asked Mary if I could hijack a bit of her wildly popular blog to first, publicly acknowledge how awesome she is! Who else do you know who would challenge Lance Armstrong?  We are so blessed to have Mary in our corner!  Secondly, I wanted to personally express my thanks to all of you, Mary’s friends and fans, who have been so supportive of the “Duel in the Pool”.  Despite the tragedy of my daughter Melissa’s death, the pure goodness of people continues to warm my heart.

As you can imagine, my motivation for supporting teens with cancer is very personal. It will be twelve years this June since Melissa died when she was 19 years old.  What you may not know is that LiveStrong was instrumental in raising national awareness of the unique challenges facing adolescents and young adults (AYA) with cancer. As a charter member of its Young Adult Alliance, formed in 2006, we have worked hard to advocate for the needs of our teens. Thanks to Mary Eggers and Lance Armstrong, the “Duel in the Pool” will help us support many more teens through our Teens Living with Cancer program.

Much has been accomplished since Melissa died but there is more to be done. Thousands of teens with cancer are depending on us and I hope you can help in a way that is meaningful to you. Our fundraising goal is lofty but what great goal isn’t? If just one teen with cancer feels less alone because you helped, I’ll be very grateful.

Keeping kicking strong, Mary! We love ya!

Many thanks,

Lauren Spiker (Melissa’s mom!)


(585) 563-6221


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