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April 9, 2012

Duel in the Pool Update!

  • Donations are coming in, thank you all so much for the support you have given. This week we will be pushing “Give ten dollars for teens” with some terrific videos of our gang!
  • T Shirts are almost ready, and they will be limited edition! Stay tuned
  • Thank you for continuing to spread the word. I have kept good track and I will be personally thanking you all when this event has completed!!!!!

I’m having a serious love the affair with this new bike of mine. It’s a Kestrel 4000 Pro, (SL Ultegra) and I feel like this frame was made for me. I don’t know if it’s just the first new bike I have had in 6 years, or the fact that it’s simply awesome…… but I feel like a born again cyclist. I do also ride with a Quarq powermeter too.

We will talk about this amazing saddle too in just a minute!

I went from a really great fit to an absolutely awesome fit thanks to Jeremy Clay of Bike Loft East. By the way if you haven’t been to Bike Loft East, they are located in Manlius NY and have that awesome feel of an old school bike shop with all of the up to date stuff that we need. In fact I will be out there this Friday again for a final fitting, and well…. to hang out!

We spent Easter Sunday in Orchard Park (Buffalo) and I was able to get in an awesome ride down 20A which actually connects mine and my parent’s houses. If you ride house to house it’s a bitch of a ride. 78.6 miles to be exact and for some reason it’s harder than the Lake Placid Ironman course. The shoulders are wide and the hills are plenty. On this ride you are either riding 25 mph or 4 mph. There is very little that’s in between.

I stopped at the halfway point, just past South Wales at the windmills. The windmills intrigue me, I think they are pretty. I am fascinated how they can turn wind into energy. I snapped a picture for myself and emailed one to my Dad back at his house where I started from. Even in this day and age I get a kick out of being able to use technology like that. Call me old school.

I snapped the picture and stared at the windmills for another moment, when I heard a rustling to my left. I looked over and across the street at the edge of the road were about 12 cows. Staring at me. I held up the phone to take a picture of them, and then one stepped into the road. Whoa….. I thought as the cows behind him began to do the same. As my heart rate rocketed above 200 I put the phone in my mouth and hopped on the bike. I looked to my left and the entire hers was running almost next to me on the other side of the road.

F-Bomb! Are these cows? Cows run? My grandfather had taught me what to do if alligators chased me (run side to side…. really???) but never if cows chased me!

Go Eggers go!!! I screamed in my head. I didn’t have a fear of being hit by a car only to die in a herd of cows!!!!!! I did drop them, and I did learn I can in fact hold 30 miles per hour into the wind and uphill and I also can sustain my own life for over 5 minutes with a heart rate over 220.

Good to know.

It also fueled my curiosity the next hour of the ride. Was it bad that cows chased me? I mean, dogs can run fast. I never thought about whether cows can run and can they run fast?

Nonetheless the hills felt wonderful today. My bike fitness is spot on. I loved every second of the long climbs and was able to really stress the bike and the cables. Each descent felt better and better. I love this bike’s responsiveness. I love how it handles in the wind…. especially a headwind. More important than any piece of data was how I felt. Ever realize you didn’t know you lost something until you find it again? I had no idea it wasn’t there. No clue. But it’s back.

And the saddle.

I am riding the Adamo Racing Saddle.

LOVE at first sit!

For the past ten years I have ridden the same saddle, and I have never had any sort of issue aside from the …. eeks 6 hours in the saddle will get old… feeling. I rode Texas 70.3 which has about 10 feet of elevation total for the bike course (which means flatter than flat which means SAME POSITION FOR 2.5 hours!) and I rode it in a speedo bathing suit. Not only did I have no issues, I had no chafing, I had no discomfort and I was livid that the course was over. Come on really? Why can’t I ride forever!!!!!

In my entire 15 year career on wheels I have never felt something so comfortable. I am not sponsored by this company, this saddle was not free, but hell the miles come so easily and I just can’t believe it. And I am not sponsored by Kestrel, although they are one of our QT2 Sponsors. I pay for my bike, just like everybody else. That gives me the freedom to be 100% honest.

I tell you…… I almost feel like saying it’s good to be back in the saddle again, except that I never left the saddle. It feels good to just feel good on the bike. I have never felt bad on the bike, I’ve just found something on these wheels.

And if that makes me a born again cyclist, then I will take it.




  1. Had a few laughs this morning as the Wendy read to me about your encounter with the cows! Thanks for sharing. If they get in your way, just tell them to Moooove!

    • That’s freaking funny! BTW tell Wendy I have not forgotten about her, I am just THAT behind in email!! HAHA!

      • Wendy says “No worries!” I’m busy training for MonticelloMan on May 6th. My swim and bike are top notch, focusing on my running. Oh yeah and that fourth triathlon discipline, Nutrition!

      • Scott you will be GREAT!!!! It’s so awesome to see you back!

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