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April 22, 2012

The closer we get to this event, the bigger it feels. The bigger it feels, the bigger my heart swells. I have NEVER in my life experienced this level of community. By community I mean more that Buffalo, Rochester and Syracuse. I mean all of us. From California to New Orleans to Florida to Quebec. And beyond. To me social media has made the world a smaller place and trough it I have been connected to amazing….. amazing people.

With that being said our Ten for Teens raffle is growing by leaps and bound. We have the following items donated to the pot! We have  great things being donated by  unbelievable people. These people have been beyond gracious, beyond selfless, and we are really honored to be associated with them!!!!

Cait Snow’s Rudy project aero helmet, autographed.

QT2Systems Coach and Professional Triathlete Cait Snow has graciously donated this gorgeous hot pink aero helmet from Rudy Project, with her signature on it. Cait was recently featured in the below issue of Lava Magazine, had won Ironman Lake Placid and for the past 2 years she was the top American female in the Hawaii Ironman, securing her spot in the top ten overall with a blistering sub three-hour marathon. One of triathlon’s most sincere and professional professionals, Cait quickly asked what she could do to help our cause. We are so honored to have this donation, which since we announced on facebook has been the item most coveted in our entire raffle. Thank you CAIT!!!!!!

Many have also inquired about her bracelet, I will find out where she got that!

The generosity of Matt Long continues

Matt Long is the NYC firefighter who has run over by a 20 ton bus. He not only survived but has gone on to finish Ironman, begin a foundation called the iWIll foundation and wrote an inspiring book called The Long Run.

Matt is not only sending copies of his book, signed for our raffle, he’s upped the ante. He is sending us two packages for NYC Marathon runners:

Includes Transportation to start of race in Staten Island  from NYC Hotel, your morning  will be taken back to Hotel, Shower/Massage and FDNY after party ( food and Bev at hotel) and AFTER AFTER PARTY !!!!

This made me almost enter that NYC Marathon lotto!!! Am I eligible to win (kidding).

I need to say this about Matt…… this man has his own foundation, the iWill Foundation, and he’s generously and selfishly donated his items to benefit our organization. He’s asked for nothing in return. I have to recognize that because…. there is one thing I have learned about this whole fundraising deal….. and that it can get very political. With Matt….. it’s not. This man is something special. Thank you!

Fuel Belt

From the beginning the folks at Fuel Belt have been on board asking us…. what can we do? How can we help and another one of those….. we need nothing in return group of people. They will be sending us lots of Fuel Belt goodies for our pre race party on Friday!!! THANK YOU FUEL BELT!


The really awesome folks over at Cycledelic have donated a ten class pass to their awesome indoor cycling studio over in the 12 Corners of Brighton!! Kathy and Matt have been another couple who immediately jumped on board with a “how can we help”…. and embody what this whole event is all about.

ATC Endurance

Our Friends over at ATC Endurance have some great things going on and they want you to be part of the action! They are giving us one free entry to the Cooperstown Triathlon on 5/27, Delta Lake Triathlon on 7/29 and their OLD FORGE Triathlon in August!

Have something you’d like to donate to the mix here? Leave me a comment or connect with me on Facebook or Twitter (@maryeggers). We will take triathlon items, gift baskets, anything for anyone. Again we will make sure the right thing goes to the right person and you do NOT have to be present to win!!!!

Now remember this raffle is taking place on Friday April 27th at Lovin Cup over on the RIT campus. Form 5-7 please stop by, bring your families, have some snacks and buy a drink. We will be accepting donations! Some of our Teens will be there as well.

We have some offers for more great prizes as well which we will detail as the week goes along. We realize there are some prizes that are athlete specific, so we will work on a method to ensure that all of the prizes go to the right people.


Again, details on the party:

Friday April 27th


Lovin Cup on the RIT campus

All are welcome. It’s free!

We will draw for prizes and accept donations to Teens Living With Cancer!

Less than one week to go!!!



  1. Thanks for the shout out Mary. I have enjoyed reading this blog and the lead up to the kick off immensely. Best of luck. Only one thing to change for you. Our August race is in Old Forge, not Lake George. Just don’t want people to think they are getting into that race instead.

    Thanks and keep up the good work!


    • HOLY CATS! I fixed that! Sadly, I was LOOKING at Old Forge when I wrote that. #distracted

  2. Can’t imagine why you’d be distracted. Also, excellent use of Holy Cats. One of my favorites!

  3. Hi, Mary-
    You are my fav yoga instructor at Breathe, but you probably wouldn’t know me because it has been soooo long since I have been to your class! I own a winery and wondered if you wanted a few bottles of wine and/or microbeer for the raffle. I happen to be going over to RIT today and could drop it off at Lovin’ Cup- private message me on facebook if you get this message soon- good luck!! (by the way, my daughter took your class when she was home from college on break and she’s now a huge Mary Fan!! She’ll be cheering you on from Ithaca!

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