Texas 70.3: Eggers =2… Wheeler = O

April 2, 2012

Somewhere in the Delta airlines Elite Club…. Wheeler is rolling his eyes, slapping his thigh and whining…. “COME ON!!!!!” I am the winner of the Texas chase. Wheels never caught me (yes I said Wheels) until the run. In fact all the boys who at the start said to me….. I will slap ya on tha ass when I catch you on the bike Eggers….. never showed up. At least until the run!

Let’s be fair. Wheels was at the end of a 4 weeks build, 30 hour training week, and arrived into T1 to find his disc flat (I had NOTHING to do with that!!!). However if the tables were reversed he would say to me….. it’s about who gets to the finish line first Eggers. So therefore in the Eggers vs Wheeler challenges, I am now 2-0. Victor, me.

I had a great race too. I improved my time on this course by over 7 minutes!

I love Texas, I love Galveston. An early season race like this for me is hard but it’s the perfect course for a winter on the trainer.


Race morning I felt like I woke up prepared to attend a party. Breakfast was fine, parking was fine, arrival and set up was fine. I guess when you have been at this as long as I have you just roll though it all. I found a good spot to hang out before the swim start with some teammates. Along the way I ran into Andre Smiac whom I have not seen in 12 years. Andre was a professional back int he 90s and believe it or not, he was the founder of the Buffalo triathlon Club. He’s been in Afghanistan for the past several years with the Army working to rebuild towns and schools there. To run into him before a race in Texas was not only a surprise but very very welcome. I can’t tell you how good it was to see him, but to see him home (only on a 10 day leave) and to see him racing.

I love this sport for reasons like that. We always seem to find one another again. All of us.

BOOM! The gun went off and my wave was swimming. I felt great during the swim, sighted well, weaved my way through the waves ahead of us, and I was giddy the entire time. When I swim I sight every 8 strokes and I count 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8 sight. I had to keep remembering to KICK!!!! My counting then went 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-sight KICK!

I was out of the water and onto the bike very smoothly and as soon as we turned onto Seawall Blvd I had a good feeling about this ride. This is only my second week on the Kestrel and I am IN LOVE. Jeremy Clay from Bike Loft East put me in a fabulous position. Over 56 miles I never needed to leave aero position, I had zero aches and pains, my lower back felt amazing. The Adamo saddle….. I raced in a speedo and I had NO ISSUES whatsoever.

I hit the turnaround and felt the wind at my back. I saw 25 mph on my Garmin and I smiled. Hello wind tunnel. I had been waiting for a ride like this!!! New bike, wind at my back, I did nothing but sit in the left lane (within the right lane) and pass like mad. At the turnaround I saw Wheeler about 8 min back (he began 25 min behind me) and after the race we calculated that if he hadn’t had to change that flat in T1….. the chase would have been close.

The only issue I had with the bike…… was that it ended. I felt awesome.

I love this run course as well and I felt great the whole time. Sure my split was slow but I was expecting that. It was hot, I have done zero run speed….. and let me confess…… I had a bit of a party out there!!! At one point I ran past Jennie (who had finished her first pro race with the fourth fastest run split among the pro women, what a GREAT first pro race for her!!!!) and she said “YOU LOOK WAY TOO HAPPY!” I smiled. (by the way, she had already finished, I didn’t PASS HER!) “You are absolutely right.” I called back to her. There was waaayyyyy too much socializing going on for me. But my expectations about this race were realistic. While hot flat courses are not my speciality I had some indicators to meet and I met them. I handed nutrition without issue, I didn’t get caught up in numbers…… and I even found a high school friend I hadn’t seen in 20 YEARS!!!

And I got to tell a lot of people about the Duel int he Pool, as I was rockin’ the Betty Designs suit!

The run is a 3 loop course around Moody Gardens and then there is a mile on the runway of a small airport. During my third lap…. I watched the LiveStrong jet take off. Mr. Armstrong has a solid but rough day himself out there….. which is something I can definitely relate to. I think it shows that even he… is human.

But it was cool to watch the Jet take off!

I finished feeling great. I knew I was capable of running faster, and I know I am capable of running faster. In all honesty….. I was just having too much fun out there. The hurt box needs to be entered and no worries, I will being that portion of my season today. I have big work to do on my run and my tactics if I expect to do well in Vegas. So Eggers, the race course partying needs to be over. I was waaaayyyyy to giggly and cheery and … well…. SKIPPING through transition needs to um… not happen in Vegas. I was on the Tim Snow plan today though and let me tell you…. it was freaking FUN.

QT2 absolutely rocked the race. I am so proud of Jennie in her first pro race (her husband had a huge PR as well), I am so excited for our athletes who just went out there and do what we do here at Qt2…… nail it. There is a reason why they do, we mind the details here!

Except for the Eggers party factor.

In the morning I wrote all the TLC Fit Kids named on my forearm. In case I had a moment of weakness I wanted to be able to look down and use their names to snap me back into place. That low moment never came, maybe it was because I looked down at their names so frequently.

I am really happy with my first 70.3 of the season. I am exactly where I want to be in terms of swim bike and even run. I see where the work needs to be applied, and most of that is between my ears. I feel glad though that my issue is having a good time out there, because it could be so much worse. I can reel in the party attitude and I can bring my game face back out. But that’s why we have a season opener so early, to kick things into gear.

Thank you so much for all of the support and well wishes. I am VERY behind in email, so please accept my advance apologies for my late replies. I also want to thank my amazing husband Curt Eggers for supporting me, relating to me, lending me his Reynolds wheels, and enabling me to jet across the country for the weekend to play. Thank you so Qt2 Systems, Bike Loft East, Fuel Belt, Betty Designs, Splish, and to all of the awesome sponsors who support us here at QT2.

A big thanks….. to Teens Living With Cancer. For being the wind beneath my wings. A 70.3 or half Ironman (as we used to call them) is honestly…. easy relative to what you guys have endured, and you Teens inspire me beyond belief!



  1. HAHA! nice work 🙂

  2. Was on the runway with you too when I said there goes Lance. Kick Butt in Buffalo.

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