Dear Mr. Armstrong

April 27, 2012

The most important rule in competition is knowing your opponent. I know exactly what you have been up to this week. Thank you Strava. And…..” Juan”.

Riding 112 miles in 95 degree heat. A little ride with Bo Jackson. Then this tweet:

Shouldn’t that be part of the “Sh*t triathletes say video?” Welcome to triathlon Mr. Armstrong.

Five weeks ago I issued you a challenge on Twitter, and much to my surprise……. you accepted.  Since then we have raised over $40,000 dollars for Teens Living With Cancer and Livestrong. A media storm has stirred up all around us and we have been able to shed a big spotlight on this organization and these Teens.

I am incredibly grateful to you Mr. Armstrong. I know your schedule this weekend and that you are doing this is really above and beyond. Thank you so much for accepting the challenge. But I am not going to take it easy on you.

Here are some of the teens who will be there on Saturday.

To say they are excited is an understatement.

I am extremely proud to be able to represent them. I am honored beyond words to be able to lead this charge. To be very honest with you Mr. Armstrong this age group is the forgotten age group. If you take a good hard look at programs that are available for ages 13-19…… they are just not there. Your Livestrong program is awesome, but it begins at age 18.

You know as well as I do that once you have cancer you are at higher risk for developing a secondary cancer. And you know as well as I do that our biggest weapon i fitness and nutrition. We created our TLC Fitness program for that very reason and throughout the entire study we watched them grow in more ways than we could imagine. We were able to give them lifelong tools, real experience and a team atmosphere in which to develop those skills that will carry them forward.

Thanks to you Mr. Armstrong we have been able to raise $40,000 and we may even hit $50 by race time. My original goal was $1,000. We won the minute we exceeded that. Additionally we are bringing a chapter of Teens Living With Cancer to Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo. Because of your name and because of Livestrong….. we were able to do that.

Livestrong has been incredible to us. I understand that folks might try to view them as a big bad corporate entity but you have to look at what Livestrong has done and has meant to so many. It’s more than rubber bracelets and T shirts. Livestrong has reached far and wide with programs and grants to not only further cancer research, but works darn hard in all aspects of Cancer.

On behalf of all of your fans I would like to thank you for founding Livestrong. You could have easily taken your winnings to texas and gone on about your life. instead you have done more than any athlete I can think of.

It took staring down the barrel of the cancer gun…… but you are the commander-in-chief. Those of us who live in this world…. we thank you.

Thank you for that, for accepting my challenge and for taking the time to come to Buffalo and share with all of us. You are a busy man and you certainly didn’t need to do it…. so again we thank you.

As far as the race. Your little tweet didn’t stir me. I am not afraid of you and your psychological warfare.

If nothing else, one of us has second place sewn up.

I will see you on deck Mr. Armstrong. Bring your kick, you’ll need it. (and thank you again!)

Your Friend, Mary Eggers

pre race video (thanks Leah!)



  1. Very excited for you Mary! Love your message and the confidence you are giving to others to always stay strong and reach goals and dreams.

  2. Mary – So excited for you! I love the message you are spreading and the confidence and power that you are giving others to pursue goals and dreams. Thank you!
    -Marni Sumbal, MS, RD, LD/N

  3. That’s such an awesome video! Keep it up Mary!!

  4. Wow! Everyone’s a winner on this one.

    Mary, you are unbelievable! Congratulations. We’ve never met . . but I can tell you . . . everyone is so proud of your efforts with all you do!

    Mike Reif

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