The Pot Sweetens

April 19, 2012

It was the Facebook post that stopped me dead in my tracks and put my feet back on the ground. It got a bit crazy around here yesterday with the arrival of the Michael Phelps kickboard. Which is natural.

Then I saw this post from one of our TLC Fit Teens……..

Feet on the ground. This is what’s is about.

But it all comes together somehow doesn’t it? We use one to scratch the back of the other. Alex is part of Teens Living With Cancer. And we need some more cash to keep this gig going. The names Armstrong and Phelps…. help us generate that cash.

And the pot is getting a little deeper.

Here is what we have so far…….

THE kickboard

Between last night and Friday April 27th donate $10 for Teens for a chance to win a signed kickboard from Michael Phelps. Yes THE Michael Phelps. How did we get this? Click HERE for the story. On Friday April 27th we would like to invite you to Lovin Cup here in Rochester from 5-7pm for a pre race party and for the kick board drawing. Adults and children and welcome.

Then….. Matt Long jumped in. Matt Long is the founder of the iWill Foundation whose mission is to help people overcome challenges caused by illness or injuries. He is a New York City Firefighter critically injured after being run over by a bus. A freaking BUS. A 20 ton bus. not only did he live to tell but he wrote a book detailing his inspiring journey to the brink and back. He is sending some signed copies of his book “The Long Run” that will be part of the consolation prizes. (Hey if you don’t win the kickboard, this is a pretty freaking awesome prize to win!!!)

THEN…… professional triathlete Cait Snow jumped into the mix. She has been the first American female finisher in Kona two years in a row and recently was featured on the covers of both Triathlete Magazine and Lava Magazine. She’s going to send us something signed by her!

We’ve got some pretty darn cool prizes.

Want to contribute to the raffle? We will take anything. Have a business? Donate a gift certificate. Know someone who could donate something signed? Send it. Local business? I will make sure it goes to someone locally. Want to donate a triathlon service? I will make sure an athlete gets it. Contact me through the comments or DM me on Facebook or Twitter (@maryeggers) We will take anything. And then I will blast your name all over the place!

Ten dollars for Teens Living With Cancer. It gives Teens like Alec the ability to connect with others his age, to be part of programs like TLC fit, and so much more. Donate by clicking here.

In many ways it’s easy for me to understand the cause. I see the faces behind the names and behind the diagnosis. Some of us see Lance Armstrong, or a kickboard by Michael Phelps. Trust me that catches me as well. Then I see a post by Alec and I am reminded….. this is what this is all about. For kids like Alec, the ones who have come before him and the ones who will come after him. So that during these horrible years of their life they have what they need to endure.

Melissa died over ten years ago and she did not know one single other teenager during the course of her 2 year battle. Not one. Now look.




And this is Alec. Looking at him, you’d never know, and he probably would never say a word about it. He’s brave and fearless. He takes like by the horns and he runs with it. He’s the one who was deemed cancer free yesterday.

A kid who does this has cancer?

He does. Wait a second……. he did.

What an oppertunity we here at Teens Living With Cancer have been given. Two months ago we (and I use the term WE lightly, it’s Lauren and Leah and the teens, I am just a big-mouthed volunteer!) were not quite on the map. Now we are known all over the country and opening a second chapter at Roswell. It’s not because we’ve generated some huge donation or got totally funded…..  because we didn’t…. we need your donations.

But because people took notice and took interest. This community has come together like nothing I have ever seen. Not just Buffalo and Rochester, we have community all over the country who realize and understand our message. Our biggest donor is located in Boston. Second biggest donor in Buffalo. Rochester….. we hope you will come around too, because this is in YOUR back yard. These are YOUR kids. Your students. The kids who check your groceries at Wegmans. The kids who hold the door for you at the bagel shop.

I have done nothing special except use what I have to bring the spotlight to Teens Living With Cancer. I got Mr. Armstrong…… because I asked. This isn’t about me and it isn’t about him. It’s about why.

This whole experience has been a gift. We are so grateful for the love and support of everyone.

While our kick off is a week away, we still have much to do.




  1. Mary! I think what you are doing is really commendable and raises awareness of this horrible disease! Thanks!

    • Thanks Jen and thanks for helping to spread the word!!!

  2. Mary,

    I apologize for not getting to this sooner, but since you now have the charity auction up and running, put ATC Endurance down for a free race entry into each of our races (Cooperstown on 5/27, Delta Lake on 7/29, and Old Forge on 8/26). That can be auctioned off. High bidder will just have to fill out one of our paper apps and they are entered.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


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