April 5, 2012

(Thank you HEather for that title!)

Thank you so much to Wham 1180 for a wonderful interview on air yesterday morning. Chet Walker might be the easiest person in the world to chat with!

Also check out Lauren’s awesome blog as she was the guest blogger over on the Live Strong site yesterday!

A very big thanks to News 10 NBC Rochester for sharing our story on both the 5:30 and 7:00pm news yesterday. That story is right here, for video look to the right hand column.

That so many have taken an interest in our story is heartwarming. That so many of you have chosen to share it on your social media outlets is overwhelming. One of our friends had a beautiful, creative and selfless way to share in the giving spirit. Steve Gonser of Buffalo’s RunSmart and his fiance are donating their wedding favors to Teens Living With Cancer. Their gesture floored all of us. On the day that’s supposed to be all about them, they have chosen to give. What better way to begin a life together than doing something to make someone else’s better. That’s good karma if you ask me.

Don’t forget that you also now have the chance to be a sponsor of Duel in the Pool and you have a chance to win a signed bike from Lance Armstrong himself! Click here for that information. Stay tuned….. we have some cool stuff coming up, including a fun little push for your $10 donation! Stay tuned!

The Duel in the Pool suit has arrived. Interested in one? Shoot Splish an email at Info@splish.com !

Again the support is completely overwhelming. We can’t thank you enough for taking the time to reach out and support us. The Teens feel a little bit like Cinderella going to the ball…. and they should. Yesterday we were doing a little brainstorming with one of our teens (she’s actually 21 now) and we brought up the idea of a $10 donation promotion…… she shook her head and said “Give $20, I had Cancer.”

As much as I realize how important this program is to these Teens….. I don’t think I really do know. And stay tuned we have some of their stories coming up.

I keep getting asked how it feels to be going head to head with Lance Armstrong. When I think of it in that way I get pretty nervous. I still can’t believe he accepted the challenge. Then I immediately remember why, and that takes all of my nervous energy and turns it into drive. The drive to raise money. We are at $20K right now which is a long ways away from $100 K….. but it is still $19,000 above the goal I had in mind.

I see the glass as half full.

As I have said before the money that focuses on treatments and medicine and the dealing with Cancer once you have it is money that’s well spent and money that is going far in our search for the cure. But prevention is likely where our biggest chance in this fight lies.  Programs like we are doing at TLC…. TLC Fit are a part of that. Like we’ve talked about before these kids who have beaten Cancer have a higher risk for developing a secondary Cancer later in life. Fitness and nutrition are our best weapons in that prevention.

Making sure these Teens are eating right and exercising is my number one priority. In terms of nutrition it means that they learn exactly why nutrition comes into play in prevention.

In terms of exercise understanding their limitations and coming up with adaptations for those is crucial.

Making these two entities a habit and a part of their life is the key.

That string of thoughts is what I think about when the notion of racing against Lance Armstrong comes into my mind. I do have those moments of what.the.hell.am.I.doing. I  quickly remind myself of this group of kids…… and it all turns into a feeling of ferocity. We got this.

I also have to thank two major supporters of mine. The two men in my life who nothing would be possible without. Who not only have to hear about this insanity day in and day out but who keep my feet on the ground and my dreams in the sky.


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