Win Lance’s Bike AND a Chance to SEE the RACE!

April 4, 2012

Well not HIS bike. I will be winning HIS bike when I emerge the victor of the Duel in the Pool. You however can win a bike signed by Lance Armstrong!!!!!

For details…. click here. You will notice there are two choices on the right side of the ad. “Donate now” and new: “Become a sponsor“. Click on become a sponsor and see this:

Now…… questions such as…. what if I have already donated? No worries, it’s retroactive! As an example….. Score This!!! donated $2,000. That means they get everything in the Gold column, including eight chances to win the bike. QT2 Systems  will be donating $5,000, they will be in the champ column. They will get twenty chances to win the bike.

Please click here to look at the specifics, it’s all spelled out on the site.

ALSO…… our top three donors….. get to see the race with the Teens from Teens Living With Cancer. We will let you know who you are individually.

Now…. all questions should be addressed to Lauren, the director of Melissa’s Living Legacy. She can be reached by clicking here. As you can imagine, we are getting hit pretty hard on the email front, (ah the price we pay! HAHA!) so just know in advance all money questions go to Lauren!

My job, is to kick, and talk. Speaking of talking….. if you live in Rochester or have I heart radio you can catch an interview I did with Chet Walker on Wham1180 this morning between 5-9am. Click here for the website, we will see if we can get an audio link as well. Doing a radio interview was terrific. I didn’t even have to brush my hair!

In all seriousness…… we appreciate the ability to share our story with all the media outlets that have come to us. What better way to get the word out than to talk about it. Each news story has had a slightly different flavor and has allowed us of course to talk about my race against Lance…. but to get to the bigger story that lies underneath.

Things are spreading like wildfire. In fact in Galveston this weekend professional triathlete Tim Snow was spotted promoting the cause……. (and that tramp stamp is a marker tattoo….. not real).

That so many people have jumped on board with our little cause is amazing. Again we appreciate it more than you know. The Teens are thrilled beyond belief. You can bet when they hop in that limo on April 28th to come to Buffalo they are going to feel pretty darn special. When they get to meet Lance Armstrong, they are going to feel pretty darn special again.

And shouldn’t they?

What they went through…. we can’t imagine.

While our research study has ended we are already planning the next round of TLC -Fit and writing the next grant. We are also thinking of how we can expand it. Possibly offer a 45 minute day time exercise class for parents who are with their teens in the hospital. To get out for an hour, take a break and move? There are ways we can support the family as well as the Teens. Sometimes the support they need isn’t to necessarily talk about it or talk it out….. it’s to move. I think that a little bit of exercise goes a long, long way.

As you can see, we’ve been hard at work with some awesome ideas to help us raise our $100K goal. Right now we are sitting at $20K (the site doesn’t reflect all donations yet) and no worries, if we don’t hit 100K we will keep going. After all, we threw this whole thing together with a few weeks to spare. Should you ever decide to challenge a 7 time Tour de France Champ to a race, I have two pieces of advice: have a plan in advance, and have a plan in advance.


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