Win a kick board signed by MICHAEL PHELPS!

April 18, 2012

Imagine my surprise when I picked the box up off my front porch today. The return address read: Doug MacLean and my heart began to RACE!

Wait…. not because it was from QT2 Systems Coach and Professional triathlete Doug MacLean…… no offense…… but I knew that just a few days ago he had been swimming with Michael Phelps. Like…. THE Michael Phelps.

Pretty sure I would NEVER wash MY hand again!

I knew he had been up to SOMETHING. I just didn’t know what. I tore open the box, squealed and ran around the house like a girl who got the latest New Kids on the Block Record (had I been into that stuff in those days). Because in my hot little hands I had these….

PLease notice where it says MARY. I think that means he thinks I am cool.

HOT FREAKING DOG. Thank you so much Doug MacLean!!! I knew EXACTLY what Doug was thinking. We need to raffle this baby off for DUEL IN THE POOL!!!!

And that….. we will!

Make a $10 donation between RIGHT NOW and next Friday April 27th at 5:59 pm, and be entered to WIN THIS KICK BOARD! We will draw the name of the winner of the kickboard at 6pm SHARP at the pre race party.

Pre race party? Oh yes, we don’t raffle off a kickboard from Michael Phelps and prepare to race against Lance Freaking Armstrong without a PARTY!!!!!

The party is from 5-7pm at Lovin Cup over on the RIT campus! Donations will be accepted, snacks will be provided (buy your own drinks) adults and children and WELCOME and have some fun with us!!!! Not only will we have the kick board to raffle off…. oh no….. we have MORE. Stay tuned throughout the next week and find out what other little star studded things we will give away that night through this very same promotion.

So if you don’t win the board….. you can win something else pretty cool. Again, stay tuned.

Once chance per day, so don’t hesitate to donate on a daily basis. Already donated? What’s another ten, we didn’t know we were getting a kickboard!!!! I will thank you with a hug. I know! The deal keeps getting sweeter!

To donate click here!

So again….. here are the details!

Make a TEN DOLLAR DONATION between today and friday April 27th. Donate HERE. for a chance to win a kick board signed my MICHAEL PHELPS.

You can do that once a day.

Donations prior to this don’t count (we had NO IDEA WE WERE GETTING THIS!)

Drawing will be held at 6pm at our pre race party… friday April 27th from 5-7pm. Everyone is invited … at Lovin Cup. (You DO NOT have to be present to win!).

We have other very cool prizes rolling in, those will go to the next several names drawn. Stay tuned for that those are!


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