We aren’t done yet

May 2, 2012

We are far from being finished.

Did you know that as a group….. adolescent cancer is the group we have made the least amount of progress with? That means this….. if you are 4, 14, 44 and you are diagnosed with cancer… any kind….. the 14-year-old automatically had the worst prognosis. I am being very very general here but look it up. Ask around. We have made great advances in all other age groups.

We can’t lose these kids.

Lots more pictures on my facebook page

As Mr. Armstrong says in the videos I am about to link we are at a time in our country where Federal funding is being cut. So we do have to be creative in how we keep the movement going forward. It’s supporting movements like proposition 29 out on California, or finding a way to bridge the gap…. like we did.

I look at these kids I get to work with and I feel protective of them. I can’t lose these kids. How can I help them? Fitness and nutrition is a big way that I can contribute. It’s one of the best defenses against developing a secondary cancer, which they are at risk for. Does that mean if it comes back then they could have prevented it? No. God no. It just means that we have a small way to try to help prevent it. And if we have a small way to help fight it then we are still in the game.

And as long as we are breathing we are still in the game.

This past weekend gave us a voice. When we say we are a small grassroots foundation … trust me I mean we are a small grass-roots foundation. TWO people work at the center. Lauren (Melissa’s mom)  and Leah (two time cancer survivor). There is no administrative staff, there is no…. payroll….. there is no….. nothing. I am the volunteer along with my friends Andy and Katie. And the teens.

That’s it. That’s all she wrote.

Which is why it was so funny that I was asked what my strategic marketing plan was in regards to the fundraising. It was Lauren, Leah, Andy and I sitting in a room with donated furniture at 9:00 at night. There was no plan. There was no strategy, except to ask.

It doesn’t get more grassroots than us here people.

Right now we are sitting at $55K and donations are still rolling in. This is not over. Our goal was $100,000 and we are more than halfway there. You can be rest assured that your donation goes to the Teens Living With Cancer program.

To donate…. click here

To buy a T shirt… click here.

100% goes to TLC

Thank you to the University at Buffalo production team for this wonderful video:

Here is the full uncut version, thank you to Donald Felice of www.wnypapers.com


And here is the press conference, again thanks to Donald Felice of www.wnypapers.com






  1. Eggers…

    A room with donated furniture? Great, what else do you need?

    Scott and I are moving to UT at the start of August. We have donated a lot, but if there’s something you or the teens need, please send one of us a word (or several if you need more than one thing).

    Yeah, it’s not $$, but it’s something… I hope.. if it’s needed.

    Until we meet… and then beyond… Peace!

    • Oh thank you so much! I will let you know!

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