Kicking on

April 13, 2012

“You know it says Eggers Vs Armstrong on your butt.” The man in the pool said to me. I looked over my shoulder. Am I being punked? Was he being serious. Of course I knew, I put the suit on. So I just smiled and nodded. “Is that like…. the real Lance Armstrong?” I assured him that it was.

And then I got back to kicking.

There has been a lot of kicking this week. My hip flexors are screaming, but getting stronger. The day is getting closer and people are asking me the funniest questions.

Don’t you think you should get him the same kickboard so he knows this race isn’t fixed?

My favorite question is the “Are you really racing Lance Armstrong” question. It sounds SO ludicrous I have to hold back laughing when I answer. Yes, yes I am. The real Lance Armstrong. Now excuse me, I have 4,000 yards of kicking to do.

Today we’ve just got a few updates for you…..

Win a bike signed by Lance Armstrong!

If you have donated or would like to donate $100 to Duel in the Pool….. you have earned yourself a chance to win the bike. Donated $200? That’s 2 chances. There is one catch however, we don’t draw until we hit $100K. Whether that happens on April 28th or in October, that’s when it happens. We hit 100K, and then we draw. So donate!

News 8 WROC

Thanks to channel 8 here in Rochester for a wonderfully done story on our Duel in the Pool! To see that footage please click here!

Send off party!

On Friday April 27th we’d like to invite you to join us for a pre race party at Lovin’ Cup, which is located over on the RIT campus here in Henrietta. We will be there from 5-7pm snacks provided and donations will be accepted!!!

That’s all I have for today, stay tuned as we begin the countdown next week! We are just 15 days away and we are right around $25 K, which is amazing. My original goal was $1,000!

A big thanks to all of you who have not only donated, but who have cared enough to hit share on your social media avenues. Sharing is one of the best ways you can help us, and something we absolutely notice and appreciate!


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